My Harry Potter trip!!

Ok, I ABSOLUTELY know that you are all DYING to know what happened yesterday!  Well, be prepared for a very long post! So, sit back, relax, AND ENJOY THE SHOW!

Once we got to the bus stop (yes, we took a bus all the way to London), we got on the bus. It was an INSANELY long bus ride. It took 3 HOURS! Of course, we had a pit stop. Once the ride was FINALLY over, and we got into the tour, Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter), Rupert Grint (Ron Weasley), and Emma Watson (Hermione Granger) told us that the studio was their “home away from home”. After that, you got a passport and you had to find 15 golden snitches (if you’re a Harry Potter fan, you know what I’m talking about!) and 6 stamps. There were different displays, such as Death eaters, Quidditch and Hagrid’s hut. Once we explored all the different areas (and found all the stamps and snitches), we went outside for some food. Once we got our food, my mom said “go to the bench!” By the way, it was raining most of the time we were there. I sat down on the bench, only to find that it was completely soaking wet! Sad smile Once we found a dry  area in the shade, and had our lunch, we went exploring the second part of the tour. There were critter shops, art displays and castle models. Me and my mom found out in the model room, that there were screens all around the model of Hogwarts castle. We had fun zooming in and out and watching videos. Once we found our snitches and stamps, we went to the gift shop. I got 2 Slytherin note books, a Voldemort pen and book mark and a golden snitch! Once we bought all our stuff (which by the way, cost £57.80), we went to a cafe to look at our souvenirs. We found out that the snitch’s wings flutter! Oh, I forgot to mention, that in the entrance area, there were handprints of Daniel, Rupert and Emma. You had to see which hands fit you best. My hands fitted Emma. Then we got on the bus. Then our INSANELY long bus ride began. At the pit stop, we had a “Welcome break”. There were different fast food restraunts, including Burger King-my favourite! I ordered 9 chicken nuggets, mainly because I hadn’t eaten anything since 2:00, by the way, it was around 6:25pm. So, once the chicken nuggets were devoured by my gaping maw, we got on the bus just in time! There were 4 people that got on after us. Then, once we got home, (finally!) and we got off, we went to the taxi ramp, and we took a taxi home! I didn’t have any dinner at home, because I had those chicken nuggets at burger king. Then I went to sleep and didn’t get up until after 8:30am. Oh, also, there was a “green screen” experience. You sat on a broom and you chose a background of you flying. It was the same with the car, except you sat with all your family members. My dad said my mom looked like a fake cut-out in the car.

So, that’s my trip. Hope you enjoyed! Cat faceRainbowOh, and by the way, below are some pictures of my souvenirs. Sorry if some of them are a little blurry.


My FREE badge-for going in the tour.


Me and my mom in the flying car.


Me on the broom-over the Quidditch pitch.


Me on the broom-over Hogwarts.


My Voldemort pen.


My Voldemort bookmark.


My passport.


My parchment Slytherin notebook.


My silver crest Slytherin notebook.


And, last but not least, my golden snitch!

3 thoughts on “My Harry Potter trip!!”

  1. What a fun place to go to! Looks like you enjoyed yourself a lot. Were there many people? Did they show any movie clips? Did you get to see a dementor?


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