Ok, PLEASE LISTEN (Literally I’ve done this like 3 times and NOBODY listens to me so I’m making this sticky lol)

There has been a lot of drama going on (at this time) and I just want you to listen.

First, what happens here STAYS HERE. If you don’t like a post, DO NOT ADDRESS THIS IN PERSON. Surprisingly, I’m a human.

Just a depressed anxious stupid human.

Second, I do not mention names, and if you know a post is about you, then that’s your own fault. Starting now, I’m not taking any posts down unless there is a LEGITIMATE reason, (and no, me referring to you as ‘a girl’ and being “revealed” is not a legitimate reason).

And finally, if you don’t like this blog why are you reading? There’s a wonderful X in the top right of your browser. Also, this is where I express myself. I hate keeping a diary because I just hate writing because I get hand cramps. I’m horrible at music, and I will probably play high A’s all the time. I don’t like drawing because I’m terrible and never finish. I’m very impulsive when I post, and NO IT IS NOT EASY TO TALK TO AN ADULT.

Whenever I talk to my dad I get this ‘oh stop complaining’
Whenever I talk to my mom she gets mad at me.
I don’t want to talk to teachers because like *my parents* I’ll be the lonely solider with a water pistol fighting against all of Russia armed with machine guns. It’s not easy. If you actually read my last post I have a disorder so literally ANSWERING A QUESTION in class takes courage. I always feel judged, so it’s easier to talk on the interne because they won’t see my life and judge me.
I can’t talk to childline because my parents tell me off about it.
I want somewhere to express myself. YOU CAN ALL HAVE A PLACE, SO WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY WAY?

*Literally I was considering standing in the road on the way home from school today but if I tell anyone they’ll say ‘oh you have a great life’*

(Impulsive anger rages inside)

Please actually listen and hopefully my life will be adequate


Your depressed sad mad angry lonely suicidal pessimistic hurt ignored ok friend,

~bloggerofthebloggish 😦


Ok so this morning I was on snapchat and I came across one of the stories that said ‘blueberry’. I didn’t exactly think much of it like ok maybe it’s an in joke or something to do with love island (a show that everyone except me watches) or whatever. Then I saw ‘strawberry’ and another ‘blueberry’ that’s when I googled why people do this. I found:

Source: http://wojdylosocialmedia.com/snapchat-fruit-on-stories/

And also this:

Source: https://www.google.co.uk/amp/www.thefrisky.com/2011-03-09/another-stupid-breast-cancer-awareness-facebook-meme-is-here-ladies%3famp=1

So I’m gonna go full kill-joy mode and say smh.

And also 10 reasons why this is completely stupid

1) Fruit is a FOOD and not a relationship object

2) Tbh it wastes everyone’s time

3) Nobody cares if you are a blueberry or a pineapple

4) Why are ppl my age even concerned about relationships I go to an all girls school 🙄

5) It will just cause drama if you are a lemon but someone has a huge crush on you

6) It’s yet another pointless thing people do for ‘raising awareness’ when in reality it isn’t actually doing anything when your followers are friends from kindergarten

7) I like pure food

8) Don’t confuse anyone life is already confusing enough

9) It’s completely stupid

10) If you have time to do this then please find something to do

Now about #6, I like to raise awareness for diseases but when you see ‘add ________ for cancer and I can see who saw this’ for the 50th time I kind of want to stop. If you want to do something meaningful then do a bake sale or a sponsored silence and give your money to a cancer charity or whatever disease you’re raising awareness about. Or if you want to do something easy, then set up a blog or put leaflets up but don’t waste time putting useless ‘add ______ for cancer’ on social media. It isn’t doing anything, nobody cares and it’s just pointless

And if you have hate then just send it to my Sarahah (samsung112.sarahah.com) where I don’t read it and don’t care

But to hop on this moronic trend I will say this:

I am mostly a blueberry but other times I’m a raspberry except for the Sundays when I’m a pineapple or when I’m a lemon which is only occasionally. But when I’m hanging with friends I’m a cherry but other times I can just be a banana



Your loveless friend,

~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂


Idk if anyone here has heard of this, but in my neighbourhood there are like 2 schools, so people from my school follow people from other schools our age.

Literally everyone is using Sarahah, where you could leave anonymous feedback and yeah…I have an anxiety disorder I'm an introvert so I decided no.


I deleted it soon after but here are the messages that I got

Yeah I suck at makeup I know that but ok before I continue everyone will say 'yeah it's anonymous feedback people can put what they want bla bla bla…' but JUST LET ME RANT OK

I see other people respond to Sarahah messages that are like 'fit' and 'bestie' etc. Now I know I've only had it for like 3 hours but still (all my friends are nerds anyway so they wouldn't do that lol) IM TRYING OK

But can you see why I love people like omg I love humanity if this is what people think of me then why am I spending all this energy trying to earn their approval


go ahead leave your hate but just so you know I'm not getting involved in this Sarahah stuff because my ego is already pretty deflated

God I hate myself I actually suck at makeup

THANK YOU FOR THE CLARIFICATION I WILL NOW GO SIT IN A DITCH BYE I LOVE HATE YOU ALL (unless you didn't write that and are actually nice in real life)


Your depressed friend,

~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

Ps don't get too concerned I'm going to the beach tomorrow so I'll forget about this anyway 🙂

I have no idea what I’m doing

I'm bored af it's almost 11pm and I'm listening to songs that I had like a year ago but they're actually really good and stuff yeah

So I'll just talk about my anxiety disorder because it makes me feel special

I had an appointment in June when I got diagnosed and I missed like 90% of French class and everyone was doing past tense and I was like OK I KNOW NONE OF THIS SO HOPEFULLY THE TEACHER KNOWS THAT I JUST WALKED IN AND NOT CALL ON ME

'Samantha what's question 5'

Blood pressure: 100000000000000000000


And the thing was everyone loved that teacher except for me, she was one of those who DANCED AROUND THE CLASS to get us to learn words

%of French forgotten because of that strategy: 99.9999999999999999994%

Of course there was that time I was told *by my TUTORS* that when I write here I'm 'in the moment' and should let myself recouperate or whatever


ok I'll just never say anything to anyone again and slowly go insane

And I'll blame you ok good

But you know in that class with the teacher everyone loves (French in my case) and everyone becomes a suck up yeah that's why French was hell for me because I was just bored because I completed the whole exercise when the teacher wasn't even done with question 1 so I just fiddle around and pray the clock is slow or something god school is boring

Not that French is different because there's suck ups everywhere so I'm not exactly surprised

I am not a suck up, in fact I'm probably the first one to not do anything for my teachers birthday because I believe in mutual gifts so you give me a gift I'll give you one back

I'm bored

But everyone always asked me 'oh do you like Miss XYZ' and I'm like haha no and they're like 'oh she's so fun she dances and plays games and stuff'


I'm just a weird person ok moving on

I'm a good student my grades are good and I'm pretty much a 'teacher's dream' (my moms a teacher and she told me that so yeah)

