Random post & some updates

I’m just gonna do a post showing all the smiles in the world.

SmileOpen-mouthed smileWinking smileSurprised smileSmile with tongue outHot smileAngry smileEmbarrassed smileConfused smileSad smileCrying faceDisappointed smileDevilAngelVampire batDon't tell anyone smileBaring teeth smileNerd smileSarcastic smileSecret telling smileSick smileBe right backI don't know smileThinking smileParty smileEye rolling smileSleepy smileShiftyAnnoyedJust kiddingNinjaGreen with envyLaughing out loudRolling on the floor laughingNyah-NyahAlienFlirt femaleFlirt maleFreezingIn lovePrincessGhostPunchPunkSteaming madWho me?Send a kissRed heartBroken heartCat faceDog faceSleeping half-moonStarFilmstripNoteEmailRed roseWilted roseClockRed lipsGift with a bowBirthday cakeCameraLight bulbCoffee cupCall meLeft hugRight hugMugMartini glassBoyGirlThumbs upThumbs downGoatSunRainbowSnailTurtlePlateBowlPizzaSoccer ballAutoAirplaneUmbrellaIsland with a palm treeComputerMobile phoneStorm cloudPointing upHigh fiveFingers crossedMoneyBlack SheepLightningWorkBunnySchool busPeaceSchoolXboxMessenger

So…yeah. To save you all the stress from counting, there are 103 smiles there. Recognize some of them?


I was sick on Friday. Ugh!

My parents were sick on Sunday. Double ugh!

I made a totem pole bracelet out of loom bands! Yay!

I started playing on Pottermore! Woo-hoo! (BTW, if you wanna follow me, I’m Featherthorn14429, and I’m in Hufflepuff!)

I’m writing books on storyjumper and you can read them by clicking on the text below.


Ok, so if some of them don’t work, I’m REALLY sorry! Crying face I only published my third book. (Read).
Well, I gotta go. My mom’s calling me. Well…sleeping late does have ups and downs.
Hope you enjoyed! Cat faceRainbow


6 thoughts on “Random post & some updates

  1. More update: Your parents are slowly feeling better, but certainly not recovered full 100% just yet. Be gentile with us!

    I’m only able to access “Read”, which is very good. I remember you reading it to me back in the day.

    And, I have a TARDIS loom band that I ab-so-lute-ly LOVE! Same with the maker of it.


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