BORON- What’s good and what’s NOT

I’m going to tell you about the chemical element Boron. Lithium, Hydrogen, Beryllium and Helium are already out. Now, here are my facts about Boron. 

  1. It’s atomic symbol is B.
  2. It weighs 10.81 atomic units.
  3. It’s a Metalloid.
  4. It’s a solid.
  5. It’s electrons per shell are 2 and 3.
  6. It’s in group 13. (IIIA)
  7. It’s in period 2.
  8. It’s preceding element is Beryllium.
  9. It’s succeeding element is Carbon.
  10. And, finally, the atomic number for this element is the number 5.

So, those are my facts about Boron.  Below is it’s spot in the periodic table. Hope you enjoyed! Cat faceRainbow


2 thoughts on “BORON- What’s good and what’s NOT”

  1. Here’s another interesting fact about Boron: It’s believed to be produced by cosmic rays striking matter and causing a form of fission or nucleosynthesis (known as ‘cosmic ray spallation’). Which would make it one of the few elements not produced in either the Big Bang or within stars. As such, Boron is a very rare element, with most of it coming from meteorites that have struck the Earth over the past four billion years.


  2. In one of the episodes of Star Trek: Deep Space 9, there is a character called Boran – but he wasn’t made of metal! 🙂

    I enjoy these chemistry posts very very much. Keep ’em coming!


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