My trip at the cinema!!

Ok, so maybe I should’ve told you guys about my trip to the cinema.

When we were going in, I saw a commercial for popcorn and my mouth watered like a stormy ocean. (What? I like popcorn! Who doesn’t?) Our teachers would NOT LET US HAVE POPCORN! When we got in, we had to wait 20 minutes! I told my classmates I had never been to the cinema before, and they were freaking OUT! That’s just sad. No, not them freaking out, the fact I’ve never been to the cinema before. In the half-term break, (which, BTW, is only 8 days away!) me and my dad are planning to go to the cinema. Anyhow, the music was SO DARN LOUD it practically blew my eardrums off! Wanna know why we couldn’t have popcorn? Because we wouldn’t be able to hear the music. Um, correct me if I’m wrong, but we were RIGHT at the front, so we could hear the music just fine. So, on the way home, I made my dad get me some popcorn! Rolling on the floor laughing Well, I need to go! I have a friend coming over in 20 minutes! Hope you enjoyed! Cat faceRainbow

(P.S: I set up my blog in word, but decided not to use it. It didn’t have the cool smileys Writer has!)


Author: bloggerofthebloggish

I am a girl from England, who likes to blog. I suffer from lightheadedness and stomach cramps, and I have an anxiety disorder. Bloggish has been running for over 3 years, and it is the place where I vent or just talk about my life. I usually post about once or twice a month, so don't expect much from me. Chaio! (This is not misspelled on purpose, I actually thought that's how ciao was spelt, so you will have to live with that, don't worry, I'm a grammar nazi too ;) ) ~bloggerofthebloggish :)

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