HYDROGEN-What’s good and what’s NOT

I’m going to tell you about the chemical element Hydrogen. You might see other element fact files about other elements. If you REALLY want to know, the element Lithium is coming out on the 1st September. Now, here are my 10 facts about Hydrogen.

  1. It’s atomic symbol is H.
  2. It weighs 1.008 atomic units.
  3. It’s a halogen.
  4. It’s a gas.
  5. It’s electrons per shell are 1.
  6. It’s in group 1. (IA)
  7. It’s in period 1.
  8. It’s part of air, with Nitrogen and Oxygen.
  9. It’s succeeding element is Helium.
  10. And finally, the atomic number for this element is 1.

So, those are my facts about Hydrogen. Below is it’s spot in the periodic table. Hope you enjoyed! Cat face



7 thoughts on “HYDROGEN-What’s good and what’s NOT

  1. Here’s my question. You said in ‘About me’ that you don’t like science but you like chemistry. What makes chemistry different?


  2. More facts:

    11. Hydrogen is part of water.

    12. It’s the most abundant element.

    13. It was created in the Big Bang.


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