I WANT AN OREO – bloggish 2k17

idk what I just did lol

I'm bored lol

Oh we cleaned this giant box that had been in the kitchen for like 10 years and my dad stood where the tote was and started crying like DUDE it's a piece of carpeting

Like I got makeup brushed yesterday that were expensive

'We could have gone to B&Q and got you paintbrushes for £5'


no no no the female mind doesn't work like that


ok I'm going to go my thumbs hurt


Your weird friend,

~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

10 weird things I did when I was little

Ok so when I was little I was always that kid who made a big scene at the kindergarten drop off. You know that kid, who thinks their mothers jeans are the key to immortality. I was that kid for about 2 years. So I inspired myself to do 10 weird things I did when I was little (and maybe some of you did too idk)

1. I thought leftover toothpaste (aka toothpaste sitting in the cupboard for a month) was poisonous

2. I never stepped on the cracks, but I didn't hear the famous saying until later

3. I cried when I broke a headband

4. I could save up to £100 at a time and now I'm lucky if I can save £5

5. I had this phase where everything in my backpack had to be yellow. I don't know why (even though yellow is my favourite colour idk why i had this whole theme going on)

Ok even though the title said 10 I'm going to do part 2 where I do weird photo phases bc I was going through my old snapchat stuff and found lots of cringy photos so yeah


Your embarrassing friend,

~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

I think I hit a new low

Ok so if you know me you know I have like 3 friends. I am an INTROVERT with ANXIETY and VISCULAR HYPERSENSITIVITY (ok didn't need to add that last part but whatever)

For the past 3 weeks I have done nothing but sit on my butt and binge-watched dance moms all day. Sounds fun right?'

NOT WHEN YOU GO ON SOCIAL MEDIA AND EVERYONES LIKE 'omg I'm in …….' or '……… with bæ/bestie!!'

That actually depresses me because all my friends are on holiday so I'm a lonely shlub who makes their parents mad by saying 'hey can I NOT sit on my butt all day?'

Wow I love summer

Like if I'm in public and see someone with their friends I get social anxiety because I'm with my mom who (is kinda) embarrassing and I'm a prepubescent girl wanting a friend :d

HELP ME 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

But seriously my high is seeing a rainbow outside my house.

'OMG Spain with bæ! Since day 1' LYSM'

Please take me to heaven where I will have friends and not be lonely with my social anxiety



Your crippled lonely friend,

~bloggerofthebloggish 😦


Ok so I had this freaky dream and I'm gonna tell u about it bc I couldn't sleep for like 2 hours after this

Basically my class was going on a plane somewhere and intu Derby was the airport. A girl in my class had a disabled brother who lived in a car and he would always cry. We somehow got to our destination and our class was playing games. I suddenly showed up to the train station to get my mom (in real life she commutes to work by train so it wasn't out of the ordinary) and my dad was there with a guy and it was 11:30 pm (my mom is usually home around 8pm) and my dad was calm when I came in but I asked him about my mom and he freaked out. This other guy (employee?) sat down with me and started telling me about all the homeless people and little children at the station and I started to cry. (In Derby station there is a WHSmith in the lobby) The girl's brother & family were in the WHSmith (they lived there?) and her brother was crying and screaming bc he couldn't fall asleep. My mom never showed up so my dad said 'I have an idea!' He ran to the (suprisingly considering there was only 3 people inside) crowded platform and jumped on the train tracks. He had to land in a specific place to survive. If they turned green, he'd survived. If they turned red, he died. The employee and me jumped and he said 'land on the small bits'. I did, but I leaned over to the big bits and died.



Your freaked out friend,

~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

A 3 year reflection

It’s 11:00pm and I’m hungry af but I don’t care because I’m probably not going to get any sleep tonight…HERE WE GO WITH THIS POST WOO

Ok so if you guys know I started blogging in August of 2014, and my little 9-year old self had NO IDEA what blogging actually was and yeah. Here is a reflection of my blogging years (so far) LETS GO WOO

August 2014

I started blogging, and literally all I remember was I put 🐱🌈 at the end of every single post, I always ended them with ‘hope you enjoyed!’ and my mom always had to read and ‘approve’ my posts. Now she’s probably in bed lol

December 2014

Ok I think I got into blogging a bit (haha my average was like 3 posts a day) and I became OBSESSED I remember I used to write a really long post every Saturday night because I had my laptop in bed then. Now, I don’t like my laptop in bed because A) it’s big and B) it does not have my favourite thing ever which is night shift

January 2015

Ok, so I kinda matured (ha lol nope) and posted 43 posts that month, and I actually got a tablet (which broke after 6 months of usage…)

June 2015

Ok, so I think this is when the ‘spam war’ happened (idk) so basically it was me & Amy vs like Lizzie, Sidra and a bunch of others. Lizzie would like SPAM Sidra’s comment section and basically me and Amy had enough and just unintentionally (idk) kicked her off and convinced Lizzie to start her own blog. And of course I was an over dramatic kid and threatened to suicide. Wow, real light hearted 

January 2016

This was my bad year. I had started Year 6 (aka 5th grade) and basically had NO TIME on my hands at all, idk why I had only like 1 club but it’s ok…I only posted like 3 times a month

June 2016

I was completely inactive from like April-July idk why (hey it rhymes)

January 2017 

I started to get into blogging and actually started to post…a bit?!

June 2017

And…we’re back I started to post A LOT from like April but started to take more interest in blogging which is good because I love this thing

Now I’m not a cheesey person but when you’re awake at 11:00pm from like a 14 hour day I do strange things….

I want to say thank you for all the friends I’ve made (and all the chatzys I’ve been on) because together we are a bunch of antisocial emo teens who wear black and complain how our outfits are ugly

Thank you if you are still reading this, and I’m tired so I’ll just try to ignore the weird noises in my room.


Your sleepy friend,

~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

50 facts about me/50 facts about bloggish (PART 1)

Before we start, I just wanted to say all the even numbered facts (2,4,6 etc) will be about bloggish. All the odd numbered facts will be about me. Just wanted to clear that up.

1. My real name is Samantha

2. Bloggish will be 3 years old on August 21

3. I am from England

4. Bloggish took 4 months before it was public

5. I am half American and half Russian

6. Bloggish originally started as a forum only my parents could read

7. I have an American accent

8. I honestly don’t know why I called my blog bloggish

9. I don’t actually own a pig (or any pets)

10. I came up with my username by being literal (I am the blogger of this blog)

11. My favourite colour is yellow

12. No-one knew about bloggish until October of 2014

13. My favourite food is salted popcorn

14. Prior to creating bloggish, I had only read 1 blog before

15. I’m an April baby ^-^

16. In late 2014/early 2015 I posted about 4 times a day

17. I am obsessed with animation

18. In early 2017, I had a 2-month gap where I didn’t post

19. I am on my phone pretty much 24/7

20. I have had 5 blogs that were called Loom band lessonz, Class E blog, Bloggish club, Cass’s blog (cass was a character I made up) and Bloggish

21. I am 5’6″

22. I have had 2 gravatars; a purple butterfly and piggy who you know and love XD 

23. I took a BMI test and found out I’m average weight (I had no idea why I put this here lol)

24. On average, I post 1-3 times a week

25. I play the flute and am doing my grade 4 in January

Well, that’s it for my facts (I’ll do part 2 sometime don’t worry)


Your fact-filled friend,

~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂


End of year review

Ok, so on Friday school ended, which for me is like a *huge* victory. So, I decided to take the time today to stop my head from spinning doing an honest reflection about this year.

