Movie time!!!

WOO!! I’m going to the movies today!! I downloaded the app! So, I could blog on the bus, or just stand right in front of a stranger (preferably a kid) and torment them by showing them I’ve got WiFi. 😈 Heh heh.

Best things of 2014

OK, a parody of the pros and cons on Ariya’s blog, so here’s the top 10 things of 2014.

10) I survived last year!

9) I discovered blogs!

8) There’s an invention of TV

7) I DISCOVERED weird al

6) I discovered comics

5) My grandma couldn’t come over for the summer!

4) I got a periodic table, well 2 of them. 🙂

3) I got my own email 🙂

2) Bloggish was born!

And…number one is…………………….


So, there we have it. Heck, I wrote this yesterday, but posted it today. Well, bye! XD


I agree. We SHOULD make a difference. Nobody should go through the pain. Maybe it will change the way I think about myself 🙂



Some stuff was taken from my post ‘Some people are only on this planet to ruin people’s days’

Hey there! So you wanna be a kool kat? Well follow this post!

#1: You are amazing just the way you are, so love yourself.

Are you depressed and want to suicide? Bullies telling you that your ugly? Or just feeling down? Don’t kill yourself, don’t believe them. Why? Because you are the beautiful, talented, unique, wonderful, amazing, you. you are wonderful just the way you are. Don’t let a bully tell you different, or to change. Don’t be depressed because you are you. You are you. You are beautiful, talented, unique, and you are.. you. We’re all wonderful just the way we…

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Remember my post 2 months ago about my tooth falling out? Well, here’s a sequel. I was watching TV, and I was wriggling my loose tooth, and then I tugged on it, and pop! I pulled it out. What was weird though, was the fact that it DID NOT HURT.

OK, so I will go to town tomorrow, to watch Annie in the cinema, so A) I will blog from the bus (they’ve got free WiFi. 🙂 ) or B) I won’t blog at all, although, the chances of that happening will be slim.

Ok, bye! I have to go on chatzy! 🙂

I can’t belive I’m doing this

OMG. You know how I said russians are taking over?

Well, I’m listening to a russian song. RIGHT NOW.

Yep, I’m an idiot. WHAT?! I am. Especially since I tried to stick corks in my ears.
Ok, so I was watching a cartoon. Then, I went into the kitchen to hangout with the russian zomies my relatives, then, when I got back, they were watching a sitcom, or whatever, and I was like WTF?! Then, I had to go shower. When I got out, at 8pm (the thing started at 7ish), they were still watching the SAME. THING. AND IT WASN’T EVEN OVER. So, first I looked for a pillow, and my grandma was sitting on ALL. THREE. OF. THEM. (I curse my house for having 3 pillows on our sofa 😡 ) I just took a seat cushion, and buried my head deep down. Well, bye!

It’s snowing!

Woo hoo! I can’t remember the last time it snowed! And I got a Lamy for Xmas, a transparent one, too! Well, sorry I didn’t post. I made so many drafts 😛 Well, happy Xmas, everyone.

PS: I’ve got a cold. BOO. 😦


Ok, I’m not christian or anything, but i still celebrate xmas. I probably won’t blog tomorrow, so let me get you updated.
MERRY XMAS, and happy b-day mango. :)So, I’m on Chatzy. It’s still xmas eve here in england, but it’s 7pm.
AAH. Well, I’ll go to sleep, at like 1AM. I’ll get up in the morning (2AM) and then see if my presents from santa are here yet, or at least if my stocking’s full. Mabye I’ll see Santa!


xmas tag (tagged by Karla)

1.Do you like to stay in your pj’s or dress up for Christmas?

2.If you could only buy one person a present this year who would it be?

3.Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning?
Christmas Morning

4.Have you ever build a Gingerbread House?
Nope. 😦

5. What do you like to do on Christmas Break?
Sit around and blog.

6.Whats your favorite Christmas meal or treat?

7.Whats your favorite Holiday movie?

8.Candy Canes or Gingerbread man?
Gingerbread man

9.Have you ever made a snowman?

10.Which do you like, Christmas Eve or Christmas Day?
xmas day, cause I open presents

11.White lights or ccoloured lights?
Colored, cause I like rainbows!

Log party blogging

Hey guys XD ! Well, my family are SO uncivilized, they eat log. Well, everything’s fine ’round here! So! We have guests over (aka: Ancient mummies skeletons from the first ice age.) JK. XD Well, time to stay up ’till 1AM. 🙂 Ah, well. I’ll be blogging tonight. 🙂 Yeah, yeah, even though it’s Tuesday, my mom said I could blog. That reminds me of last year’s log party…I was CRYING at 8:30, cause I was SO DARN TIRED. Nowadays, I go to bed at. like 10:30. Well, bye! 🙂

Busy day!

