I’m coming down…(not from a mountain)

Ugh. I’m coming down with ANOTHER cold. I didn’t tell you guys, but I had a tummy bug on the 12th. Yeah. BAD. When I started Junior school, (cause’ I live in Europe) I had, like 2 colds in the ENTIRE school year. Now, I have 2 colds in ONE MONTH! But, I figured out how to make a Hibiscus bracelet, the most ADVANCED bracelet Rainbow loom has ever crafted. (Yeah, you are all scratching your heads because Rainbow loom is an American product. I just go to their site and watch tutorials from there. Winking smile) And, this may surprise you, but that bracelet was QUITE EASY! Weird. Oh, BTW, here’s a thing for Chocomonstar’s hashtag game.


So…oh yeah! Pointing up My class assembly is on the 3rd (of October, obviously) and we just started rehearsing up on stage. Now, my parents are arguing about where some scissors are. COME ON, PEOPLE! We can get another pair of scissors. It’s not the end of the world. 6:40PM, and they’re digging around outside. Yeah…I need to go. I need to find the scissors. (That won’t kill everyone if they disappear for a day or 2). Hope you enjoyed! Cat faceRainbow

Blog or diary?

Yeah…I’m wondering if you keep a BLOG or a DIARY. I don’t keep a diary because I ALWAYS forget to write in it. I keep a blog because when I’m not at school, or outside, I’m ON THE COMPUTER!!! (Except when I’m in bed). I remember to blog then, so I have a blog. Plus, I can keep you guys updated without posting stuff on INSTAGRAM (yawn) or FACEBOOK (boo). I’m actually thinking about my Christmas list.  A lot of it (ok, ALL of it) is computer-related. Some of the things I want for Christmas don’t even HAVE to be wrapped. Well, since I’m bored, I’ll give you my so-far wish list:

  1. An ipad (or pod-whatever they call it)-I actually had DREAMS about this! Surprised smile
  2. An email account-yeah. You need email to be real.
  3. A youtube account-I can share my tutorials and things like that
  4. A REAL video camera-not one that lasts for 5 minutes.

Mom, Dad, if you’re reading this, YES I WILL use my other video camera. Just something I can do a PROPER tutorial on. And MABYE, you’ll get them for me EARLY! (Wink wink). Well, I NEED TO GO! Hope you enjoyed! Cat faceRainbow

Do you know?

Ok, yesterday’s choir practice was BEYOND CRUDDY! We were warming up, and we had to think of a rhyming word for numbers 1-10. Here’s what I said:

“When I was 8, I used some slate”.

Do you know what slate is? The rock, not the chalkboard. My teacher said “that doesn’t make sense”. Inside, my brain screaming “YES IT DOES YOU SILLY LADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Everyone else was like “huh? What’s slate?” I told my dad and he was gonna go beat her up. Metaphorically, by which I mean WITH WORDS. Gee, I wonder what my teacher is passing on to her kids.


Ohh…my god. Well, at least we have a school trip today. Gotta go! I need to go get dressed. (And NO, I’m not in the nude. I’m still wearing my PJs.) Hope you enjoyed! Cat faceRainbow

School trip

I’m going on a school trip tomorrow. Yes, that’s right. In the FOURTH WEEK OF SCHOOL! Well, the year before me went on a school trip in the SECOND WEEK OF SCHOOL!!
Well, I can’t blog right now cos’ I have limits.
Hope you enjoyed! Cat faceRainbow

(P.S: You might not see anything from me tomorrow. I have HW and Latin club).

Name challenge

I’m going to do a list of names, one boy and one girl…for each letter of the alphabet. Here we go…




Y-Yasmin-Dumbest person on earth

Ok, so those names aren’t classic, but when your mind is as blank as a sheet of paper, you gotta work with what you’ve got! Well, I gotta go. I have a swing scheduled for today. Hope you enjoyed! Cat faceRainbow

Come up with a name beginning of the alphabet, then spell some out to spell a word, like an acrostic. Winking smile

1 month!!

Ok, so today is ONE MONTH anniversary of bloggish! Yep, ONE MONTH of the blog you love! So…as a treat, I’ll tell you what happened; hey, I’m SUPER bored and I’m too lazy to get dressed. Here we go…

It was August 21, exactly one month ago. I had a forum called “bloggish” and acted like it was a blog. A few moths ago, (in April, right around my birthday) I asked for a blog. My mom said “NO” to that. A few months later, I posted on my forum:

WordPress is calling my name…
Oh, how I want a blog SO BAD!!!!!!!  And when I say “blog”, I mean like a REAL blog. Not a proboards forum. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! As you can see from the title, you know how I feel. I have read many blogs and I’m about to POP!! (And yes, I know internet safety rules. Seriously, do you think I’m BRAIN DEAD?!?!?!?!?!) Seriously, then I can get COOL COMMENTS!  And take part in stuff such as “Not me! Monday”. I could also follow other blogs. (But NO, I WON’T be spending any money.) This is the LAST STRAW for me! I’ll list some reasons telling you why blogging is educational.

