I’m defensive

Ok, first, let me say in my defense about yesterday. IT’S MY BLOG. I CAN POST 5000000 TIMES A DAY. (Not that I would…) Meh. You might see me post with wordpress now, not writer, but I also might post with word. 🙄 OOH, this month, on November 21st, Bloggish will’ve stuck around for 1/4 of a year!! 😀 (*Does snoopy happy dance*). Also, I read DD8 ages ago, but never posted my review. 😯 So, here it is:

I think that was my least favorite book. I’m not a fairy tale person, I’m more of an action/techy/relationship person. Yes, I KNOW it’s a weird combo, but blah blah blah…Also, about the title yesterday. Yeah, just keepin’ it RANDOM. And…
1) WHEN WILL YOU GUYS POST?  I’m not meaning to be pushy or anything but…
2) HAPPY REMEMBERANCE DAY!! XD Well, bye! 🐱 :mrgreen: |_|


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