I’m crazy 2: I’m VERY crazy

Meh I’m supposed to be in bed right now.
LOL! 😆 I am.So, right now, you’re thinking: um…WTF? HOW DID SHE GET THIS UPSTAIRS?
Well, the answer is this: I hid my computer under my bed, told my mom, set it up, end of story. But, here’s some more gossip since it’s Saturday and I don’t have to be asleep for 45 minutes, so…

It’s tough with company over.
I mean, you can’t do all the NORMAL things, caue you’ve got stalkers company watching you. So, when you have a shower, you can’t run around the house butt naked.

Also, here’s a poll, and I’ll tell you my answer: 10PM!! XD !

Well, I can’t believe my mum actually let poor innocent moi have a computer in her room!

😀 woohoo! Now, when I get up early, hello WIFI! Well, bye! NEED SLEEP! 😈 🙄 😆 :mrgreen: 🌯


Author: bloggerofthebloggish

I am a girl from England, who likes to blog. I suffer from lightheadedness and stomach cramps, and I have an anxiety disorder. Bloggish has been running for over 3 years, and it is the place where I vent or just talk about my life. I usually post about once or twice a month, so don't expect much from me. Chaio! (This is not misspelled on purpose, I actually thought that's how ciao was spelt, so you will have to live with that, don't worry, I'm a grammar nazi too ;) ) ~bloggerofthebloggish :)

2 thoughts on “I’m crazy 2: I’m VERY crazy”

  1. 90 percent of my class sleep at 12.30~1.00
    I usually sleep at 11.50, which is considered early among my Study-Addicted friends


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