  • It develops writing skills, by expressing feelings and telling cool stories.
  • It develops social skills (which I DO NOT have). You can read other comments and think long and hard about them…
  • You can take part in cool blog hops, and follow other blogs,which you can compare to your blog.
  • Later, you can look back on old posts and remember those days.
  • And, as the author, you can delete comments that are rude, offensive or in any other ways, cyber-bullying.
  • You can keep your own online journal and use the latest technology.

So, I am DYING for a REAL blog that I can customize. I’m making a point and will hold up an argument.
Seriously, its like keeping a diary. What’s wrong with that?!

So, I asked my mom for a blog AGAIN, and this time put up an argument. My mom conferred (talked) to my dad about it and then, the most beautiful word came out of their mouths.
JK! They said yes, and OMG I was SO happy. I learnt to set up my blog in writer, but I had NO idea how I came across that button. I write most of my posts on writer now, but occasionally I use wordpress. And now, I look back on August 21st and laugh about those days.

Ok. That’s the story of how bloggish started. (With NO tweaks!) I am going to go get dressed now. (BTW, sorry I didn’t post yesterday. I didn’t get a chance, and I had nothing to blog about! Sad smile)  Hope you enjoyed! Cat faceRainbow

Interesting fact about me

Did you know that I’m actually HALF RUSSIAN, HALF AMERICAN??  Yep. My mom was born in Russia and my dad was born in the USA. I know loads of USA stuff, but I only know ONE WORD in Russian, and that’s “Pakka” (goodbye). I might be using that in SOME of my posts.

Now, something COMPLETELY unrelated to the topic. Do you have an MP3 player? I do. I got one for Christmas 2 years ago. Ya, I’ve been using it loads lately. I would just grab my headphones, my music player and I would sneak out into the back garden and listen to music for hours on end. BTW, my mom is going to Lancaster this weekend and won’t be home until Saturday night. Sad smile But, I still have my dad! Smile Well, I gotta run. I have an appointment with a swing and an MP3 player!
Hope you enjoyed! Cat faceRainbow

Yawnathon winner: 18/9/14!

Ok, today was the most TIRING day in my entire life! Sleepy smile It started at 7:00-when my alarm rang. It kept on ringing. And ringing. And ringing. I finally turned it off to get some more sleep, when my MOM came in. She eventually dragged me out of bed. Then,as the school day d  r  a  g  g  e  d on, It was science! (Ugh). I actually was trying to keep my eyes open. I was writing as slow as a snail; and all my teacher said was “blah blah blah blah”. Then, at 3:30, you would think “go home and to BED.” WRONG! I still had 45 minutes of ballet. Then, when I got home, I was JUST ABOUT to get dressed. Then, guess who showed up? My MOM! Eye rolling smile I lay down on the bed and it was the best thing that happened to me all day! (aahh…)

So, now it’s 8:21PM and I have cramps in both arms and legs. (Ow!) Well, mainly my arms.
Well, I need to go experience what it’s like to be in bed. Hope you enjoyed! Cat faceRainbow

The secret sarcasm weapon

Ok, today was BEYOND CRUDDY! Sad smile (Only 1 event that happened today:)

I was walking back from my flute lesson. (Yes, I play flute) I was STARVING ‘cause all I had was 1/2 glass of milk, and I was late for lunch. I was LADEN with 2 heavy bags. My teacher walked by with about 6,000,000 kids. Of course, I did NOT hold the door open. Here’s what the teacher said:

“Thanks for opening the door!”

Of course, she was sarcastic. Gee. Guess she broke an arm because she sounded like she could NOT open the door. I just waited for, like 6000 CENTURIES. No, make that MILLENIUMS. Then, I FINALLY got my lunch.

Gotta go! Hope you enjoyed! Cat faceRainbow

Random post & some updates

I’m just gonna do a post showing all the smiles in the world.

