How to #1: How to add music.

I’ll be starting a series of ‘How to’- step by step instructions. First one, how to add music to your blog.

Step 1: Open the site, and choose the music you would like.

Step 2: Select the music and click ‘download’- and open your blog’s dashboard.

Step 3: Click on ‘Apperances’ and then ‘Widgets’. Find the text widget.

Step 4: Add a new widget and give it a title.

Step 5: Type in . Make sure you leave a space before the ].

Step 6: Go back to your song, and copy the text in the text bar.

Step 7: Paste the URL after the audio, make sure there’s a space after ‘audio’ and before the ].

Step 8: Click ‘save’ and enjoy having music on your blog! 😆

300-word essay contest

Here’s a contest! Simply pick a picture, and write an essay. Make sure it’s no longer and no shorter than 300 words. Here are some things you can write about:

  • What you like about the picture
  • What you think is happening
  • Can you identify the people in the picture?

Make sure you tell me which picture you’re writing about! Post it in the comments, or email me. You can also write a blog post. The deadline is 16th December. Here are the pics:






So, your reply/email/post should look like this:


I’m writing about picture [pic].
[300 word essay]
If it is not 300 words long, you will be disqualified. The prizes are:

3rd- A shout out on my blog, as a sticky post for 1 month. (Please provide URL)
2nd- A header for your blog. (Please provide name)
1st- A page on my blog, dedicated to your blog. (Please provide name)

The winners will be announced on the 18th December. Get writing! 🙂

You can email me at

Happy thanksgiving!

Happy thanksgiving guys!
And, there’s the song again. 😆
Hm. Did you know I have an intestines problem? Well, I do. Remember how I said it was an air bubble? IT’S NOT. It’s an intestines problem. I’ve had it since after my tummy bug. In SEPTEMBER. Well, basically I go to bed thinking I’m gonna hurl, go to the toilet 500 times, think I’m gonna hurl, go to bed, think I’m gonna hur, and sleep.
It goes like that.
Oh, well. I’m having pancakes for breakfast. 🙂 OMG. That reminds me of the LAST time we had pancakes! Continue reading “Happy thanksgiving!”

4-day weekend, it’s getting better!!

OMG! I cannot believe it! My dream week is finally here! 4-day weekend (consecutive, mind you 😀 ), here I come!
Ok, so we only have school on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday is an inset day; teachers come but we don’t! Friday is a whole school exeat, which basically means everyone gets a day off just ’cause. Also, Thursday is THANKSGIVING!! Wow oh wow. I told my American friends at school. (wow, there are OTHER americans in this world! 😯 ) On to other things,
😆 School is SO DARN ANNOYING. Especially when you have a mom that works in York and it’s like 2 hours by train. And she COMMUTES. As in she goes through that 2 hour train ride EVERY SINGLE WEEKDAY. At least she has a moblie phone, and I play Sudoku on it.
Meh. Right now, I’m listening to a spongebob song. IN GERMAN.
Yeah, I’m weird. I’m asking for Tomodachi life this Xmas, along with a 3DS. Also, this blog might not be any more. After Xmas, I’ll check the URL and then post the new one. 🙂
And I’m listening to that German song again. XD When one of the guys gasps with a German accent, it sounds a lot like my Grandma. Seriously, I think they share genes. 😆 The kids in the grade above us act like they own the school. We have this toybox with balls, skipping ropes, etc. One of the kids just opened the box, took the last cat’s cradle out and said to the 100 kids in line, and then said ‘No more left’
And there’s the song again.
Also, we’re having assessments. 👿 We also read to the pre-school, but it was, like WEIRD. Basically, there was this girl, and she had the choice between me and my classmate.
AMEN, SISTER. Just because I have weird blochy spots on my face, doesn’t mean I’m not friendly. I didn’t even get to read ONE BOOK. I just painted and played with farm sets. OMG, they’re so tiny, they’re up to my knee at the most! And I’m not short.
Well, I need to go! Tracy Beaker is on in 5 minutes! Bye! 😈 🙄 :mrgreen: 😆 🐱 🌯 |_|


Ok, so I’ve made a special chibi, and here’s her biography. ^-^


Name: Radlynn Xolopierce
Age: 12
BFF: Cleo AndersonSiblings: Kaytlynn Xolopierce (age 3)
Favourite food: Sausages
Hobby: Blogging
Favourite thing to do: Go to the movies
Dislikes: Kaytlynn, Brussel sprouts
Fav TV show: Strictly come dancing
Prized possessions: ipad, iphone6+, cell phone