Ok, I’m sorry if I don’t blog much today. We’ve got a big party this evening, so I might use a little internet 😛 I’m gonna be the only kid…with 6 grown-ups. AAH. 😦 I’ll ask my mom. 🙂 It’ll be my mom, my dad, my aunt, my grandma, my mom’s advisor, and his wife. I’M THE ONLY KID! BOO. Ah, well. At least I’ll play Xmas carols on the flute 🙂
Ugh. I’ve got a sore throat. I can’t talk well. 😦 BOO Well, bai! My mom needs to make a log -_-. 🙂


Ok, I might not be blogging. My laptop battery DIED and my power chord broke 😡 😦
So now, I’m blogging from my dad’s TINY laptop. But he doesn’t care, since he also has a desktop 😛
Ok, let me tell you what happened. First, I went bungee jumping, for, like AGES 😯 Then, I had lunch at Burger King, then I went on bumper cars. Ohh…I really shouldn’t have had all that chicken before that. *Leans over toilet bowl*
OMG ONLY 3 DAYS TILL XMAS!! 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀
Well, time for my nap XD
BYE!! 🐱 ⭐ 🐻

BYE!! *

4 months!!

Woo HOO! 😀 😀 😀 😀

So, let moi get you updated! 🙂 It’s been mayhem round here 🙂 My house is FULL. Completely. Ok, guess who is very creepy slightly weird.

My grandma. Yesterday, I caught her eating 15 MINUTES BEFORE DINNE

Ok, so my grandma is totally HOGGING my mum’s attention. 😡 She fusses over her, like my mom is a baby.

BYE!! 🙂


Ok, so I’m the only one awake in ma house. 😛 And yeah, russians are taking over. I’ll have to make a sign in russian saying ‘NO RUSSIAN’
Oh, wait. I already did that. But russians are taking over. There are 5 of us: me, my mom (russian) my aunt (russian) my grandma (russian) and my dad.
UGH. My dad normally stays hunched away in his office, so when I hang out with them it’s like “russianrussianrussianenglishrussianrussianrussianrussian”
Well, bai! 🐱 ⭐ 🐻


HI. Yeh, I know, this is my third post today. DON’T CARE! Ok, so it’s me, my holy bed and my holyer laptop (sorry if I spelled that wrong, I’m not Christian.) So, our house is FULL, well more than full! 😛 I’m surprised that a teeny room can fit lots of people :O
…and there’s the song again. 😛 Yesterday, we were playing charades, and my mom was wrapping presents (her action) and I said ‘baking cupcakes!!’
OMGHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA we were laughing our heads off 🙂

The halarious new sitcom is out!!

I made it up, and wasn’t planning to make one, but what the heck. 🙂 I had a few moments so here it is!!

Please rate in the comments!

Meanwhile, some rates from our viewers!

“Fantastic! Too short”
-Mike (9/10)

“An excellent show! Good graphics, fun script, great cartoon!”
-LALSA (15/10 😯 )

“Great! Very creative!”
-Old wise (10/10)

“A new word in sitcom genre, funny and nice, unusual”
-nosna7mos (10/10)



What? It is. We have me, my mom, my dad, my aunt and my grandma. On Tuesday, we’ll have seven, not 5. OH MY GOD. 😯 5 days ’till XMAS!! I CAN’T WAIT!! Also, me and my dad are the only ones who DON’T SPEAK RUSSIAN. That’s so annoying, cause my mom, my aunt and my grandma speak it, like 24/7. AAHH! Even though I told them, like 500000000000000 times, THEY STILL IGNORE ME. Ugh. Sidra, if you are reading this, DON’T READ BEYOND THIS POINT.

Ugh. Lizzie, on Sidra’s blog is SO ANNOYING. They act like they’re superglued together. Also, HOW ON EARTH DO YOU GET 57 COMMENTS ON ONE POST?! Ok, Lizzie, we don’t need an advent update every. single. day. We have BRAINS (except maybe you XD ) Just kidding. And, if you want a blog THAT BAD, as in, posting on other people’s blogs, why don’t you just make your own. I sign up for stuff all the time and my mom has no idea. Like my email.