I’m not going to be a piece of cheese and say ‘I thoroughly enjoyed being told how I can’t express myself’. Nuh-uh. I’m going to go through, month by month and say 1 good thing and 1 bad thing about that month, because there are just as many bad things as there are good things.


PRO: School started and I can get rid of my cabin fever.
CON: VOMIT CITY (and we all know how I feel about vomit…)


PRO: I was kinda getting the hang of school and could walk from class to class without forgetting where room 14 was. (we didn’t have a room 14 class until February lol)
CON: I spent Halloween with stomach cramps.


PRO: Not an eventful month.
CON: Reports -_-


PRO: Christmas (duh)
CON: The house was so cramped I barely had room to breathe.


PRO: New Year!
CON: Class assembly -_-


PRO: Half term holiday
CON: Reading week


PRO: I saw my best friend in a production
CON: Dizzy spells


PRO: My birthday 😀
CON: My grandma had to ruin it


PRO: Half term
CON: My dad’s birthday (he hates his birthday so he was crabby all day)


PRO: Exams
CON: Exams


PRO: End of school
CON: End-of-year drama

So that’s my reflection of the school year (I actually had to find the school calendar to write this. DEDICATION 😀 )


Your sunburnt friend,

~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

I have a problem

Ok, so I went to the hospital today to see about my dizziness and stomach pains.

They told me probably labyrinthitis (infection of the inner ear) and they referred me to the ear department.

They said stress was also a factor, but of course, since it’s me, it had to be worse, right?

I have an anxiety disorder

I have high anxiety (constantly) and have LOTS of small panic attacks.

Basically my chest butterflies have had babies and grandchildren. Oh, and they’ve made a nest too.

I’ll be in therapy and probably have to leave school because of it (yay!)

What was surprising was that people in my class actually cared. Wow.

My best friend also cared, but my other best friend (who I actually hate jk) doesn’t care but like our relationship is salty like that.

IDK what happens in therapy but…


Your anxious friend,

~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂


Please note before you read this is that HE is periods 3 and 4.




So, as you all know, HE is my death. Its my worst subject, and the teacher had the NERVE to call me a twit. (Ldt me know if u want the story 🙂 ) Other kids don’t like it either. I have HE on Mondays. We have this Monday, next Monday and the Monday after that until school’s out. At the time of this, it is 6:50PM. School ends at 3:35PM. HE is at 10:10AM.

Next week, we are missing our morning lessons for a buddy thing with the younger year (no lessons until period 7 😀 ) and the Monday after is ‘activity week’ where we do a bunch of random things. And also its the last week of school.


But, of course. We have sports day next week, and idk if you know but I cannot run. At all. Like, I will PASS OUT AND/OR VOMIT. I have plans next Thursday, no thank you.


I will just email my house captain like this:

Dear [name],

Because of your inability to look at the athletics book (to which I have no time for the 1500m bc I didn’t do it in class), I will have to GRAB AN EFFING WHIP and say ‘hey did my teacher tell you I will pass out if I do it?’

Please be bothered to move and CHECK THE RECORDS and put someone in who actually can run.

Yours sincerely,

An actual student.

And also, there’s a girl in my class who can’t do high-jump. Like, she doesn’t have a medical problem. She just cannot do it.


Also I found a song that is called

‘There’s a good reason these tables are numbered honey, you just haven’t thought of it yet’ (by Panic! At the disco)



Your enraged friend,

~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂


Handcuffs have been loosened

YES! I finished exams (last week but who cares lol) and I feel like poop now. I think for *most* people my grades are pretty good, but idek the whole conversion to % and grades so plz help me out 😀 .

Let me tell you my grades bc honestly GCSEs are like 4 years away so tbh I don’t really care. (GCSE are like big exams in England, just google if u don’t know)

Maths (Non calculator) – 91%
Maths (Calculator) – 86%
English (Comprehension) – 95%
English (Creative Writing) – 95%
Religious Studies – 81%
Music – 85%
Chemistry – 78%
Biology – 69%
French – 90%
French Orals – 84%
Physics – 78%
History – 79%
Geography – 75%

Our teachers told us to not share our results but tbh I don’t care if people know.

Plz let me know what equivalent the % would be to a grade and if my grades are good or not (heck no)


Your dumb friend,

~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

Instagram RANT pt 2

Now I remember why I quit…

1) People’s names in bio

If I go on someone’s profile, they have the initials of their ‘besties’. Me, well I am obviously not normal and actually put something ABOUT myself. Wow, rebellious.


I think every single selfie I have looked at has at least 10+ comments like ‘peng’ and ‘hottie’. Of course, every selfie except the ones on my profile. And even when I think I look adequate, I feel my ugliness seep in after a week of a comment free selfie. Wow. I should really get a face transplant. Shoot.

3) Someone choose next Insta

Not only am I ugly and selfish, I’m also unpopular (wow like I didn’t know that). I put on my story ‘someone choose next insta’. After like 3 days I get nothing. 

Someone else put the same thing 3 minutes ago. I reply saying I want to. 

“Sorry someone’s already chose”

Of course. Just my luck. I guess I’ll just occupy myself with this sharp thing in the corner. Bye.

And the painful fact that I have to go back to school on Monday and face exams. Help.


Your ugly selfless unpopular friend,

~bloggerofthebloggish 😦

Home Ec Hell

Yes, even though I’m missing home ec next week because of exams, we are making SCONES.

That is not a good thing.

Last week, we had a scone tasting session. If you have heard of me as the ‘party puker’, I had a cheese scone right before my expulsion.

So, being the emetophobic and hypochondriac I am, I did NOT want anything to do with scones. I did not sign up to this class to eat.


‘Well I really want you to do it’.

TIMES 500000000000000000000. (jk)

This is what I wanted to say:


And if that isn’t bad enough, lots of people are making cheese scones.

*Dear Lord.

At around 10:30AM on Monday 12th June, please could I “coincidentally” have a dizzy spell and go to the medical room, so I don’t have to make scones. And make sure it lasts until around 11:20. Thanks.


And I also cried myself to sleep last night, and wasted my time looking at memes at 5AM.

I have a great life.


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂


The post when you have 3 weeks before exams and you haven’t revised a thing

Yes, I am guilty of not revising (yet)



I chose to be buried with the other exam sufferers at exam memorial st, Venice, Rome.

Some nice forget me nots would be good. Or just some roses.

And THANK YOU to all those who attended my funeral. It was a lovely party.


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

Doctor doctor

Ok, first of all if you know anyone (e.g. Family) who is a doctor then please tell them my following symptoms. Just don’t make me an appointment for some clinic in another part of the world.

