LITHIUM-What’s good and what’s NOT

I’m about to give you facts about the chemical element Lithium. I’ve always seemed kinda interested about it, so now I need to share! By the way, I might write about other elements too. I’m SO into chemistry. Smile

  1. It’s atomic symbol is Li.
  2. It weighs just 6.941 atomic units.
  3. It’s an alkali metal.
  4. It’s a solid.
  5. The electrons per shell are 2 and 1.
  6. It’s in group 1 (IA).
  7. It’s in period 2.
  8. It’s preceding element is Helium.
  9. It’s succeeding element is Beryllium.
  10. And finally,  it’s atomic number is the lucky number 3.

So those are my 10 facts about Lithium. Below is a picture of it’s spot in the periodic table. Hope you enjoyed! Cat face


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