You’ll NEVER believe what we did last night!!

OMG! As the title said, YOU WILL NEVER BELIEVE WHAT WE DID LAST NIGHT!! We played Pointless on my blog! My mom quizzed me and my dad for round 1. It was Capital cities of different countries! I won with 92 points and my dad got 107. But we had NO incorrect answers! Tonight, my dad will quiz us, and tomorrow, I will quiz my parents! SO COOL!! And yes, we ARE big fans of pointless. We watch it EVERY day while having dinner. And yes again, we have dinner in our living room because my mom had this CRAZY idea that we dismantle our dining room table. So, instead of eating in the dining room like proper human beings, we eat in the living room like, well…UNcivilized human beings! (Just kidding!) But hey, it’s all for the entertainment. Hope you enjoyed! Cat faceRainbow

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