Do you know?

Ok, yesterday’s choir practice was BEYOND CRUDDY! We were warming up, and we had to think of a rhyming word for numbers 1-10. Here’s what I said:

“When I was 8, I used some slate”.

Do you know what slate is? The rock, not the chalkboard. My teacher said “that doesn’t make sense”. Inside, my brain screaming “YES IT DOES YOU SILLY LADY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Everyone else was like “huh? What’s slate?” I told my dad and he was gonna go beat her up. Metaphorically, by which I mean WITH WORDS. Gee, I wonder what my teacher is passing on to her kids.


Ohh…my god. Well, at least we have a school trip today. Gotta go! I need to go get dressed. (And NO, I’m not in the nude. I’m still wearing my PJs.) Hope you enjoyed! Cat faceRainbow

1 thought on “Do you know?”

  1. I would like to demonstrate,
    the use of ‘Slate’
    is really great.
    If you would like to remonstrate,
    or maybe like to inculcate,
    A love of words to be your fate.
    Then feel your heart to palpate,
    and your mouth to salivate
    as you learn to demonstrate,
    How every word can carry weight.

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