New blog

I’ve just created a new blog. YES, I WILL be using bloggish. The blog I created is different. Here’s the link. Click on the word below: BRACELET

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Blog or diary?

Yeah…I’m wondering if you keep a BLOG or a DIARY. I don’t keep a diary because I ALWAYS forget to write in it. I keep a blog because when I’m not at school, or outside, I’m ON THE COMPUTER!!! (Except when I’m in bed). I remember to blog then, so I have a blog. Plus, […]

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Do you know?

Ok, yesterday’s choir practice was BEYOND CRUDDY! We were warming up, and we had to think of a rhyming word for numbers 1-10. Here’s what I said: “When I was 8, I used some slate”. Do you know what slate is? The rock, not the chalkboard. My teacher said “that doesn’t make sense”. Inside, my […]

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School trip

OMGOMGOMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I’m going on a school trip tomorrow. Yes, that’s right. In the FOURTH WEEK OF SCHOOL! Well, the year before me went on a school trip in the SECOND WEEK OF SCHOOL!! Weird. Well, I can’t blog right now cos’ I have limits.Hope you enjoyed! (P.S: You might not see anything from me tomorrow. I […]

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Name challenge

I’m going to do a list of names, one boy and one girl…for each letter of the alphabet. Here we go… Boys A-AlbertB-BertC-CarlD-DanielE-EthanF-FrankG-GilbertH-HarryI-IanJ-JamesK-KarlL-LarryM-MichaelN-NickO-OscarP-PerryQ-QuentinR-RalphS-SamT-TimU-UriahV-VinnyW-WilliamX-XavierY-YulZ-Zack Girls A-AliceB-BlytheC-ChloeD-DyrahE-ElizaF-FaithG-GeorgiaH-HannahI-IshaJ-JackieK-KatieL-LynnM-MatildaN-NatalieO-OpalP-PaulaQ-QuinnR-RosieS-SarahT-TamaraU-UrsulaV-VeronicaW-WilmaX-XenaY-Yasmin-Dumbest person on earthZ-Zinny Ok, so those names aren’t classic, but when your mind is as blank as a sheet of paper, you gotta work with what you’ve got! Well, I […]

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1 month!!

Ok, so today is ONE MONTH anniversary of bloggish! Yep, ONE MONTH of the blog you love! So…as a treat, I’ll tell you what happened; hey, I’m SUPER bored and I’m too lazy to get dressed. Here we go… It was August 21, exactly one month ago. I had a forum called “bloggish” and acted […]

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Interesting fact about me

Did you know that I’m actually HALF RUSSIAN, HALF AMERICAN??  Yep. My mom was born in Russia and my dad was born in the USA. I know loads of USA stuff, but I only know ONE WORD in Russian, and that’s “Pakka” (goodbye). I might be using that in SOME of my posts. Now, something […]

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Yawnathon winner: 18/9/14!

Ok, today was the most TIRING day in my entire life! It started at 7:00-when my alarm rang. It kept on ringing. And ringing. And ringing. I finally turned it off to get some more sleep, when my MOM came in. She eventually dragged me out of bed. Then,as the school day d  r  a  […]

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The secret sarcasm weapon

Ok, today was BEYOND CRUDDY! (Only 1 event that happened today:) I was walking back from my flute lesson. (Yes, I play flute) I was STARVING ‘cause all I had was 1/2 glass of milk, and I was late for lunch. I was LADEN with 2 heavy bags. My teacher walked by with about 6,000,000 […]

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Random post & some updates

I’m just gonna do a post showing all the smiles in the world. So…yeah. To save you all the stress from counting, there are 103 smiles there. Recognize some of them? UPDATE: I was sick on Friday. Ugh! My parents were sick on Sunday. Double ugh! I made a totem pole bracelet out of loom […]

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Get well soon, mom and dad!

Ugh. My parents are sick. So where does that leave me? On the “100 chores” list! Just kidding. Don’t tell them, I’m gonna make them a get well card and a loom band thing. They’ve been telling me that they’ve been throwing up since 1AM. I had the same problem on Friday, except it was […]

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My new (new) visor

Ya, I know, you’re all wondering “why did she put that in brackets?” Well, remember my new visor? It broke down! It was an old visor. I got a new one yesterday and it’s SO COOL! I’ll post pics soon, but it’s just like my old one, except it had a case and I chose […]

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Under maintenance

Whoops! I made a change to bloggish recently. If you don’t mind, I’ll be blocking all comments for the next couple of days. If you comment, the only thing you can comment about is if you like this one better than the other one. I’ll count up and see what I can do. If it’s […]

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5-We are bloggers

OMGHGIUDHGUIDHGUIDSHYUDFH!!!!! At school, we are doing a computing thing with cool stuff. One of them includes “we are bloggers”. How COOL is that?! When I told my teacher my blog name and my username, she was laughing. I REALLY need to get ready for school soon! Hope you enjoyed! (Cool, eh!?)

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Weird visor drama

Ok, yes the title is 10000% accurate. I had my visor for no longer than 2 weeks. (Just, bear that in mind!) And guess what? That’s right! It BROKE DOWN. I was playing around with my time settings on my visor and it FROZE UP. It normally didn’t do that when I was on my […]

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Latin club!

OMG!!! At school, we have a Latin club. In our other class, there are, like A HUNDRED kids signing up. (Well, not really. About 10/15) In my class, there are 2 or 3 people signing up. Our first meeting is tonight. It’s after school. My mom studies Latin American Literature. So, of course, when I […]

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Snooping Sunday update

I am SUPER bored right now. I have 2 friends coming over this afternoon. I’ll tell you what our targets are for today: My mom: Organize a treasure hunt for me and my friend. CLEAN!!! Cook a chocolate cake Me: Have a party Make a chocolate cake My dad: Play on the computer   I […]

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Bloggish is dying

(sob) I never get any comments OR VIEWS! The last day I had VIEWS or COMMENTS was Tuesday. Nobody bothers. Nobody cares that I’m typing like a maniac so you guys can get up to date. Nobody likes bloggish anymore. This blog doesn’t exist. You don’t bother, so why should I? Why should I spend […]

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Super September update!

Ok, first thing’s first. I got this idea from golden cookies. Now I got that out of the way, let’s move on to what’s going on this month: 4th- I voted for school council and eco rep                                                                                                  5th- We get the results (skipping a few days here…) 23rd- WE’RE GOING TO LOCAL RESIVOIRE! (Only for […]

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My first letter…since April!

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!! I FINALLY got my first letter since APRIL! Yep, 5 MONTHS! (Wow, I lived that long! ) The twist is…I sent it FROM myself TO myself! And all for a reason. JUST TO EXPERIENCE THE FEELING OF GETTING POST!! Weird, huh? I’ll post an update shortly! Hope you enjoyed!

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Back to school?!

Today is my first day back to school. Last night I COULD NOT GET TO SLEEP because I was dreaming about school. It makes me queasy just THINKIN’ about it. And yes, I KNOW it’s my third year back and yada yada, but I just feel weird, cause my school is drama central! (Geddit, like […]

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