School’s in!

Have you ever heard the phrase “school’s out”? I invented “school’s in”! It’s the opposite of “school’s out”. Anyway, just so you know, it’s the last day of the hols for me. Yep, school starts on the 1st. And yes, I go to a private school. Swanky!  This year it’s just like last year, but […]

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Runner up!

OMG! I can’t believe what I just saw! On my favourite site-bin weevils, there is a “bin the ball competition”, and I’m a runner up! I’ve tried 4 times and NEVER got anything. But now, WOOHOOWOOHOOWOOHOOWOOHOOWOOHOOWOOHOOWOOHOOWOOHOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!If you want proof, here’s the page with the runners up: Here are the final 16 runners up: grazeldablu8832cupcake7320maxie04drake6321DJDAN1111wanegahoho888Rudegodgbgsbsbjessiea1783munchytwinkly18BenTheRuler_Venus_Bluevioletlemlem BTW, […]

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I just thought up an idea for a new game show-50/50! Have you heard of Pointless? It’s kinda like that, but with a twist. We would ask you a question, and it has 2 answers. You have to find out which one is correct, and if it is, you have to get as close to […]

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Comment on bloggish!!

I want YOU to comment on bloggish! Here are some points for you to consider: Your favourite/least favourite posts. Your opinion on a particular post. Any post that you thought was interesting or in some other way, caught your eye. Things you might want to change. What you think of bloggish overall. There is no […]

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Not me! Monday!

Welcome to Not me! Monday! Let’s see, what did I not do this week.   I am not so crazy that I prepared the draft for this post on a Thursday. No, that wasn’t me! I am not so cold-hearted that I didn’t accept one single friend request. Nope, not me! I’m not so sick […]

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My new Visor!!

Ok, first thing’s first. If you DON’T know what a Visor is, it’s basically a handheld, portable computer. I had a visor before, and so did my dad. But, they both broke down!   So, then for a couple of years, the only working visor we had was my mom’s. Then, later, I got a […]

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Saturday update

I’m just gonna do a random list of stuff that’s been going on in our house this week: I have a cold! (boo!) My mom applied for a job! (yay!) My mom has a stuffy nose! (boo!) I completed a masterpiece! (yay!) So, I guess you’re ready to see the masterpiece then! Sorry, you’ll have […]

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Art Competition

Attention, fellow bloggers! I’m unleashing a BRAND NEW art competition! If you want to enter, you need to have your own blog.  You can choose out of 5 art techniques: Moving target (picture with added affect) Still life Landscape Portrait Imagination (something totally made up.) Just upload a drawing and post it on your blog […]

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Wadda ya wanna know?

LALSA said:  Here’s my question. You said in ‘About me’ that you don’t like science but you like chemistry. What makes chemistry different? I like chemistry because it has it’s dedication to the world. You can do experiments instead of sitting in a beanbag chair all. day. long. Chemistry has it’s fame. You haven’t heard […]

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Bloggish introduction

Welcome to bloggish! I have started a blog to document all my weird and CRAZY adventures. There are some rules, those who are commenting: No SPAMMING. Any comments spamming this blog, will be deleted. No CYBER-BULLYING. Again, any comments that are cyber-bullying will also be deleted. If your comment is deleted, don’t try posting another […]

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