Welcome to Bloggish (& face reveal)

If you’re reading this, you’re probably new here, or you just gazed in disgust because my displaying of this static page added an extra 10 seconds of inconvenience to click to the ‘posts’ page.

If you’re new here, welcome! My name is bloggerofthebloggish, and I live in good ol’ Britain. If I’m going to get so close as to share my feelings with you, let me give you 10 facts about me, so we don’t pop our bubbles of content awkwardly.

1) I’m half American, and half Russian
2) I have a slight American accent, and a slight British accent
3) I’ve lived in the same house all my life
4) I go to a private school
5) I love makeup, youtube and music
6) I have no siblings, pets or grandpas
7) My favourite colours are yellow, teal and lilac
8) I’m an introvert (obviously)
9) I have vistibular migrane, which means I have cramps all the time (and I don’t mean menstrual cramps) and also fell light headed all the time
10) Here is my face 😀


Ugh seeing myself extraordinarily enlarged creeps me out. (Peep the makeup in the corner lol)

And, because I found extremely horrifying pictures of myself from 2015, let’s see some of those! 😀


Taken with Lumia Selfie
Taken with Lumia Selfie

(In the second one, take into account I had a phone with only a back camera, so that was dang good co-ordination if I’ve ever seen it 😉 )

So, that was a quick bio about me, and let me continue the next part of the post with the preface: if you do not follow the rules, I probably know you in real life and will probably get you in trouble

1. This is my blog

2. I can post what I want

3. It’s not your place to judge

4. Don’t make drama

5. Wear your seatbelt (youtube animator reference – if you understand where this comes from, you are accepted into my closest friendship circle)

I’m a very emo person so don’t mind my spastic references


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