Welcome to Bloggish (& face reveal)

Welcome to bloggish! My name is Samantha but I go by the alias of bloggerofthebloggish because I’m not imaginative at all when it comes to usernames and 9-year old me was more concerned about the fact that my parents let me have a blog than thinking of a good username. I started getting into blogging around April 2014 but I wasn’t allowed a blog so I made a forum where I posted really cringy ish and I will probably react to it soon 🙂

I’m going to do 10 facts about me because I will go more in-depth on the ‘about me’ page but I still want you to know about me because it’s really creepy reading my darkest secrets without actually knowing who is behind the screen

1) I started blogging when I was 9 years old
2) Bloggish will turn 4 in 3 days! (I’m writing this on 18/08/2018)
3) I’m a polysexual
4) I’m half Russian
5) I can speak English, French, Spanish (I’m not fluent in French or Spanish but I know quite a bit) and a bit of Russian
6) I love makeup
7) My favourite bands are Queen, Panic! At the Disco, Fall out Boy, Twenty One Pilots and My Chemical Romance.
8) I live in England but I have a US passport
9) I’m a nerd
10) My favourite colours are yellow, lilac and teal

Here is my face 🙂


Also, if you read any of my posts and I know you in real life (specifically in school) PLEASE read the disclaimer because my online persona and real life persona have drastic differences because I’m really awkward in real life but on my blog I’m really open and don’t really care about what I say

Chaio! (I started using this in Year 5 (4th grade) and I didn’t know how to spell so it’s going to be like this to pay homage to my 10-year old self)

~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