Ok, my rant is over. You can act civilised now. 🙂

300 essay contest results

Well, now this contest is officialy closed. No more entries. Zip. Zero. Nada. Nil. So, here goes…

3rd prize: —
Only 2 entries, so no 3rd prize 😦

2nd prize: LALSA
Here’s her essay.

Cereal Calamity

I’m writing about picture D.

I like the way the picture finishes the story I’m about to tell. The people in the picture are Howey, Duck and guests.

Octo ran down the corridor frantically and bumped into Piggy.
– What go on? You mad crazy thing?
– Piggy! – Octo panted, – help! All the guests are gone and the rooms are filled with SOGGY CORNFLAKES!!!

And with that, Octo fell on the floor in a dead faint.

Howey and Duck ran to help Octo up. Duck looked around, took out a pair of sunglasses from his armpit and put them on.

– It looks like a job for Duck Tracey, the famous private eye! – he quacked. – You will assist me! – he pointed at Howey, who immediately straightened up and looked at others with superiority. – Come! there’s no time to lose!

The two detectives marched down the hall to the kitchen. Unfortunately, but rather predictably, there were lots of empty cornflake boxes. Duck examined them closely.

– All is clear, – he said and walked down the hallway to the storage cupboard. He threw open the door and there were the guests, packed like sardines in a can.

– But how did you know? – Howey asked Duck.

– Simple, – said Duck. – There was a message on the hotel intranet about washing bedclothes and getting more cornflakes. But it got garbled into needing to wash cornflakes on their mattresses. The rest is self-explanatory. The guests took the cornflakes and started washing them; the cornflakes got soggy and expanded; the guests ran for cover and hid in the cupboard. And now it’s time for my cocoa shower.

And he marched off.

– Did I miss something? – panted Narwhal, running to his friends. – I was just washing cornflakes on my mattress.

And, here’s your fab header.

And first prize……


Octo’s Mistake

I’m writing about picture B.

It was a long day at the Banana Cabana, and Octo the desk clerk was exhausted. In fact, all eight of his tentacles were sore. First, his boss (and best friend) Howie had spent the day walking around with ice in his pants. Then Duck was playing drums in the corner of the lobby. Poor Octo could barely hear the guests as they complained about slipping in the ice water in front of the counter. It was a long day.

To make matters worse, when the time came for lunch, Octo could see that the elevator to the cafeteria was crammed full of guests again. So he looked under the counter and found a cheese and bean burrito that he had stashed away for just such a contingency. He was so busy he just snarfed the burrito down without giving it much thought. It turned out to be a big mistake!

At the end of the day, as Octo was making his way back to his room across a lobby full of people lying in puddles of water (while Duck added a little drum roll every time someone fell, so it was like a comedy show), he felt a little pressure in his tummy. He let go of what he thought was a little gas bubble. But it turned out that he accidentally followed through! Now he was touching cloth, and had to walk past all these people! What if someone noticed his new brown tentacle? What would Octo do? Luckily, Howie, Narwal (the resident singer) and a few guests all managed to catch a whiff and start salivating about cheese and bean burritos. This gave Octo the chance to rush to the bathroom and drop a load unnoticed by the guests. Phew! Octo was relieved, in more ways than one!

Mike, your page will be up soon.

Well, bye!!

Oh. My. God

Ok, this will probably be the longest blog post in the history OF THE UNIVERSE.

That’s cause I have loads of things to tell you.

First, at the theatre. I went into the boys bathroom, by accident 😛 Then, as I came out, I saw this guy, and he pointed at a picture of him on stage, and said ‘that’s the best one’. We were all like ‘is it you?’
2 seconds later (we were watching a christmas carol by Charles Dickins), we were jumping around going “OMG IT’S JACOB MARLEY!!”
When we got back to school, I puked. My friends did. EVERYONE DID. We were so darn hungry, so when I bit down on my sandwich, I was like ‘OH GOD, THANK YOU. FOOD IS THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD!!!’
Bye! XD

How immature are you?

Yeah, I accepted it Smile.

1: Have you ever eaten grass? No

2: Have you ever drank water from a hose? Uh huh

3: Have you ever licked a tree? Nuh uh

4: Have you ever found a dollar in the street, then went up to someone and say “I GOT YOUR DOLLAR SUCKA!” No. I’m not stupid.

