The very boring service

Ok, today will include a BORING service. Please note, I’m NOT religious. The silly senior service lasts for about 30-45 minutes. BTW, we walk from our different school buildings.

Service time! (BTW, I’ve been to 13 services before.)

First, as you walk in, there are 2 sixth-form girls that hand you a program (like a leaflet). Then, once everybody has sat down, the school chaplain (who shall remain nameless due  to rule number 4) gives a 5-minute speech. Then we sing a hymn. Once we sang the hymn,  the sixth-form girls (e.g. head girl, deputy head girl etc..) do a “reading” from the bible. Then we sing another hymn. Then the chaplain will do a game with us.  Then it’s a new hymn. THEN it’s a prayer. And another one. Then one final hymn and the service is OVER! WOO HOO!!!!!

Ok, isn’t that YAWN CITY? Sorry I blogged about it but I had NOTHING else to blog about and I was super bored. Hope you enjoyed! Cat faceRainbow


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