Hello, obnoxious teacher!

Ok, so maths was good, until the VERY END. I feel like Nikki getting embarrased by her aunt Mabel, except not humilitated. Just MAD. 👿 Ok, so here it is…

So, me and my bestie were in a maths lesson. We don’t have maths on Wednesdays, ’cause we have drama. Anyhow, our teacher (who, BTW, just graduated! 😆 ) said “we’ll finish this tomorrow”. My bestie said “You mean Thursday?” And OMG, I couldn’t BELIEVE what our teacher said next, never mind witness it. Here we go…(*drum roll in background*)

“Thanks for correcting me, but don’t be so RUDE.” I swear, with my less-than-a-century-not-even-half-of-it life, that’s what she said! AARGH. 👿 Ok, so now I’ve got you drawn in, I’ll make this lengthy. Today, I have been CONSTANTLY humilitated at school. And, there’s this girl, and she has a bestie. They literally are SUPERGLUED together. And, to demonstrate, they actually order the same thing for lunch. And, I swear. They HATE ME. Well, I don’t have ONE SINGLE FRIEND in my year group. MEH. Well, bye! Oof, I’ve got cramps. (*rubs hands*) Well, bye (take 2) 🐱 :mrgreen: 😈 😆

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