5: Have you ever pretended you were a cat? All the time

6: Have you ever made a blanket/pillow fort? Yup

7: Have you ever watched a show your younger cousin/sibling/whatever liked, and actually liked it? Yeh. I don’t have any sibings or brothers, but I watch star trek Surprised smile


9: Have you ever imagined narwhals barfing glittery, pastel rainbows, skittles, and magical pink potatoes?: No

10: Did you just try imaginining narwhals barfing glittery, pastel rainbows, skittles, and magical pink potatoes: Nope

11: Have you ever ran around your house screaming “ZOMBIES ARE COMING!!”: No

12: Have you ever pretended you were a llama before?: NOPE

13: Have you ever pretended dinosaurs were alive and in your backyard?: No, but that’s a good thing to put on my ‘to do’ list.

14: Have you ever tried eating fish food?: Nope. We don’t have any Smile with tongue out

15: Have you ever tried eating cat food?: No

16: Have you ever ran into a glass door before?: I dunno

17: Have you ever screamed a random word in public?: Yeh.

18: Have you ever flushed the toilet because you were bored?: NO

19: Have you ever slapped yourself because you were bored?: No, but my friends do

20: Have you ever waved at people you don’t know?: All the time

21: Have you ever stared at your ceiling for over 15 minutes?: Yup

22: Have you ever hugged a random person before?: I don’t think so

23: Have you ever had a conversation with your stuffed animals before?: All the time!

24: Have you ever sang karaoke off-key on purpose to people you don’t know?: No, but I have sang off-key karaoke as a joke to people I do know

25: Have you ever been addicted to listening to a theme song, or a song from a game before?: Yeh. Everyone does Smile

26: Who do you tag next?: Chocomonstar, or anyone with a wordpress blog Smile


Ok, so let’s all praise YUKI! Woo! She asked moi to do it, so, here goes!

1: What are you wearing? White tights, yellow cardigan and a yellow dress (and underwear of course XD )

2: Ever been in love? A little

3: Ever had a terrible breakup? Nah

4: How tall are you? About 5’

5: How much do you weigh? About 75lbs

6: Any tattoos? Nope. Only fake ones 🙂

7: Any piercings? Nah. Again, only fake ones

8: OTP? ???

9: Favorite show? Almost naked animals, The simpsons (also the stinksons 😆 )

10: Favorite bands? ABBA, The Beatles

11: Something you miss? Chocolate cake

12: Favorite song? Waterloo

13: How old are you? Not telling 😛

14: Zodiac sign? Aries

15: Quality you look for in a partner? SOMEONE WHO WON’T DITCH ME (Like my other friends 😦 )

16: Favorite quote? ‘I’m walking off the train, and wooah…I exploded’

17: Favorite actor? Matt Baynton

18: Favorite color? Lilac

19: Loud music or soft? LOUD

20: Where do you go when you’re sad? To my room

21: How long does it take you to shower? 567890349382765 milleniums

22: How long does it take you to get ready in the morning? About 15-20 mins

23: Ever been in a physical fight? Nuh-uh

24: Turn on? ???

25: Turn off? ???

26: The reason I joined WordPress? I wanted a blog, and attempted to sign up before.

27: Fears? Dying.

28: Last thing that made you cry? My mom.

29: Last time you said you loved someone? My dad, last night.

30: Meaning behind your WordPress Name? Dunno. Just thought it would be a nice name 🙂 .

31: Last book you read? My story: The hunger

32: The book you’re currently reading? Diary of a wimpy kid: Hard luck.

33: Last show you watched? Pointless

34: Last person you talked to? My mom.

35: The relationship between you and the person you last texted? Don’t have a phone 😦

36: Favorite food? Popcorn and Chocolate cake

37: Place you want to visit? Spain

38: Last place you were? Co-op

39: Do you have a crush? I guess.

40: Last time you kissed someone? In kindergarten

41: Last time you were insulted? Yesterday, my mom wouldn’t let me hang out with her, since I don’t know Russian

42: Favorite flavor of sweet? Don’t like sweets

43: What instruments do you play? Flute, Recorder and a bit of piano

44: Favorite piece of jewelry? Headbands. I never leave the house without one on

45: Last sport you played? Sleeping

46: Last song you sang? Goofy goober in Russian

47: Favorite chat up line? Uh…

48: Have you ever used it? ???

49: Last time you hung out with anyone? My friend on Friday

50: Who should answer these questions next? Everyone

And, here’s the song again!

Yup. 😛
I dunno. So, I saw a post on Yuki’s blog (and reblogged it 😉 ) So, here’s my say on shockwave.
UGH. IT’S HORRIBLE. It crashes cuz it’s like ‘oh, you’re not doing anything, I’ll annoy you and not save your work’
😡 👿
Ok, time to be civilised (like I am 🙄 )

Ok, so I’m blogging tonight. And, I clicked on this loud youtube video. So, when it played, it was loud. My mom left the room, like 5 seconds ago, and my headphones weren’t plugged in.
Sometimes I wonder, how can I live with this amount of stupidity?