SmileOpen-mouthed smileWinking smileSurprised smileSmile with tongue outHot smileAngry smileEmbarrassed smileConfused smileSad smileCrying faceDisappointed smileDevilAngelVampire batDon't tell anyone smileBaring teeth smileNerd smileSarcastic smileSecret telling smileSick smileBe right backI don't know smileThinking smileParty smileEye rolling smileSleepy smileShiftyAnnoyedJust kiddingNinjaGreen with envyLaughing out loudRolling on the floor laughingNyah-NyahAlienFlirt femaleFlirt maleFreezingIn lovePrincessGhostPunchPunkSteaming madWho me?Send a kissRed heartBroken heartCat faceDog faceSleeping half-moonStarFilmstripNoteEmailRed roseWilted roseClockRed lipsGift with a bowBirthday cakeCameraLight bulbCoffee cupCall meLeft hugRight hugMugMartini glassBoyGirlThumbs upThumbs downGoatSunRainbowSnailTurtlePlateBowlPizzaSoccer ballAutoAirplaneUmbrellaIsland with a palm treeComputerMobile phoneStorm cloudPointing upHigh fiveFingers crossedMoneyBlack SheepLightningWorkBunnySchool busPeaceSchoolXboxMessenger

So…yeah. To save you all the stress from counting, there are 103 smiles there. Recognize some of them?


I was sick on Friday. Ugh!

My parents were sick on Sunday. Double ugh!

I made a totem pole bracelet out of loom bands! Yay!

I started playing on Pottermore! Woo-hoo! (BTW, if you wanna follow me, I’m Featherthorn14429, and I’m in Hufflepuff!)

I’m writing books on storyjumper and you can read them by clicking on the text below.


Ok, so if some of them don’t work, I’m REALLY sorry! Crying face I only published my third book. (Read).
Well, I gotta go. My mom’s calling me. Well…sleeping late does have ups and downs.
Hope you enjoyed! Cat faceRainbow

Get well soon, mom and dad!

Ugh. My parents are sick. Sick smile So where does that leave me? On the “100 chores” list! Just kidding. Just kidding Don’t tell them, I’m gonna make them a get well card and a loom band thing. They’ve been telling me that they’ve been throwing up since 1AM. I had the same problem on Friday, except it was 5AM. I need to go prepare. Hope you enjoyed! Cat faceRainbow

My new (new) visor

Ya, I know, you’re all wondering “why did she put that in brackets?” Well, remember my new visor? It broke down! It was an old visor. Eye rolling smile I got a new one yesterday and it’s SO COOL! I’ll post pics soon, but it’s just like my old one, except it had a case and I chose a white stylus. If bloggish is still under maintenance, I’m sorry about what has happened. It was my fault. Sorry! Sad smile I’ll get things up and running as soon as possible. Hope you enjoyed! Cat faceRainbow

Under maintenance

Whoops! I made a change to bloggish recently. If you don’t mind, I’ll be blocking all comments for the next couple of days. If you comment, the only thing you can comment about is if you like this one better than the other one. I’ll count up and see what I can do. If it’s not fixable, I’ll email wordpress. If it STILL doesn’t work, you’ll have to put up with the fact I twiddled with the settings and it can not be changed back. The GOOD thing is, its still the same theme. See you later! Cat faceRainbow

(PSST! While I’m working, I’ll put up new posts so you get loads of new posts when bloggish is back again!)

5-We are bloggers

OMGHGIUDHGUIDHGUIDSHYUDFH!!!!! At school, we are doing a computing thing with cool stuff. One of them includes “we are bloggers”. How COOL is that?! When I told my teacher my blog name and my username, she was laughing. I REALLY need to get ready for school soon! Hope you enjoyed! Cat faceRainbow (Cool, eh!?)

BORON- What’s good and what’s NOT

I’m going to tell you about the chemical element Boron. Lithium, Hydrogen, Beryllium and Helium are already out. Now, here are my facts about Boron. 

  1. It’s atomic symbol is B.
  2. It weighs 10.81 atomic units.
  3. It’s a Metalloid.
  4. It’s a solid.
  5. It’s electrons per shell are 2 and 3.
  6. It’s in group 13. (IIIA)
  7. It’s in period 2.
  8. It’s preceding element is Beryllium.
  9. It’s succeeding element is Carbon.
  10. And, finally, the atomic number for this element is the number 5.

So, those are my facts about Boron.  Below is it’s spot in the periodic table. Hope you enjoyed! Cat faceRainbow


Swimming will make me… and eventually kill me

Do any of you guys have swimming classes at school? Well, let me tell you: I STINK at backstroke and breaststroke. Backstroke is HARMFUL to a person.



I’m in the water, choking and trying to get to the end of the pool. HOW did THAT happen? Just a few months ago, I was swimming 150m and now I can’t even swim 25m! Breaststroke, I’m TERRIBLE at that. Literally. I can’t do that ‘frog’ movement; so I just end up pushing myself to the end of the pool. FRONT CRAWL, however, I’m AWESOME at that. Even though I call the wall at the shallow end ‘the wall of victory’. We have swimming on Wednesdays.

