My uncle and his mouse

Ok, so my uncle and his mouse roommate are coming over tomorrow, and…THE SPARE BED IS STILL NOT CLEANED! And, bear in mind, my uncle is like, SO QUIET. Now, to the mouse roommate, my uncle is like a CRAZY, um PSYCIC, GOOFY clown. I had no idea it could be humanly possible, but hey…

Ok, so in ballet class, older kids help younger kids get ready. This 4-year old started crying. And, let me tell you, SHE IS DUMBER THAN A MOULDY SOCK THAT HAS SAT IN THE LANDFILL FOR 100 YEARS!!!
Omgosh she is so annoying. 👿

Well, I gotta go! BYE. 😈 XD :mrgreen: 🐱

5 thoughts on “My uncle and his mouse”

  1. Maybe you should check that bed again, as it was cleared off the day before, and everything sorted out the day you wrote this post.


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