Hey guys! My concert was last night, and I didn’t go to bed, till like 10:30. 😛 OMG! I am SO TIRED. Also, yesterday was THURSDAY. So, we had another full day of school. We were sewing stuff, and it was, like HARD. 😦


Ok, so about the 300 word contest, I’ll email ya’ll, since I’ve got your email. 🙂 Email moi at . Make sure that the subject has the letter ‘a’ in it, cuz it won’t go into my inbox then. 😦 Well, gotta go. BYE. 🙄 :mrgreen: 😆 🙂 😉 😈

*and yes, the title was typed up, it wasn’t an anonymous post title. I couldn’t think of a good title*

Winter Memories Contest

I’II enter!

Seasons Memories

Welcome to the first Winter Memories contest! Everything in this contest is all about the season WINTER. What you will have to do is simply this: remember your favorite memory of Winter this or any year before and show it to me. A list of ways you can do this are:

  •  Drawings (Draw out the scene of your memory or something that reminds you of it)
  • Writing (Describe what happened in that memory)
  • Poetry (Make the Winter memory into a poem)
  • Photography (Take a picture of an Winter scene or item that reminds you of the memory)

I will also accept Christmas and New Years memories.

*For each one you must take a screenshot of your work and send it to my email

What I am looking for here is these key things:

  • Creativity
  • Originality
  • Neatness
  • Theme of Winter

Yes, everything will be evaluated by me except for Drawings 

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OMG! My laptop does that ALL. THE. FREAKIN’. TIME.




Shockwave Flash crashes like every 10 minutes or something

Here’s my story:

I was working on my new personal skin for Minecraft, then I was also on WordPress and on PMC, but then shockwave flash is like “bruh your not paying ‘ttention to me so i’m gonna crash right here so get on my level son” then crashes and i’m just like



why don’t you go tick someone ELSE OFF.

I’m really mad because the shading is really hard, and I finally got the right colors then its just like LOL GET REKT and crashes

Please vote on my last post of what to do! 🙂


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Ok, here are some stories. First, I was waiting in this line, to walk over (we go to a different cafeteria) and this girl was like “can I go in front of you?” NO WAY, HOZAY. So, when we were walking over, she IGNORED my speech and pushed in front of me. I pushed her out of the way, and she nearly fell over. I DON’T CARE. Then, she was whining like a BABY.

Ok, next one. If you have food, I advise you to PUT IT DOWN OR YOU WILL DIE! I was having lunch, and I was with this boy, and he has asthma. He started choking. Perfectly normal. So, another boy (I know, I attract them) was like “are you OK?” Now, the choker had a RED FACE. So, the other boy got some water and was like “DRINK IT!!” Then, the choker threw up. ALL OVER HIS LUNCH. And, I was sitting across from him. Luckily, I didn’t get thrown up on. Then, as I was walking out, I was GAGGING. I nearly threw 7UP up. 😆 Na, I don’t drink 7UP.

So, the first one happened today, and the second one happened over a year ago. 😆

‘Tis the season to be bloggy!

…fa la la la, la la la la.
Sorry. Didn’t see ya there *pulls collar*.AND FOR THE LOVE OF GOD, PLEASE IGNORE THAT GIF.
Ok, now for some civilisation. Updates…

  1. WOO! OUR TREE IS UP! 😀 (And it looks amazing!)
  3. NO! For the 500000th time, I DIDN’T GET STUDENT OF THE WEEK! £%$*!

Ok, so in this snooker match, someone was like ‘waaugh!’
IN PUBLIC! I don’t even have the nerve to listen to music on my MP3 player. Omgod, I’ll be blogging tonight!! WOO! Now…

Well, bye! 😆

Devious December Update

Deck the halls with bows of bloggish! Here’s my monthly update! Let’s make it snappy, I’ve only got 2 minutes!

3rd- Sales, and sales.
5th- Also sales
11th- My XMAS play
12th- Special lunch *cringes*
17th- Im going to see ‘A christmas carol’…and my classmate is performing in it!
23rd- Log party. My mom bakes a giant log.
24th- XMAS EVE
25th- You know what it is!
31st- NEW YEARS EVE Also, END OF 2014!!

Well, gotta run! Bye! (I’ll be on chatzy this afternoon!! 😆 🙄 :mrgreen: 😈 🐱 🌯