So about March 30th, I was having dizzy spells. Like REALLY BAD. I felt a wind pulling me back and I could barely walk. Don’t forget my pale face too.

I felt about THIS CLOSE to puking all over the floor. I just wanted to be euthanised or something. Morphine? 

And I’ve been having really bad stomach pains. And I can’t run because I will faint/be sick/feel crippling nausea/have a sore chest.

I will have a blood test for seliac (I think that’s how you spell it) it’s basically a disease that restricts eating dairy wheat and gluten. 

My mom thinks I’m aneamic but I have baked beans and bananas almost every day.


And also I CONSTANTLY find myself smelling my stress relief thingy. (IDK) And yes my eyes have been checked and they are fine.

Please let me know in the comments if you have a possible diagnosis, but until then a whole month without PE

HALLELUJAH I am Cinderella in a castle of slow movement.


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

Please attend my funeral

Please visit my gofundme page


So as you know, Easter break ends today, and tomorrow is school. Here are 47284748 reasons I don’t want to go back….

1) My enemies

2) New girl

3) Science homework that I have to do as soon as I walk in the door

4) 4 insanely hard flute scales I HAVENT practised for

5) Dizzy spells

6) My depressed mood swings AKA my life

7) HE 

8) The fact my best friends are in different classes/years/friendship groups

9) All these clubs I have my time for

10) Sports day (not this week but…)

11) The fact we arent revising for exams

12) The fact we’re not having exams (I’m not kidding I love tests more than being at school)

13) This is an unlucky post

14) The fact I’m missing PE and everyone will ask me “why are you missing PE” and I will tell them I will pass out if I do any fast paced excercise, they willl say “most people feel dizzy” WTF

15) The fact they have been viewing my blog and I will die

16) The fact my parents tell me I have a great life

17) Questions about deleting my social media


19) The fact I have to pray for dear life I don’t sit to people I don’t like

20) (NOT A CON) The fact I have to pray I sit next to my best friend in the one class we have together.

So please donate to my gofundme, my funeral is on May 12th, so feel free to attend and rejoice in happiness because the most annoying and nerdy and depressing blogger has left the planet.

But I will haunt you.


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂 




(Do not panic; the police were not involved, and everything is [mostly] OK)

So at the end of the month, we are getting our garage roof redone, so obviously we have to clean it, and in order to do that we need to obviously take stuff out and recycle it.

Because we’re cheap, imagine a bag-version of a skip. Yeah, that’s pretty much what’s sitting in our driveway. So we have old trash, boxes, unused appliances etc.

So me and my mom went on a short walk (bc my 5K egg on Pokémon go was at 4.97 so we went on a walk around the block) and we saw this guy, DIGGING AROUND IN OUR SKIP BAG THINGY.


So obviously my mom was like “what are you doing get out of our trash”

So the guy was like this (my moms dialog is in bold)

“Oh sorry I put it back”

“Yeah put it back”

“You live here?”

“Yeah. Sam, call 999”

(My name is Samantha to clear up any confusion, and I live in England)

So I just stood there with 999 dialled on my keypad, I didn’t know whether to call them…

“Yeah I need police this man is stealing cardboard and kitchen knives”

Ya know…not too urgent.

So this guy was like “you have no heart you’re the devil”

“Yeah I sold my heart”



Anyway, we ended up DRAGGING the bag back into the garage, but all is well in our household 🙂


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

Bloggerofthebloggish beauty routine

Yes, I know this isn’t my usual pessimistic post you see every Friday, but aside from being the worst makeup artist in the universe, I have found a bunch of great drugstore products that I use for my everyday look (keep in mind I don’t have the prices, but I will list all the brands, shades and where I got them from 🙂 )


Product used: Maybelline Super Stay primer (from Boots) 

I usually rub this on my cheeks, forehead and chin (no beauty blender involved) and it also acts as a moisturiser so this is a great primer for me.


Product used: Natural Collecion colour foundation (from Boots – Shade porcelain)

Blended with a Real Techniques beauty blender.

While this feels cakey during application, I PROMISE if you use a setting powder or corrector afterwards it will smooth out and leave your face looking flawless.


Product used: Maybelline Eraser Eye concealer (from Boots – Shade light)

Blended with Ecotools concealer brush

This concealer is absolutely amazing; while it can sting if left unblended, it conceals flaws amazingly well. Even with a thick spongy applicator, it feels fun to apply and would recommend this unless your eyes get irritated easily.


Product used: Technic COLOURFIX corrector palette (from Superdrug – Lilac used)

Applied with Ecotools brush 

Blended with Primark beauty blender

Correcting is your BFF. Whenever I apply my makeup, I always appear yellow in the mirror, so I always apply lilac corrector to my face and it also provides a smooth matte texture and is easily blendable. It also has instructions on the back which was super useful for me because when I got it for my birthday, I had no idea what to use each colour for so it really helped me.


Product used: Maybelline Super Stay 24 powder (from Boots – shade 10/ivory)

Applied with Ecotools powder brush

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this powder, even after I tested the Rimmel stay matte, I’m obsessed with this powder because if you have pale skin (like me after putting corrector on) it neutralises your skin; not too yellow, but not too pale, plus it comes with a foam powder puff and this lid has a built in mirror too.


Product used: No7 Beautifully defined contour kit (from Boots – Shade light/medium)

Applied with the No7 contour/highlight brush

This is such a great contour; it matches me perfectly and defines my face shape, however I am becoming disappointed by the highlight because it doesn’t show up on my face, but I would recommend the contour 100%!


Product used: technic COLOURFIX blush palette (from Superdrug – I use the top right shade) 

Applied with the real techniques blush brush

I am becoming obsessed with this blush palette, mainly because of the great variety of colour, because I had tried the shade next to the one I am using now and found out it was too dark so I didn’t have to invest in a new blush; instead I could just use the blush next to it (and did I mention 8 shades for £3.49?!)


Product used: Revlon Eyeshadow pallets (from ??? – shade Watercolours/520)

Blended with a fan brush

I am becoming obsessed with these palettes, because they have primer, lid shade, crease shade and brow bone shade all in one handy diagram. Since I got it for Christmas, I am not sure where it’s from but apart from a bit hard to blend, I recommend this definitely.


Product used: Clarins Wonderperfect Mascara (from Boots – shade 01/wonder black)

Enough with the benefit mascara, this is the most amazing mascara I have found on the market. Apart from being amazingly mini, the wand is so voluminous and creates such a full natural look for your lashes. Definitely one of my faves!!

Lip balm

Product used: Vaseline (can be from any supermarket – scent Rosy lips)

(No pic available)

I love this lip balm, mainly because it provides a nice subtle tint to the lips leaving them moisturised and ready for lip products. Did I mention they are found pretty much everywhere?! 


Product used: Maybelline vivid matte liquid (from Boots – Shade 05/Nude flush)

By far one of my favourite lipsticks. I love the colour, and the product feels really high end despite being from my local drugstore. They also have a bunch more so definitely check them out!

That was pretty much it for my beauty routine. Here is my ugly face displaying the final look. Please do not criticise me on my technique; I am absolutely terrible at applying makeup, but here we go….

