Interesting fact about me

Did you know that I’m actually HALF RUSSIAN, HALF AMERICAN??  Yep. My mom was born in Russia and my dad was born in the USA. I know loads of USA stuff, but I only know ONE WORD in Russian, and that’s “Pakka” (goodbye). I might be using that in SOME of my posts.

Now, something COMPLETELY unrelated to the topic. Do you have an MP3 player? I do. I got one for Christmas 2 years ago. Ya, I’ve been using it loads lately. I would just grab my headphones, my music player and I would sneak out into the back garden and listen to music for hours on end. BTW, my mom is going to Lancaster this weekend and won’t be home until Saturday night. Sad smile But, I still have my dad! Smile Well, I gotta run. I have an appointment with a swing and an MP3 player!
Hope you enjoyed! Cat faceRainbow

1 thought on “Interesting fact about me”

  1. Sneak? I wouldn’t call it sneaking… We had jolly laughs last night with someone making goofy faces in the computer. And I had a yummy choccy someone got me at the bake sale. Good days.


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