I’m crazy

Omgod I can’t believe what I just did. 😯
I’m such an idiot. Ok, so it was like 7AM on Saturday morning. I woke up with a FULL BLADDER, like I do every single morning. I unloaded. (And NO, I’m not Martin Luther King: the next generation!) So, my laptop was in the living room, where the mouse was sleeping. I really wanted that laptop, so I slooowly crept downstairs, slooowly opened the door, slooowly grabbed my laptop and headphones, slooowly shut the door, slooowly crept upstairs, closed my door, and STARTED SURFING!! (The net, of course. Where would I get a surfboard from?!)
And that leads us up to our conclusion:
No matter HOW loud you are, nobody will either A) Hear you or B) Have the courage to punish you.
In other words, I got off scot-free!
Well, I better go, I probably won’t blog this afternoon, cause I’ll be a bit busy! Bye! 🐱 🙄 😈 :mrgreen: |_| 🌯

Habits/quirks I have (as in ME, bloggerothebloggish)

Hey guys! Well, I’ve got Ebola, so…(*drops down dead*) I’m still here! 🙂 Naw. I’m not in Africa. I’m in England, duh. Ok, so I saw this on Aubree’s blog, and decided to do this. Here goes…

  1. Saying I’ll do something, but don’t do it until years later.
  2. Not wanting anything to eat or drink, then 5 minutes later, ask for something to eat/drink.
  3. Reading a book halfway through, and come back to it later, not knowing I read it.
  4. Trying a food, and saying I like it, but actually hating it.
  5. Saying I’ll practice my flute, but don’t

Ok, so I have more, but y’know. Well, bye! 😆 😈 :mrgreen: 🐱


Oh, yeah. 😆 Here, since I’m VERY EARLY, well here it is…

Monday-HOMEWORK! (And lots of it! 😦 )
Tuesday-Just hetic
Wednesday-Sarcastic teacher. AGAIN. Also, flute.
Thursday-Ballet, and kids from the neighboring school coming for activity afternoon.
Friday-Uncle and his mouse are coming over. XD

Well, I need to go! BYE. 🐱 :mrgreen:

NEARLY 100!!

Omgosh guys! With 99 posts and 204 comments, I have no idea how to thank you…so I put up a poll. Email moi or simply comment. 🙂

A) Bloggish mini blogs 😀
B) A video of moi. (*bats eyelashes*)

Hi Pudsey!

Hey. 😆

I donated £1 to children in need, gritted my teeth, and watched some BORING clips about Tutankhamun. Ok, so this boy in our class just makes me want to whack him on the head. I asked him to borrow the glue, and he was like ‘oh, you have to ask the teacher’. 👿 Well, bye! :mrgreen: |_| 🌯 🐱 😈 XD


Ok, first, some things that are incredibly impossible…

We have to do the Great wave off Kangawa, by Hokusai. If you haven’t seen it, here it is:

Yeah. 😦 In english class, we had to recite a poem about the sea. Our group chose one called “the sea” by James Reeves. We had to show lots of expression, so me and this other girl were showing loads of expression, and this boy was like ‘uh and uh when uh…” SO ANNOYING. THEN, he was moaning about memorizing it, and our teacher said that performance mattered more. Then, he finally started acting for his bit, but not for ours. 👿

Meh. XD I need to go! Bye! ❤ :mrgreen: 🐱 🌯

Yo yo yo, and the bird’s the word

Yo. XD I know I’ve been posting loads lately, but I wanna use the WordPress editor more. 😦 Meh. 😆 I had friends over, my swing fell over. Ok, so right now I’m eating my dinner, ravenously cause I’m so hungry. 😈 AGAIN, more boring snooker tournaments that might make me go to sleep. 👿 Tomorrow, is Monday. 👿 I, will SERIOUSLY ask my mum if we can take the bus to school, cause’  my dad lets me go home on it, and also because I’m just LAZY. On the 21st…(you think I’m gonna say that bloggish announcement, do you? 😆 ) Nope. My uncle and his BFF are coming over, and I heard the BFF is so quiet.‌ 😛 👿 My mom won’t give me my PUDDING! I’ve finished dinner, now she’s all like “Until Ronnie O’ Sucker finished his boring speech”. Ok, without the insults. Well, I have nothing else to say, so bye! 🐱 :mrgreen: 🌯 |_| 😈

I’m defensive

Ok, first, let me say in my defense about yesterday. IT’S MY BLOG. I CAN POST 5000000 TIMES A DAY. (Not that I would…) Meh. You might see me post with wordpress now, not writer, but I also might post with word. 🙄 OOH, this month, on November 21st, Bloggish will’ve stuck around for 1/4 of a year!! 😀 (*Does snoopy happy dance*). Also, I read DD8 ages ago, but never posted my review. 😯 So, here it is:

Continue reading “I’m defensive”

Nonsense, FINAL POST!! YAY!