//Please do not save this as your desktop background lol//


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

I will be judged

I am currently writing this on my phone because I’m a lazy moron who forgot to write a post until now :/ 

If you know me, then you know I like to change things (pencilcases, school bags etc) and I have been questioned two million too many times. 

So I will have a PARADISE after Easter.

1) A new kid is coming after Easter and I WANT to say SO BAD that I know her but I know from PURE EXPERIENCE that I NEVER get a chance to talk to them (mainly they’re more popular than cashmeousside girl) And oh, no, god forbid I’m somebody’s *gulp* BUDDY! 

So another chance of socialising DOWN THE EFFING DRAIN

2) Right before we broke up, our head of year had a talk with us about being nice, respectful etc. And to whoever is making my life a living hell (I know you’re there) IM PRAYING YOU WERE LISTENING. 

Time to be alone and cry because my best friend and me have one class together and Hannah (my other best friend) have ZERO classes together. And don’t forget staring at the clock intently waiting for 8:30 to approach.

3) I got a new backpack, a cool organiser and pencil case. For school (as a bday present)


4) HE is ruining my life. First because I was INSULTED by my teacher (even after profuse apologies, I have been scarred forever) and because I CANNOT cut a zucchini proportionately to save my life, and because I don’t have the best seating arrangement (another crime made by my teacher).

I know I’ve mentioned this before, but in case it goes one ear out the other, what happens on this blog STAYS on this blog. And I am not warning you, I am TELLING you that if you bring up anything from this blog in real life, unless you are my parents, I will a) ignore you or b) tell you to stop it. But based on the fact I have like 3 friends I will probably ignore you. All I can do is think about a song or revision and POOF you’re gone. Easy. And my parents can contact my tutor again. It’s not impossible, so just do yourself a favour and stay on my good side.P

Please wish me luck on my deathbed.


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

Instagram RANT


Ok, so this isn’t specifically targeted at one person, rather than a group of people, and please do not leave any hate in the comments, because this is basically why I deleted my Instagram.

1) Great pictures

I consider myself pretty selfie-genic. I rock the dog snapchat filter.

Apparently others don’t. Whenever someone posts a good picture, I see 20+ comments with fire emojis, heart-eye emojis and heart emojis.
This is the moment I slowly die because my Instagram is FILLED with selfies to comment on. This is the reason I am INTROVERTED. This is the reason I never like people’s pictures, or dm anybody unless they dm me first.

2) Rates

Ok, I understand that if you don’t know someone you wouldn’t give them a 10/10 rating. So a girl in my class did rates with her best friend who doesn’t know me. But I’ve seen that girl give like 7/10 – don’t know them well.

So the girl in my class gave me a 90/10. That I was happy about. But her best friend gave me a FOUR. A FLIPPING FOUR. NO COMMENT JUST A PLAIN SMILEY FACE I THINK THAT MEANS MORE THAN A FOUR.

3) Birthday wishes

So if you have Instagram, you have a story where you can write, type put boomerangs etc. Whenever it’s someone’s birthday, everyone’s stories is filled with ‘Happy Birthday ____’.

On my birthday. I check Instagram MULTIPLE times.





So I predicted right. I got none.

However, I have to give people credits, because I did get lots of snapchat wishes, but this shows how I FIT IN A CROWD.

4) Not related to Instagram, but the homework issue

So teachers sometimes forgot to set us homework, but without it, I get bored. My life is dull. So my WORST CLASS EVER (home EC) runs into break (apparently our teacher doesn’t care that we need to kinda eat or get our books, so this is why I hate home ec, because I was obviously excited so it had to be ruined for me) so the bell went, and I said to my teacher ‘are you going to assign us homework?’

Then this girl who I HATE TO MY STOMACH was like ‘that isn’t funny’, but let me say she’s a suck up and whenever a teacher says, ‘oh! wait, I forgot to assign homework!’ she would fake-laugh it off.

So this is when I turn into a corpse and DIE because the world is so intolerant of me.


Well, I think I’m done giving my white-trashy opinion (yes, I’m white).


~bloggerofthebloggish (my computer can actually do the cool squiggly line now beause my keyboard is messed up :/ )

My chaotic life & Should I take this down?

Hello happy humanstown! (Literally my favourite saying ever 😀 )
My life has been SO chaotic, so let me fill you in on some stuff that happened.

First, I got a 99 on my Math test!
A 99!_,
As people in my class would say, what the flip?!

Ok, next, I nearly passed out in PE. And I nearly was sick all over the floor. Thank god I wasn’t.

So, we were playing rounders in PE (I’m literally feeling nauseous as I type 🙂 ) and once I ran around the pitch (and lost, obviously), I felt very dizzy and ‘out of body’ – it’s a feeling that’s hard to describe but if you have felt it you know exactly what I’m talking about. So I leaned on the radiator for 10 minutes, DESPERATELY trying not to faint or puke.

Then we did some laps, and I was fine, until we left the gym for break. I was stumbling around, but it wasn’t too bad.

Then I was having break with my best friend, and we were talking, like we usually do but I wasn’t feeling it. So I said ‘do I look pale?’
So I said to another friend ‘do I look pale?’
‘Yeah, but it’s nothing to worry about’.
‘Actually, I feel as if I might pass out’,
‘Go to the medical room’,

So I went to the medical room, almost passing out and obviously feeling extremely stressed, so my best friend was like ‘in through your nose out through your mouth’, and she was SO supportive.

I actually ended up going home that day but the next day I survived and ate some chocolate crack (it’s NOT what you think it I, completely harmless, I swear 😀 )

And also, it’s my BIRTHDAY tomorrow. OH MY GOD.
But with the best holiday of the year (not kidding, my bday is my absolute FAVOURITE holiday of the year), comes a massive con.
An old con with glasses and hearing aids. An old con who’s 70.

I will leave that to you to guess.

And also, should I take this blog down? I know it sounds heartbreaking, but I’ve been wrapped up with social media, school, organization that this blog is kinda taking a back seat.

OR, should I set myself a very harsh reminder to post every Friday?

Let me know by Thursday.

But anyways, that’s all my hands will allow me to type today, but please wish me a happy birthday, because its not like I’ll get any *cough*Instagram*cough* wishes that *cough* everyone gets.
Of course not. I’m unpopular and the geek and the burden and the gum on society’s shoe.
*I have issues*


(I hate my computer I can’t do the cool squiggly line 😦 )

-Bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

Why I haven’t been on..

Ok, so we can pretty much say that I’ve been inactive for about 2 months. That’s because..

  1. I have a best friend!

I recently became friends with this new girl…she was ‘popular’ to me; she was different (as in a new form of short). So, we were in a club together. The rest is history.
She managed to support me through these unfortunate times…

The unamusement park

In English, we were put in groups to create a piece of persuasive writing to promote an amusement park. I was put in a group with the people I do not like. We had to come up with ideas for names of our rides.

From pure experience, I know to just shut my mouth because anything I say is automatically declared wrong.

