One October update

Yep, here’s my monthly update! Let’s see what’s going on this month:

15th-My Grade 1 flute exam!
21st-I’m having my monthly trial…and 2 months of bloggish! Rolling on the floor laughing
26th-I’m going to a party (might not be blogging that day!Sad smile)

I’ll be setting up a contest for halloween. Imagine you got transported to your dream palace, but with a halloween theme! Instead of maids, you’ll have witches! Instead of guards, you’ll have wizards! In the comments below, tell me your dream palace. The more detailed and exciting, the better! It closes on the 30th. The top 3 entries will have my illustrations and stories on this blog! So get crackin’! Hope you enjoyed! Cat faceRainbow

2 thoughts on “One October update”

  1. I don’t know; maybe a dreary and drafty castle, with Frankenstein as my butler, and plenty of zombies to do my bidding. And a vampire in the basement, just for fun! Ooh, now I’m starting to scare myself!


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