Happy new year!

Hey guys! To kick off 2015 in style, I changed the theme a bit. Well, I heard some people complaining about the report. Try opening the full report by clicking on the link. Advertisements

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Movie time!!!

WOO!! I’m going to the movies today!! I downloaded the WordPress.com app! So, I could blog on the bus, or just stand right in front of a stranger (preferably a kid) and torment them by showing them I’ve got WiFi. 😈 Heh heh.

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Best things of 2014

OK, a parody of the pros and cons on Ariya’s blog, so here’s the top 10 things of 2014. 10) I survived last year! 9) I discovered blogs! 8) There’s an invention of TV 7) I DISCOVERED weird al 6) I discovered comics 5) My grandma couldn’t come over for the summer! 4) I got […]

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2014 in review (THANKS GUYS!!)

The WordPress.com stats helper monkeys prepared a 2014 annual report for this blog. Here’s an excerpt: A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 1,500 times in 2014. If it were a cable car, it would take about 25 trips to carry that many people. Click here to see the […]

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Remember my post 2 months ago about my tooth falling out? Well, here’s a sequel. I was watching TV, and I was wriggling my loose tooth, and then I tugged on it, and pop! I pulled it out. What was weird though, was the fact that it DID NOT HURT. OK, so I will go […]

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It’s snowing!

Woo hoo! I can’t remember the last time it snowed! And I got a Lamy for Xmas, a transparent one, too! Well, sorry I didn’t post. I made so many drafts 😛 Well, happy Xmas, everyone. PS: I’ve got a cold. BOO. 😦

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Ok, I’m not christian or anything, but i still celebrate xmas. I probably won’t blog tomorrow, so let me get you updated. MERRY XMAS, and happy b-day mango. :)So, I’m on Chatzy. It’s still xmas eve here in england, but it’s 7pm. OH MY GOD THE SUSPENSE IS KILLING ME!! AAH. Well, I’ll go to […]


xmas tag (tagged by Karla)

1.Do you like to stay in your pj’s or dress up for Christmas? PJS!! 2.If you could only buy one person a present this year who would it be? ME!! 3.Do you open your presents on Christmas Eve or Christmas Morning? Christmas Morning 4.Have you ever build a Gingerbread House? Nope. 😦 5. What do […]

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Log party blogging

Hey guys XD ! Well, my family are SO uncivilized, they eat log. Well, everything’s fine ’round here! So! We have guests over (aka: Ancient mummies skeletons from the first ice age.) JK. XD Well, time to stay up ’till 1AM. 🙂 Ah, well. I’ll be blogging tonight. 🙂 Yeah, yeah, even though it’s Tuesday, […]

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Busy day!

Ok, I’m sorry if I don’t blog much today. We’ve got a big party this evening, so I might use a little internet 😛 I’m gonna be the only kid…with 6 grown-ups. AAH. 😦 I’ll ask my mom. 🙂 It’ll be my mom, my dad, my aunt, my grandma, my mom’s advisor, and his wife. […]

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Ok, I might not be blogging. My laptop battery DIED and my power chord broke 😡 😦 So now, I’m blogging from my dad’s TINY laptop. But he doesn’t care, since he also has a desktop 😛 Ok, let me tell you what happened. First, I went bungee jumping, for, like AGES 😯 Then, I […]

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4 months!!

Woo HOO! 😀 😀 😀 😀 So, let moi get you updated! 🙂 It’s been mayhem round here 🙂 My house is FULL. Completely. Ok, guess who is very creepy slightly weird. My grandma. Yesterday, I caught her eating 15 MINUTES BEFORE DINNE Ok, so my grandma is totally HOGGING my mum’s attention. 😡 She […]

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ONLY 4 DAYS TILL CHRISTMAS!!! 😀 😀 😀 Ok, so I’m the only one awake in ma house. 😛 And yeah, russians are taking over. I’ll have to make a sign in russian saying ‘NO RUSSIAN’ Oh, wait. I already did that. But russians are taking over. There are 5 of us: me, my mom […]

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HI. Yeh, I know, this is my third post today. DON’T CARE! Ok, so it’s me, my holy bed and my holyer laptop (sorry if I spelled that wrong, I’m not Christian.) So, our house is FULL, well more than full! 😛 I’m surprised that a teeny room can fit lots of people :O …and […]

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WHY?! Cause Tuesday was the last time we had lessons, and we have a half-day today, and we bring games  ! Also, I’m sorry about my longest post, I thought it would be longer! Well, bye!