Then the bossy girl in the group (wait…what? They were all bossy) was like ‘do you have any ideas?’


‘Ok, everybody stop! Now {my name}, think of an idea!’

‘I don’t have one’

‘Well that’s helping’,

‘Maybe if you weren’t blabbing to the girl next to you, I could think’,

Then we were writing the actual proposal. I didn’t know that you had to write the same thing as everyone else. Even though someone asked the teacher, and came back with the results, I don’t believe them until the teacher says it directly to my face.

‘You’re meant to write the same thing’,

‘It’s the same concept, but different words’,

‘You’re meant to write the same thing,’

So I gave her my book and said ‘ok you write it for me’.

Then that broke out into a screaming fight.

I was skiving :/

So we had house dance one day and I realized I forgot my PE kit

So I said to my friend ‘now I have an excuse not to do it’.

Then my teacher intervened and I just had to sit there like a bobblehead doll just nodding my head over and over and over again while she rambled on about ‘teamwork’.

Then, right before house dance (which I couldn’t do), my teacher was like ‘did you speak to your house captain?’

‘Yeah – I emailed her’,

‘You need to speak to her; that’s not good enough’,

So I was thinking ‘ok let me out of French so I can go speak to her’, because I emailed my house captain at break and house dance was at lunch, and French is between break and lunch.

So that was my grim week.


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

Christmas countdown + My new phone

So, I should have posted earlier, but I’ve been trapped by homework. Anyway, I’m super bored and I just thought ‘hey I haven’t posted in like 2 months why don’t I do something?’

So, it’s December. Freezing cold. What am I wearing? Take a guess. A sweater? 5 layers?

A t-shirt and jeans. No kidding. So, I don’t think I told you this, but I got a new iPhone, and I’ll tell you how my old one met its demise.

Me and my mom were looking to repair my 5S, because the screen came out. Like it was hanging by a thread. So we took it to the repair shop, and they were like ‘we might be able to do it, wait no. We can’t repair it’.

Oh heck!

So, we were like ‘ok lets sell it and my 5C’. We took it to sell.

We got 14 pounds in exchange for my 5C, but the dumb clerk was like ‘oh we can’t sell it it is bent a tiny bit’.

Me (to clerk): ‘Yeah thanks for GREAT service, you!’

So, we went to 3, to get my new phone (model revealed at the end, I promise).

We tried selling it.

Clerk: ‘I don’t see a bend, we can sell it for £80?’

So, my 5C and 5S paid for my upfront cost.

So, I just got a brand new silver iPhone 6 (seriously that was the VERY LAST 6 that they had, and the guy had to go to the other store lol)


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

(Ps I might not post loads (or at all) but I am still here, I’m not dead (yet))

Is it right?

Ok, so I haven’t posted in 2 months, but stuff’s been going on.

In my head.

Ok, so we are not religious at all. My dad is not open minded; he doesn’t want to hear about maybe all the stuff in the bible happened. We don’t know. So, am I meant to oppose to Christianity, but on the other hand, it is nice to know that you have someone guiding you and protecting you. I was ridiculed for my beliefs, so there is a question on my mind.

Is it right?

I want to become a Christian, but should I be baptised? Do I have to go to church? I don’t want to, but I still want to have a bible on my bookshelf and know that someone is there.

My family will oppose, but does that stop me? I don’t know.

So this year I am asking for a breakthrough present.

A bible.

But I don’t want to get ridiculed because I opposed so strongly and then I became one of them.

A Christian. 

If anyone has anything to say, please say it because I’m unsure whether I should follow through or not. 


iPhone 7 review!

I’m feeling sick today, so here goes…

The iPhone 7 is a giant step, but is it in the right direction?

Rating: 🐷🐷🐽

I went to the phone store yesterday, and I saw the iPh0ne 7 in all it’s um…aura. Let me say, the 6s is miles better. So, let’s address some issues.

Headphone jack

I don’t know where apple is going with this, but if they’re looking for water resistance, call Sony. Having lightning headphones sounds to me like the worst idea ever. I LIVE for my music, so it’s pretty pointless trying to charge and listen to music at the same time. But what about air pods? Do they plug in? But if it’s Bluetooth, I’m out. Me and Bluetooth don’t exactly get along.

Home button

See, I crossed out the button part, because this is the phone’s worst feature. For it to be a home button, you actually need a button. All this ‘virtual’ baloney doesn’t get to me. I love to get my iPad, 5S, 5C and hold down the home buttons for hours. And also, if apple is destroying it’s home button, then it’s taking away it’s signature trademark. It just becomes another horrible android brand.

Anyway, the overall conclusion is, I’m not buying it. Not even with it’s fancy black and camera. Buy the 6s, don’t waste your money on this. Don’t say I warned you.



Ok, so I went to London for 4 days, and here is a post about it! Told by photos.

Let’s start on the underground.

1st stop, Warren Street!

Next we blow past Goodge Street!

Then we go past Tottenham Court Road

Almost there, we arrive at Leicester Square

And finally we arrive at our destination.. Charing Cross!

Then we went to the worlds smallest police station…not kidding!!

After that, we looked around trafalger square and went to an optical museum.

I thought illusions, but it took you on a world class tour of glasses.

I have glasses, I know what they look like! Geez!

K, so we went to our hotel, it was a nice hotel but it was in the worst possible location! Like, you had to take five million trains to get to Kings Cross. 😦

So we had dinner, and it was HORRIBLENESS. Like, it was almost serving lobster! The only thing I recognised was shepherds pie.

So I went to bed and played on my phone until like 10:30 😀

Next day, we went to Windsor. Prepare for the worlds longest train ride.

We took the DLR to bank, then took the circle? To Paddington ten took great western to Slough then Slough to Windsor. And did I mention my mom couldn’t operate ticket machines?

So we went to the castle and the line stretched to MARS. Literally. So we went clothes shopping and got a crop top and went to this really weird house

I bent the wrong way lol (notice my flab? :/ )


Donkeys horses (my dad said horses were insulted 😀 )

So literally I cracked as soon as we got in. My parents were trying to fight with me, and tbh I just wanted to slap them. Because, I slept for like 8 hours and I was MELTING. So excuse me for being crabby.

So I didnt get any pics because I was too tired, and my mom made me stand in ridiculous poses. I tried to voice my concerns, but she was like ‘oh, we need these to put on your website’.

So, after meltville windsor, we went to the hotel.

We had room service, but I had food like half an hour before dinner and I has a sore stomach. So my dad started screaming, because I didn’t want to say anything because I didn’t want to have my head blown off by the fire coming out of my dad’s mouth. Basically, it was ‘don’t act like a three-year old’ and ‘EAT YOUR DAMN DINNER’ and stuff I shouldn’t repeat.

I didn’t sleep well that night either.

Next day: GREENWICH (also meltville)

We went to the old royal naval college, and went to the meridian. That’s when I felt dizzy. And my dad was about to vomit (not kidding :O )

So we went back. And me and my mom went to Regent street, and there were about a BILLION MORONS PEOPLE

OMG I had to elbow everyone to get past.

