My new Visor!!

Ok, first thing’s first. If you DON’T know what a Visor is, it’s basically a handheld, portable computer. I had a visor before, and so did my dad. But, they both broke down! Sad smile  So, then for a couple of years, the only working visor we had was my mom’s. Then, later, I got a summer job as a researcher. I was planning to save my money to buy a new visor. But, last night was THE BEST NIGHT OF MY LIFE!!

I came into the downstairs office, and I saw a visor, just laying there. I took it to the living room and asked if it was anybody’s visor. No, it was a spare! My mom put new batteries in it, my dad installed some games, I chose my own green stylus, and BOOM! I had my very own visor. Plus, it would glow in the dark! I’ll tell you a secret. I played with it last night at 4AM! Crazy, isn’t it?!

So, that’s the story of my new visor. Every part of it is true, even the 4AM part. I also have a cover for it so it doesn’t get scraped or damaged in any other way. Below, are some pictures of my new visor. Hope you enjoyed! Cat faceRainbow


With the cover on.


Without the cover on.


The stylus.


The visor and the stylus.


Author: bloggerofthebloggish

I am a girl from England, who likes to blog. I suffer from lightheadedness and stomach cramps, and I have an anxiety disorder. Bloggish has been running for over 3 years, and it is the place where I vent or just talk about my life. I usually post about once or twice a month, so don't expect much from me. Chaio! (This is not misspelled on purpose, I actually thought that's how ciao was spelt, so you will have to live with that, don't worry, I'm a grammar nazi too ;) ) ~bloggerofthebloggish :)

4 thoughts on “My new Visor!!”

  1. Nice! I have a visor, too – and I’d be lost without it. Especially when it comes to planning and scheduling things.

    Hope you get lots of good use out of yours, too. 🙂


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