You guys probably have no idea what I’m writing, do you?? (*you shake your head solemnly*). Well, just nonsense like I write as usual. OOH, bye. 🙄 |_| 🌯 :mrgreen: 🐱

4th post and random toybox scrolls

Oh. My. God. I’m ACTUALLY POSTING WITH WORDPRESS! Goodbye, writer! (*waves to laptop*) Meh. I might post with wordpress, or Microsoft word. 🐱 And, I’ve been posting a lot and blah blah blah. Outside, for the past fortnight, there have been fireworks when it’s not even dark. WHAT IS THE FREAKING POINT?!?!?!?! 👿 😈 I’m SO BORED. 🙄 My parents are watching a boring tournament about snooker, so I can’t move my laptop to my bedroom. The most times I posted in a day was August 22nd, Day 2 of bloggish. I was literally, HYPER! 🌯 I actually had to show my posts to my parents, but like a week later, it just faded. And I’m getting an ipad for christmas. I’m TOTALLY craving the chocolate cake I made today. I LOVE freshly baked Devil’s food cake.


(*starts crying at the pic and the cake in front of me*) 😥

Seriously, if you’ve seen my other post, you know I’m a choco cake lover, but I HATE chocolate. Or sweets of any kind. Well, bYe! 🐱 :mrgreen: |_|

Background tweaks

I’m thinking of changing bloggish soon, because I’m getting bore of the ol’ babylog theme. Eye rolling smile Here are some backgrounds to choose from. If you know my email address, email me, but I’m NOT SHARING IT TO THE WORLD. Steaming mad Meh. Here goes… (3rd post today!!) Oh, BTW, LOTS OF PICS!










Cat faceRainbowStar 
(PS: If you don’t know my email address, comment on this post!)

Annoying bus, annoying kids, annoying dad

Ok, so yesterday I took the bus home. Not a piece of cheese, (not that we have yellow school buses or anything) and it was the WORLD’S LONGEST BUS RIDE! Even worse, there were older kids there. It was so annoying, one of them kept staring at me, and they were like “BLAH BLAH BLAH BLAH”. Minimum volume for a bus: 25%. Minimum volume for them: 25000000000%. Then, this afternoon, I wanted to take a bath, and my dad said I couldn’t because I would waste water and blah blah blah. Well, excUSE me, but my mom sit in the bath for, um 3 HOURS. I just wanted to relax, but NOOOOOOOOO. Meh. If I went outside right now, I would get drenched anyway. Well, bye! Cat faceRainbowStar

Bloggish competition WINNER!

WINNER of the bloggish competition…
Congrats! Here’s her entry from her blog-



ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!! Open-mouthed smile

I thought this day would never come

the day i get presents

and extra candy

and go trick or treating


im still a little sick so don’t touch me or you’ll die




1. What I like about bloggish: I like the theme on the blog, and how there are posts pretty much every day! Open-mouthed smile Its fun to read your experiences and stuff, and I like all the smilies! ^^

2. What I don’t like about bloggish: When there aren’t any new posts Crying face

3. What I would like to see on bloggish: More travel posts! I like all the posts though Nyah-Nyah

Well thats all! Bai! Red heart Yuki


Here’s her Chibi…(sorry if it sucks.)


Well, that’s about it! Cat faceRainbowStar

How to eat popcorn

There are 2 ways to do this; evil or sensible.


  1. Whilst no-one is looking, snatch the bag from the cupboard, return to your territory.
  2. Secretly, snarf the entire bag, put it back.
  3. Stuff it with cotton balls.
  4. Wait for your mom to come home from work.
  5. When she comes home, deny the whole thing.


  1. Ask for a bowl of popcorn.
  2. When it’s ready, stare at it like it’s the last thing on earth.
  3. Wait for your younger brother to stop crying.
  4. Snarf the entire bowl, but nibble.

Cat faceRainbow

Nauseas November update

YES. Here’s my monthly update. (I called it nauseas because I still have that air bubble!! Surprised smile)

1st-My Halloween partAY!
3rd-School starts. Ick. Steaming mad
21st-My uncle and his BFF arrive. Also, 3 months of bloggish! Rolling on the floor laughing
22nd-The craft fair. I’m running a loom band stall.
23rd-My uncle and his friend leave! Sad smile
28th-THANKSGIVING! (For all you Americans out there! Winking smile)
30th-My mom’s 44th birthday!!

Oh, well. Big gap between today… At least it’s more eventful than October. Well. Gotta go. School starts. Baring teeth smile Hope you enjoyed! Cat faceRainbow

PartAy and updates

Ok, so yesterday was MAYHEM! I had a party. It was supposed to last 2 hours, but it got extended by half an hour. Some of my friends/guests even brought PRESENTS! Ok, on to other things.

1) HFOTW. Sorry, yeah. This weeks comp will be the same as LAST WEEK’S poll.
2) XMAS. I know, it’s ages away yada yada, but I know I’ getting an IPAD for xmas! I’ve been wanting one since last year!
3) Gotta go. Cat faceRainbow