So we got burger king and I ordered a Chicken Royale and pancakes.

Sounds nice, right?


OMG i couldnt sleep till 2AM 😦

Next day, we went to the Tower. It was very boring, to say the least. All we did was trek around the tower, while I was waiting for my feet to turn black and fall off. The only interesting part was seeing historic crowns. That was a teeny-tiny bit interesting.

We had hotdogs, and they were horrible. It was dry and disgusting. And the hotdog wasn’t that good either. (Inside joke that only I know).

We went to the station, and, um. That was it.

My giant bore-fest was over! (Thank the lord)

So, that’s my London story! (Btw it took over a month to write this post)

But, a quick notice.

To all my outside traffic (school, moms etc), please don’t try to be offended. All this garbage is only my opinion, and I’m not exactly an optimistic person. Or a happy person. Or even an adequate person. This is just what I think.When (if) you get a blog, you can post whatever you want on it. And to the people who think I’m swearing, I’m not. That stuff is only between me and my extremely tolerant brain. So if you feel offended, please contact me in the comments section, but please don’t escalate it into real life. That just gets me (and you) into an even bigger black hole of life. And I will cry if I get into another black hole. And once I cry, I can’t stop. Thank you  for your co-operation.


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂


Ok….so I just had the first day at my new school.

It wasn’t as good as I thought it would be :/

So first we had form. And this is my LEAST favourite part of the day. Because I sit with people I don’t like (ok just 2) 

After that, we had assembly which was….daunting. We were the youngest, so..

First period – Double form! 😀 (I’m being sarcastic) I hated double form because I don’t like form! But since it was the first day, we had double form instead of double maths.

Third period was double PE. Also one of my least favourite subjects. And it took me like 5 tries to get my school bag in my locker lol. So we had kit check, and I need to name my SOCKS. How?!?!?

Ok so we had break and fourth period was double physics which was the first period I didn’t despise. It was actually ok because I like science because my teacher actually knows science.

So we had lunch and my cheese & bacon puff literally gave me pain until seventh period.

Double French! OMG I hate French, I was on my own and I had to move! Why? I fly solo and I’m making it very clear. And we’re learning from scratch.

Hello? What happened to my 4 years of French? 

Thank god it was single French.

Then we had single English which was ok but it was basically learn about library time 🙄

After that, I managed to avoid the locker rush and I went home!

So that was my first day! I hope tomorrow is better


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂


So, I went to Skegness and Cleethorpes, and here is a beach comparison:



1) A cool carnival
2) An adventure :)3) Not too crowded


So the tide was ridiculously low. And I wanted to surf. So we went to a place with water, but silt. My mom said ‘walk to the water’. Ok. About halfway, I got knee deep in silt.It wasnt safe. We had to go back. Sad me. 😦


1) Silt story
2) I got burned on the helter skelter 😦 3) Low tide 😦

SCORE: 4.1/5



3) I got buried in the sand


1) Long route

Score: 5/5 (PERFECT!)





So, I was looking at my past posts, and I was like ‘what’s today’ and I checked my phone and i was like



So I haven’t planned much, but I’ll just talk about what’s up.

I went to Cleethorpes and Skegness. And Leicester tomoz.

And skool. A day early, for new kids -_-


Because I broke my 5c. 😦

So I was on the toilet and leaned back and propped my legs against the wall.


I jumped, my phone fell in.

I died.

So I’ve got a 5S now! 🙂


So, I’ll end with a little video, like a remembrance video (btw the singer was dying when he filmed the video)

So chaio!

(BTW, I’m working on a London post 😉 )

~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

iPhone 5C review!

Rating: 🐷🐷🐷🐷

The middle-class version of the ever-popular 5S.

Ok, so I just got an iPhone 5C, and I’ve been going nuts over it. I was begging for it for so long, so here’s a novice review.

The colour is the most noticeable thing about the 5C. Unlike the 5S, 6, 6S etc, it comes in more realistic colours, the colours you see in your everyday lives. I mean, unless you have a 6s/6s+/se, where’s the chance you will see rose gold in your living room? However, you see plenty of pink, blue, yellow etc in your everyday routine.

But then…Mr Squircle:


The 5C was the last iPhone to have the familiar squircle we have seen on the 4S, and this means, no touch ID, no apple pay. But this isn’t a problem, because I have no credit card.

Bezels. I an a bezel freak, I love these things. But, why black? I am a sucker for white bezels, and that is one of the things that the 5S has going over the 5C.

Finally, materials. The soft plastic layer is deceiving, as it is merely a steel layer coloured in plastic. Well done, Apple!

In conclusion, if you are eager to buy an iPhone, but don’t want the quality of the 4 or the price of the 6, the 5C is right for you!


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

Coming up this August…

Ok, so summer has been kinda uneventful so far. But next month – I’m going to the beach again, and I’ll do a comparison like last year!! So, these are the planned trips, there might be more….

August 2nd – Cleethorpes (I thought it was spelt Clythorps lol)

August 3rd – The bi-yearly get together with my mom’s friends

August 12th –Skegness (again!!)

August 14-17th (?) – London (maybe??)

August 18th – Whitby(?)

So, I’ll hopefully be posting about the trips. Check soon!


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

Not the best start… :/

So, school’s out! I normally LOVE summer (because, seriously, I get burned out), but what’s supposed to be a fun birthday party quickly turned into a disaster…

So, I came to my friend’s birthday party. My stomach was sore but I didn’t think much of it (remember, I have IBS. I’m used to it.) It quickly went away, but when we were eating, a cheese scone ruined it for me. I started to feel nauseous, and when we came back in, I was crying because it hurt SO BAD. And remember, I’m good at tolerating pain, so it must have hurt pretty bad.

Before we continue, I heard a lot of ‘stop it’ and looks that said ‘you’re that gum from the bottom of my shoe’. Now I want to punch humanity so hard…

Anyway, I sat on the couch, then after a few minutes, it KILLED. (Not literally, I’m still here), so I was rushed to the bathroom.

And, to put it a nice way, I disposed of the food from the top end (aka, vomiting).

On the way home, my friend’s dad picked me up, and we had to drive slowly, because of me.

I felt like I ruined the party, I’m the party puker. 😦

So, that night, I started getting mosquito-bite bumps (not from mosquitoes, I live in the UK), and it was HIVES.

After the bath, I was dizzy, and I literally couldn’t walk, or hear, or see. That meant, bye bye, blood pressure.

Ugh. Wat a horrible Saturday (this past one, the 9th).

The hives have gone, but now I’m nursing a cold. -_-

Hope your summer is going better than mine 🙂


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

What’s tomorrow…..

So, it’s almost the end of school! (Squee!) And I’ve got a flute performance. It’s in England, (location is SECRET) and I will be posting LIVE on my youtube and musical.ly with PROFESSIONAL MUSICIANS!

So, I have to learn t h e  w o r l d ‘ s  s l o w e s t  p i e c e .

REALLY? It’s like 36 per beat!!

