Typing with “Skippy sharpie”


WARNING: If you DO NOT have this font on your computer, you might see this in a different font.

I’m typing this post with another font, as you can see! And NO, I’m NOT writing this post. My handwriting is sloppier than this font. And, it comes with a smiley face and 2 arrows. Look!

{ [ ]

See? That is SO COOL! I might be typing more posts like this! So GET USED TO IT!

Now, for the actual post. This might be a bit long. }

I learnt how to make “Starburst bracelets” out of loom bands.


BUT, my tutorial needs some editing. My parents INSISTED that they try out Photobucket. And, of course, it didn’t work! Also, school starts in 8 days! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! We have NOTHING planned for school yet! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!! But, the good news is, I’m going to my friend’s house for 3 WHOLE HOURS tomorrow! } And I’ve recovered from my cold! Yay! } And my dad saw my blog! Woo-hoo! } This day might not have been so bad after all. } I also talked to my friend on the phone! WOO! } Ok, NOW I can confirm that today was AWESOME! (Plus, I’m reading dork diaries. }!) And, I’m going to Harry Potter studios on the 26th!


Ok, today TOTALLY ROCKED! And my mom is serving my favourite for dinner, battered chicken with baked beans! And, I just found out my dad commented on my blog!


Ok, NOW you can stop listening to my yammering! Hope you enjoyed! }!





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