Well, I gotta go! My mom’s calling me! Hope you enjoyed! Cat faceRainbow

Weird visor drama

Ok, yes the title is 10000% accurate. I had my visor for no longer than 2 weeks. (Just, bear that in mind!) And guess what? That’s right! It BROKE DOWN. I was playing around with my time settings on my visor and it FROZE UP. It normally didn’t do that when I was on my ‘City time’. When I tried to restart it, it would just show ONE MEASLY LOGO. But now, oh it’s extreme. When the logo shows up, that’s a GOOD sign. It doesn’t respond to anything. Sad smile

Oh well. At least my dad bought me a new visor for just £10. He’s sweet like that. Send a kiss Red heart


I have a new follower! Woo-hoo! Open-mouthed smile Rolling on the floor laughing

Today we had Latin club! Yay! Rolling on the floor laughing

I had my friends over on Sunday! Rolling on the floor laughing

I’m going to a party this Sunday! Rolling on the floor laughing

My friend’s mom had a baby! Rolling on the floor laughing

Visit these blogs:





and, of course,



So… that’s about it! Hope you enjoyed! Cat faceRainbow

Latin club!

OMG!!! At school, we have a Latin club. In our other class, there are, like A HUNDRED kids signing up. (Well, not really. About 10/15) In my class, there are 2 or 3 people signing up. Our first meeting is tonight. It’s after school. My mom studies Latin American Literature. So, of course, when I brought the letter home, of course she said “YES” to that. I’ll tell you more tonight! Hope you enjoyed! Cat faceRainbow

Snooping Sunday update

I am SUPER bored right now. I have 2 friends coming over this afternoon. I’ll tell you what our targets are for today:

My mom:

  • Organize a treasure hunt for me and my friend.
  • CLEAN!!!
  • Cook a chocolate cake


  • Have a party
  • Make a chocolate cake

My dad:

  • Play on the computer


I can’t think of anything else to write about; but I’ll post about the party either later today or tomorrow afternoon. Hope you enjoyed! Cat faceRainbow

Bloggish is dying

(sob) I never get any comments OR VIEWS! The last day I had VIEWS or COMMENTS was Tuesday. Nobody bothers. Nobody cares that I’m typing like a maniac so you guys can get up to date. Crying face Nobody likes bloggish anymore. Crying faceCrying faceCrying face This blog doesn’t exist. You don’t bother, so why should I? Why should I spend my time typing my butt off if YOU DON’T BOTHER. Do you remember “comment on bloggish”? Well, turns out I only had ONE post about bloggish on another blog. The minute I hit the “publish” button, I thought I would be keeping you entertained. Boy, I was wrong. Just ONE view a day would be all I need to keep this blog going.

Please? Cat faceRainbowCrying face

Super September update!

Ok, first thing’s first. I got this idea from golden cookies. Now I got that out of the way, let’s move on to what’s going on this month:

4th- I voted for school council and eco rep                                                                                                 

5th- We get the results

(skipping a few days here…)

23rd- WE’RE GOING TO LOCAL RESIVOIRE! Surprised smileSurprised smileSurprised smileSurprised smileSurprised smileSurprised smileSurprised smileSurprised smileSurprised smileSurprised smileSurprised smileSurprised smileSurprised smile(Only for 1 day!)

So… as you can see, his month will be pretty  boring. (Well, except the 23rd.) I’ll set up a chemical element post for that day.

Now, about the vote…

Continue reading “Super September update!”

BERYLLIUM-what’s good and what’s NOT

I’m going to tell you a little about the chemical element Beryllium. Just so you know, Hydrogen, Helium and Lithium are already out. Now, here are my 10 facts about Beryllium:

  1. It’s atomic symbol is Be.
  2. It weighs 9.012 atomic units.
  3. It’s an Alkali earth metal.
  4. It’s a solid.
  5. It’s electrons per shell are 2 and 2.
  6. It’s in group 2. (IIA)
  7. It’s in period 2.
  8. It’s preceding element is Lithium.
  9. It’s succeeding element is Boron.
  10. And finally, the atomic number for this element is number 4.

So, those are my 10 facts about Beryllium. Below is it’s spot in the Periodic table. Hope you enjoyed! Cat faceRainbow


Back to school?!

Today is my first day back to school. Last night I COULD NOT GET TO SLEEP because I was dreaming about school. It makes me queasy just THINKIN’ about it. And yes, I KNOW it’s my third year back and yada yada, but I just feel weird, cause my school is drama central! (Geddit, like jerk central?) Well, sorry my post is short but i gotta go! Hope you enjoyed! Cat faceRainbow (BTW, I got a new archive!)