I’m crazy

Omgod I can’t believe what I just did. 😯
I’m such an idiot. Ok, so it was like 7AM on Saturday morning. I woke up with a FULL BLADDER, like I do every single morning. I unloaded. (And NO, I’m not Martin Luther King: the next generation!) So, my laptop was in the living room, where the mouse was sleeping. I really wanted that laptop, so I slooowly crept downstairs, slooowly opened the door, slooowly grabbed my laptop and headphones, slooowly shut the door, slooowly crept upstairs, closed my door, and STARTED SURFING!! (The net, of course. Where would I get a surfboard from?!)
And that leads us up to our conclusion:
No matter HOW loud you are, nobody will either A) Hear you or B) Have the courage to punish you.
In other words, I got off scot-free!
Well, I better go, I probably won’t blog this afternoon, cause I’ll be a bit busy! Bye! 🐱 🙄 😈 :mrgreen: |_| 🌯

2 thoughts on “I’m crazy”

  1. You only got off scott-free because it was Uncle Ralph sleeping in the living room – when you disturbed the mouse in the dining room later this morning,he could have eaten you alive! Fortunately for you he likes cat’s cradle (strange for a mouse?), so you could make up…
    Weren’t you busy this afternoon indeed, teaching poor Uncle Ralph how to make bracelets and playing cat’s cradle. And there’s your homework still waiting too ;-0 Hop on to it RIGHT NOW! 😉


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