So my youtube is bloggerofthebloggish, and musical.ly is @samsung112


~reallyreallyreallyexcited bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

How it never happened

Ok, so do you remember 5.5? If you are new (I’ve had about 15 followers in a month!), then 5.5 was a blogging unit at school. So that blew up, with a 45-minute video about being safe online, then our school told us that it was unsafe.

Not a problem for me, as this blog was already going strong. What was bad was, I am THE IT geek. I’m the only one in my class who knows what a petabyte is, exabyte, yottabyte etc. So goodbye dream computing lesson.

Anyway, now the year behind us are doing a blog.

Say WHAT?!?!

And they got to do interviews and stick around at lunchtimes.

OMG I would give ANYTHING to do that.

This time, we’re learning about hardware. Ok, so I know what a motherboard is, daughter board, RAM, ROM etc. But the truth is, I’m not a hardware person. When the teacher showed us a Raspberry Pi, I didn’t know what that was, because I’ve never seen one. Once a hard computing question comes up, every eyeball turns my way, and when I don’t know, the whole IT community start to erupt in a big ‘ohhhhhh!’

Anyway, it was actually my idea to do a blog this year. Even if I couldn’t do it, I still have to leave my mark. The school will remember me as the kid who has a 162 IQ. (Whaat? I do!)

Ok, so my rant is over, but don’t forget to check back for more. (Oh, happy birthday dad!)


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

Bedazzling breakfasts 1 – Scrambled eggs

Ah, the classic. A simple recipe using less than 5 ingredients.

Serves 1

You need:

  • 1 egg
  • 1 tbsp butter
  • 1/4 cup milk
  • 1/8 teaspoon salt
  • (Optional) Dash black ground pepper

Heating directions:

Stove on medium heat


Step 1.

Whisk your egg(s) and beat again with milk and salt.

Step 2.

Melt your butter in an 8/10″ skillet (frying pan) and stir with a wooden spoon.

Step 3.

Pour the egg mixture (shown in Step 1) into the pan and stir with a wooden spoon until mixture becomes lumpy and glazed.

Step 4.

Serve your eggs on a dinner plate, and enjoy! You can even add some basil if you want to.



~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

April Update

Ok guys, I havent posted in a month and I have about a minute.

I had my birthday on April 4! Happy Birthday to me…

So sorry I haven’t posted 😦 . I was RIDICULOUSLY busy with school, trips etc.

Finally, I’M GOING TO FRANCE FOR A WEEK WITH MY SCHOOL. We can’t go to paris, though. 😦

So, I definitely will be gone from 2nd May – 7th May



So, I have to go to bed now, but keep checking, because this blog is not gone! (not yet, anyway)

If you guys have musical.ly, follow me @samsung112!!


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

The Asylum

Ok, so I am DONE with being alive. I’m SICK of constantly getting screeched at on text. I just wish I could DIE. PLEASE LORD LET ME SUICIDE. All I want is a birthday WITHOUT ANY COUNSELLING THANK YOU. I’ve been holding in ,,my stress for FOUR YEARS, now when I FINALLY TRY TO RELAX, I GET SCREAMED AT BY THOSE (things) who call themselves humans. 


Oh, by the way, if you are texting me THEN SHUT UP BECAUSE I’M SICK OF YOU.

It’s gotten to the point where I want to suicide.


Normal again…

So I’m back to normal (thanks to Neave, Soph and Jaiya, my shoutout to u 🙂 ) and it’s almost my birthday!!


Loads of presents are already piling up… 

I’m working on an app, hopefully available to download as an .APK from here. However, it will be updated A LOT as it will be updated every few posts or so… 

I should make it available on Google play and the Apple Store, possibly the Windows phone store.  

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It’s called society

Ok, so last night I had a BIG fight with my friends  people.  Ok, so first we were fighting over a group name, then we fought because apparently I posted a rude joke. This girl had a really nice purse and I said OMG I hate u I want that purse. 

NOW THOSE 5 YEAR OLDS  people ARE BLAMING ME FOR EVERYTHING. They’re like ‘ugh, say sorry, blah blah blah’ 


Oh and if you are reading this and this is aimed at you, then please go away because you are not welcome here.

So, I turned my messages off and I won’t turn it on until school starts (18 April). For my birthday, I’m getting a 3ds and tomodachi life and animal crossing new leaf.

It’s almost my birthday say hello to the older me on April 4.

Happy Easter (oh, right I forgot it was Easter Saturday today). 😝

Chaio! ( And happy Easter)

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iPod shuffle review (2015)

Rating: 🐷🐷🐷🐽

The iPod shuffle is adorably tiny…but is it too small for it’s own good?

Released in 2010, the iPod was grunted at by society for its size and lack of screens. At $49.99, this is, without question, the least expensive device that Apple sells. It comes in 5 colours, with the blue colour the most popular. It comes equipped with 7 controls, however, even though there can be endless controls, it was pushed under the rug by the public due to the lack of screens.

Situated in the middle, is the classic, unmissable play controls. Even though they don’t turn, they still bring a soft feel to the fingers. In the top corner, is the switch. Flick it to the far right to turn it off, flick it to the middle to play the music in order (my preferred option because I’m orderly and civilized (JK)), or flick it to the far left to shuffle and play. However, the switches are incredibly fiddly, and are hard to use unless you have bare hands, and even then, they can dig under your nails and cause unimaginable pain. Finally, the button neighboring the switch is the voiceover button, where a tiny robot voice tells you the track name (press once), the battery status (press twice) or the playlists (press once and hold).

However, the size can be too small for it’s own good, and you pray you a) don’t drop it on the sidewalk or b) it doesn’t get eaten up by the couch (or sofa). Luckily, none of those have happened to me yet. On the back, it a clip that sits on your shirt, just praying you don’t press the back button by accident.

In conclusion, this ipod is not quite enough to make the essentials list, but is a must-have for any Apple fan or Jogger.

Thanks for reading this, and if you’re thinking to buy one, here are the colours that you can think about.


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I killed myself for not putting this on, since my LIFE revolves around tech. Anyway, I will pick a random tech device and do a rant. (Or rave if it’s good). I own 22 tech devices so that’s a lot of reviews! I will do a “bloggerofthebloggish” rating, but it’s pigs instead of stars. For example:

🐷🐷🐷 is 3 stars. This is the key:

🐷 Very poor, money waste

🐷🐷 Poor, but good if you know exactly what you need it for

🐷🐷🐷 Good, worth you money although it’s not worth the hard earned

🐷🐷🐷🐷 Very good, worth any money you have

🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷 You don’t exist if you don’t have this.

If there is a half score (e.g 3.5), it will be like this:

🐷🐷🐷🐽 (🐽 is .5) 



Nifty Apple Tip #1 (NOT a how-to)

First, thanks for 20 followers! 20 more cronies to boss around. Jk lol.

So there’s always those really annoying apps on your iPad/iPod/iPhone that u want to delete. Mine are find iPhone, podcasts and find friends. 


1) Create a folder for apps u want to delete.

2) Touch and hold an app and drag it to the 3rd page of the folder. DONT LET GO

3) Now click the home button while still holding the app. Gone!

Thx for reading!


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