Random untitled blog post

Ok, if you’ve read my Gravatar profile, you already know I’m techy. About 2 weeks ago, my friend turned 10, and she got an IPAD MINI! OMG! I was SO jealous, since my birthday is 6 months away! I was SO DARN ENVIOUS. Then, another girl (who, BTW is younger than me) said she has […]

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It’s out!

OMGOMGOMG!! Ok, so I had this really wobbly tooth. It was so. darn. annoying. IT FELL OUT!! I was halfway through a mouthful of Cheerios, and I felt it in my mouth. I took it out, and I was SO HAPPY!! I showed it to my dad, and he was like “You’re gonna get MONEY!!” […]

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Ok, just to get things straight…my mom has got a new job, at York St. John blah blah blah. I’m going to the movies (and POPCORN HEAVEN!!). And, well. ya.

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Ruthless talk…and some literature

So…did you like my vid? (*you nod*) Yeah, I liked it too. In fact, I’m listening to it right now. It’s kinda amazing. Spongebob’s singing voice DOES NOT SOUND LIKE HIM! It’s sounds more Paul McCartneyish. Think. EVERY SINGLE SPONGBOB SONG YOU’VE HEARD. He does NOT SOUND LIKE HIM! Anyhow, now you’ve stopped listening to […]

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Gold medal in daydreaming

Soo…it’s 8:25PM on a Sunday evening. I’m in my PJs, in the living room, with my laptop. (It’s a Fujitsu life book; got it for Xmas 2 years ago.) If you checked out my vid, I’m listening to it, and it’s SO FUNNY! (FFY: My dad actually thought it was about REAL BOGIES!! ) Well, […]

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Exam results

OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG!!!!!!!!!! I got my flute exam results… 1 JK! Here’s the real number! (BTW, you need 100 to pass). 136

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HFOTW is back!!

Congrats Philip II! You’ve won the grand prize for this week! FREE TICKETS TO HAWAII BEACH FOR 2 WEEKS! Well, done Phil! New poll… A) Mary I B) Pachacuti C) Montezuma D) Charles II E) Cnut So…ya. Well, need to go to bed! Hope you enjoyed!  

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Chibi maker

I just went on a chibi maker-credit to dg1314.Anyhow, here are the chibis I made. My first one. My impression of me-bedhead. Oh, BTW.   NEW COMP. I’m unleashing a competition. It’s…about bloggish! To enter…

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Bloggish club

GREAT NEWS!! I’m creating a bloggish club. In the club, you can… 1) Play games 2) Bmail each other (geddit, Email, Bmail? Heh heh…)3) Answer really awesome questions …and loads more! The link to the blog is below. Enjoy! Blog

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Advice for LALSA

Dear bloggerofthebloggish,I have a child who interrupts a lot. What can I do to make him stop?Thank you.-LALSA Dear LALSA, Having a kid (or sibling) can be tough. However, by following my tips, hopefully they will help. 1) Reward him. He might do this because he wants you to pay attention to him. Maybe, if […]

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Ok, SO SORRY I didn’t blog for ages. I’ve been meaning to, but I just…don’t. 1) HFOTW HENRY VII Congrats Henry VII! You’ve won this week’s grand prize: FREE TICKETS TO ALTON TOWERS FOR 2 WEEKS! Well done! New poll… A) Henry VI B) Sir Francis Drake C) Phillip II of Spain D) Adolf Hitler […]

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DD stuff

Sunday. Dimache. I think. Ok, since everyone is talking about it, I’ll join in. What’s up with DD? I don’t think it’s a hacker, because RRR would’ve put up a notice. Maybe, since it’s October, RRR is freaking us out because it’s for Halloween. Oh, well. Since I don’t have Email yet, I’ll do Sidra’s […]

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One October update

Yep, here’s my monthly update! Let’s see what’s going on this month: 15th-My Grade 1 flute exam! 21st-I’m having my monthly trial…and 2 months of bloggish! 26th-I’m going to a party (might not be blogging that day!) 31st-HALLOWEEN! I’ll be setting up a contest for halloween. Imagine you got transported to your dream palace, but […]

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Random thingies to blog about. 1) Yesterday was parents evening. (Heh heh). I got good scores on everything. But, my parents evening was sceduled for 4:50. Guess what? It was at 5:30!! OMG!! But we had Chinese food from a local takeaway place. My mom didn’t have to cook! Yay! So…nothing really happened to me […]

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HFOTW revealed…

Congrats WILLIAM I! You have won our grand prize for this week: FREE TICKETS TO DISNEYWORLD FOR 4 DAYS! Congrats! Here, I’ll also put up next week’s poll: A) Henry VII B) William Wallace C) The Pilgrims D) Eric the red E) Alfred the great So…ya. Well, I need to dash! Hope you enjoyed!

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Name: yada yada yada yadaAge: blahSchool: yada yada blah blah blahAddress: blah blah blah blahPhone #: ***** ****** COME ON! You really think I would blab my personal business to the world like that? Wow. You don’t know me!


HFOTW continues…

Well, it’s been a rough week for our contestants, but here’s the poll result. So far: A: 0% B: 25% C: 0% D: 75% E: 0% So…looks like D is winning, but B is catching up. (You’re 1/4 of the way there, buddy!) But DO NOT WORRY! The poll has not closed yet, so you […]

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Weird ‘n’ Random thinking

Ugh. Mondays. I hate Mondays. I have to wake up at the crack of dawn, knowing that I have 5 more school days ahead of me. But, you know what? Mondays are supposed to be the ‘days of depression’. I’ll tell you what I hate for each day in the school week. Monday I hate […]

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Ok, I am TOTALLY CRAZY about history…and I’m introducing… Historical Figure Of The Week!! So, here’s how it works. I will put up 5 options for you to choose. All of them will be famous people in history. Using the comments, you can select A, B, C, D, or E and tell us why you […]

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My class assembly

Ok, so maybe I should back up a bit. We had our class assembly yesterday. We did, what you call an A-W-E-S-O-M-E performance. One of my classmates was actually rolling around on the floor, because she was freaking out. It was about this demon teacher who cancelled music, then we had to sort it out […]

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