HFOTW revealed…


Congrats WILLIAM I! You have won our grand prize for this week:


Congrats! Here, I’ll also put up next week’s poll:

A) Henry VII
B) William Wallace
C) The Pilgrims
D) Eric the red
E) Alfred the great

So…ya. Well, I need to dash! Hope you enjoyed! Cat faceRainbow

2 thoughts on “HFOTW revealed…”

  1. Tough choices this week, but I’ll go with Henry VII. Not only did he finally end the wars of the roses, he led the way for England to transition from a Medieval society to a Modern one. While not a popular king in his own lifetime, his reign marked the beginning of the Tudors, which had a profound effect on the history of Britain. It could be argued that without Henry, there would have been no Protestant reformation, no Civil war, no Victorian era. The UK and the world would be a very different place, all because of this single individual. That’s pretty profound!


  2. I would go with William Wallace. He was a SCOTTISH REBEL!!! 🙂

    Alternatively, Henry VIII is good. Mike has made a very convincing case for him.


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