1 month!!

Ok, so today is ONE MONTH anniversary of bloggish! Yep, ONE MONTH of the blog you love! So…as a treat, I’ll tell you what happened; hey, I’m SUPER bored and I’m too lazy to get dressed. Here we go…

It was August 21, exactly one month ago. I had a forum called “bloggish” and acted like it was a blog. A few moths ago, (in April, right around my birthday) I asked for a blog. My mom said “NO” to that. A few months later, I posted on my forum:

WordPress is calling my name…
Oh, how I want a blog SO BAD!!!!!!!  And when I say “blog”, I mean like a REAL blog. Not a proboards forum. AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!! As you can see from the title, you know how I feel. I have read many blogs and I’m about to POP!! (And yes, I know internet safety rules. Seriously, do you think I’m BRAIN DEAD?!?!?!?!?!) Seriously, then I can get COOL COMMENTS!  And take part in stuff such as “Not me! Monday”. I could also follow other blogs. (But NO, I WON’T be spending any money.) This is the LAST STRAW for me! I’ll list some reasons telling you why blogging is educational.

  • It develops writing skills, by expressing feelings and telling cool stories.
  • It develops social skills (which I DO NOT have). You can read other comments and think long and hard about them…
  • You can take part in cool blog hops, and follow other blogs,which you can compare to your blog.
  • Later, you can look back on old posts and remember those days.
  • And, as the author, you can delete comments that are rude, offensive or in any other ways, cyber-bullying.
  • You can keep your own online journal and use the latest technology.

So, I am DYING for a REAL blog that I can customize. I’m making a point and will hold up an argument.
Seriously, its like keeping a diary. What’s wrong with that?!

So, I asked my mom for a blog AGAIN, and this time put up an argument. My mom conferred (talked) to my dad about it and then, the most beautiful word came out of their mouths.
JK! They said yes, and OMG I was SO happy. I learnt to set up my blog in writer, but I had NO idea how I came across that button. I write most of my posts on writer now, but occasionally I use wordpress. And now, I look back on August 21st and laugh about those days.

Ok. That’s the story of how bloggish started. (With NO tweaks!) I am going to go get dressed now. (BTW, sorry I didn’t post yesterday. I didn’t get a chance, and I had nothing to blog about! Sad smile)  Hope you enjoyed! Cat faceRainbow

2 thoughts on “1 month!!”

  1. Ah memories… seems like just four short weeks ago the whole Bloggish train got underway. And now here we are, one twelfth of a year gone by. Carry on with the whole bloggy thing.

    Also happy birthday Maw; you are missed. You should see what your G-Granddaughter has done so far. 🙂


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