Matlock bath

Hi guys! Today (or, at least this morning), my computer is SO SLOW! Oh, well. I’ll tell you about my trip to MATLOCK BATH.

We got off the train, and we went to “Cable cars”. They are just what they sound like. Little boxes going up a cable. Even though it seats 6 people, me and my mom got a cable car ALL TO OURSELVES!! Once we reached the top, (no cables snappedSmile) we went to the playground. Now, bear in mind, it was R-A-I-N-I-N-G the ENTIRE time we were there. I plopped down on the slide, grabbed my coat, SAT ON IT, and slid down. OMG, IT WAS HORROR! I actually SLID OFF the slide. Now, my jeans were all wet, but also were my UNDERWEAR! We went into a bathroom, I sat on the toilet lid, with tissue under me. Once we got dry, I called my dad on my mom’s phone. (Seriously, I KNOW that thing off-by-heart!) Then, we went to ANOTHER playground “the explorer’s challenge”. There was a bit I LOVED! There was a thing you stand on, and there was a rope. You grab the rope, and swing. I LOVED THAT BIT!! THEN, we went for lunch in a cafe (a couple of loom band bags made their way into my backpack.) After that, we went gem mining. I got a teeny tiny piece of this quartz. At first, I actually thought it was a sapphire! Then, we went on this boring tour, about a mineshaft. THEN, we went to “tinker’s mineshaft”. We actually made it to the top. After that, we went gem mining, and I got fool’s gold! We also got a mood ring and some bracelets. Then, we went home.

Phew! Well, I gotta go! Hope you enjoyed! Cat faceRainbow

2 thoughts on “Matlock bath”

  1. And the best part was – we were inside a mountain!

    Do you know there’s another cave there? It’s got an exhibition about a miner family from the Victorian times. Might be worth a visit next time we’re there. 🙂


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