Random untitled blog post

Ok, if you’ve read my Gravatar profile, you already know I’m techy. About 2 weeks ago, my friend turned 10, and she got an IPAD MINI! OMG! I was SO jealous, since my birthday is 6 months away! I was SO DARN ENVIOUS. Then, another girl (who, BTW is younger than me) said she has an ipod touch. Um…I don’t believe that, girlfriend.  Then, my mom got a mobile, so we had to go to the mall and sort out the credits blah blah blah…While we were there, me and my dad were playing on this display ipad, and I took a GOOFY selfie (well, my dad took the pic,) and we left it there. It was FUNNY! Then we played on iphones and blah blah blah. I guess I should reveal this week’s HFOTW…


SOZ. Since we only had 1 vote this week. Sad smile Oh well, what are you dressing up as for tonight. I’ll tell you mine: I’m gonna be a death eater from harry potter. I have the mask and everything (even Harry’s wand!) Cat faceRainbow


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