Bloggish is dying

(sob) I never get any comments OR VIEWS! The last day I had VIEWS or COMMENTS was Tuesday. Nobody bothers. Nobody cares that I’m typing like a maniac so you guys can get up to date. Crying face Nobody likes bloggish anymore. Crying faceCrying faceCrying face This blog doesn’t exist. You don’t bother, so why should I? Why should I spend my time typing my butt off if YOU DON’T BOTHER. Do you remember “comment on bloggish”? Well, turns out I only had ONE post about bloggish on another blog. The minute I hit the “publish” button, I thought I would be keeping you entertained. Boy, I was wrong. Just ONE view a day would be all I need to keep this blog going.

Please? Cat faceRainbowCrying face


4 thoughts on “Bloggish is dying

  1. This is not right! I have been reading your posts and they are VERY good. So don’t stop posting. I’ll do my best to comment on your work because it is great! Keep it up!


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