Hey guys!! If you’ve read my devious december update, you probably saw what was on under the 12th.
Let me tell you, in one click (from you, of course XD for me, a whole lotta typing!)

Ok, so it was a special xmas lunch. So, I wanted a plain cheese sandwich. Normal. Just cheese and bread. So, what did they give me? (POP QUIZ)

A) A salad bloomer, with cheese
B) A normal sandwich.

Answer: A

Ha-ha. Very funny. I said ‘I didn’t order that’. So, the dinner ladies got me a normal sandwich! woo! 🙂
Now, here’s the good part. There was a boy who ordered the same as me, but the dinner ladies were like ‘you get what you get’. So, the boy shared lunch with someone who got a plain cheese sandwich.
Peace out! ❤

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