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300 essay contest results

Well, now this contest is officialy closed. No more entries. Zip. Zero. Nada. Nil. So, here goes… 3rd prize: — Only 2 entries, so no 3rd prize 😦 2nd prize: LALSA Here’s her essay. Cereal Calamity I’m writing about picture D. I like the way the picture finishes the story I’m about to tell. The […]

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Oh. My. God

Ok, this will probably be the longest blog post in the history OF THE UNIVERSE. That’s cause I have loads of things to tell you. First, at the theatre. I went into the boys bathroom, by accident 😛 Then, as I came out, I saw this guy, and he pointed at a picture of him […]

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How immature are you?

Yeah, I accepted it . 1: Have you ever eaten grass? No 2: Have you ever drank water from a hose? Uh huh 3: Have you ever licked a tree? Nuh uh 4: Have you ever found a dollar in the street, then went up to someone and say “I GOT YOUR DOLLAR SUCKA!” No. […]

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Ok, so let’s all praise YUKI! Woo! She asked moi to do it, so, here goes! 1: What are you wearing? White tights, yellow cardigan and a yellow dress (and underwear of course XD ) 2: Ever been in love? A little 3: Ever had a terrible breakup? Nah 4: How tall are you? About […]

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And, here’s the song again!

Yup. 😛 OH GOD, WHY, OH WHY DO I LISTEN TO IT IN  RUSSIAN?! I dunno. So, I saw a post on Yuki’s blog (and reblogged it 😉 ) So, here’s my say on shockwave. UGH. IT’S HORRIBLE. It crashes cuz it’s like ‘oh, you’re not doing anything, I’ll annoy you and not save your […]

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Hey guys!! If you’ve read my devious december update, you probably saw what was on under the 12th. Let me tell you, in one click (from you, of course XD for me, a whole lotta typing!)



WOO! Writer reunion! Here’s a schedule of what program I’ll use. (I’ll make this sticky ) Writer– Monday, Friday WordPress– Tuesday, Saturday, Thursday Word– Wednesday, Sunday

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Hey guys! My concert was last night, and I didn’t go to bed, till like 10:30. 😛 OMG! I am SO TIRED. Also, yesterday was THURSDAY. So, we had another full day of school. We were sewing stuff, and it was, like HARD. 😦 AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!! Ok, so about the 300 word contest, I’ll email ya’ll, […]

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Winter Memories Contest

Originally posted on Seasons Memories:
Welcome to the first Winter Memories contest! Everything in this contest is all about the season WINTER. What you will have to do is simply this: remember your favorite memory of Winter this or any year before and show it to me. A list of ways you can do this are:  Drawings…

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Originally posted on ink:
OH MY GOODNESS GRACIOUS JUST NO I HATE MY COMPUTER SO DANG MUCH Shockwave Flash crashes like every 10 minutes or something Here’s my story: I was working on my new personal skin for Minecraft, then I was also on WordPress and on PMC, but then shockwave flash is like “bruh…



Ok, here are some stories. First, I was waiting in this line, to walk over (we go to a different cafeteria) and this girl was like “can I go in front of you?” NO WAY, HOZAY. So, when we were walking over, she IGNORED my speech and pushed in front of me. I pushed her […]

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Devious December Update

Deck the halls with bows of bloggish! Here’s my monthly update! Let’s make it snappy, I’ve only got 2 minutes! 3rd- Sales, and sales. 5th- Also sales 11th- My XMAS play 12th- Special lunch *cringes* 17th- Im going to see ‘A christmas carol’…and my classmate is performing in it! 23rd- Log party. My mom bakes […]

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