Habits/quirks I have (as in ME, bloggerothebloggish)

Hey guys! Well, I’ve got Ebola, so…(*drops down dead*) I’m still here! 🙂 Naw. I’m not in Africa. I’m in England, duh. Ok, so I saw this on Aubree’s blog, and decided to do this. Here goes…

  1. Saying I’ll do something, but don’t do it until years later.
  2. Not wanting anything to eat or drink, then 5 minutes later, ask for something to eat/drink.
  3. Reading a book halfway through, and come back to it later, not knowing I read it.
  4. Trying a food, and saying I like it, but actually hating it.
  5. Saying I’ll practice my flute, but don’t

Ok, so I have more, but y’know. Well, bye! 😆 😈 :mrgreen: 🐱


2 thoughts on “Habits/quirks I have (as in ME, bloggerothebloggish)

  1. I have to agree with most of this list, but these are things that can be changed… if you put your mind to it.


  2. Ha-ha it’s totally me
    *in school* *eats a walnut pie*
    me: wow this walnut pie is just so good that I’m sick of eating three pieces of it eww


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