How immature are you?

Yeah, I accepted it Smile.

1: Have you ever eaten grass? No

2: Have you ever drank water from a hose? Uh huh

3: Have you ever licked a tree? Nuh uh

4: Have you ever found a dollar in the street, then went up to someone and say “I GOT YOUR DOLLAR SUCKA!” No. I’m not stupid.

5: Have you ever pretended you were a cat? All the time

6: Have you ever made a blanket/pillow fort? Yup

7: Have you ever watched a show your younger cousin/sibling/whatever liked, and actually liked it? Yeh. I don’t have any sibings or brothers, but I watch star trek Surprised smile


9: Have you ever imagined narwhals barfing glittery, pastel rainbows, skittles, and magical pink potatoes?: No

10: Did you just try imaginining narwhals barfing glittery, pastel rainbows, skittles, and magical pink potatoes: Nope

11: Have you ever ran around your house screaming “ZOMBIES ARE COMING!!”: No

12: Have you ever pretended you were a llama before?: NOPE

13: Have you ever pretended dinosaurs were alive and in your backyard?: No, but that’s a good thing to put on my ‘to do’ list.

14: Have you ever tried eating fish food?: Nope. We don’t have any Smile with tongue out

15: Have you ever tried eating cat food?: No

16: Have you ever ran into a glass door before?: I dunno

17: Have you ever screamed a random word in public?: Yeh.

18: Have you ever flushed the toilet because you were bored?: NO

19: Have you ever slapped yourself because you were bored?: No, but my friends do

20: Have you ever waved at people you don’t know?: All the time

21: Have you ever stared at your ceiling for over 15 minutes?: Yup

22: Have you ever hugged a random person before?: I don’t think so

23: Have you ever had a conversation with your stuffed animals before?: All the time!

24: Have you ever sang karaoke off-key on purpose to people you don’t know?: No, but I have sang off-key karaoke as a joke to people I do know

25: Have you ever been addicted to listening to a theme song, or a song from a game before?: Yeh. Everyone does Smile

26: Who do you tag next?: Chocomonstar, or anyone with a wordpress blog Smile


Author: bloggerofthebloggish

I am a girl from England, who likes to blog. I suffer from lightheadedness and stomach cramps, and I have an anxiety disorder. Bloggish has been running for over 3 years, and it is the place where I vent or just talk about my life. I usually post about once or twice a month, so don't expect much from me. Chaio! (This is not misspelled on purpose, I actually thought that's how ciao was spelt, so you will have to live with that, don't worry, I'm a grammar nazi too ;) ) ~bloggerofthebloggish :)

4 thoughts on “How immature are you?”

  1. Reblogged this on and commented:
    1. Of course ‘no’
    2. No hoses in Korea
    3. Oh no
    4. Uh, cancel the word ‘sucker’.
    5. No I pretend I am the puberty version of Elsa.
    6. No. L-a-z-y.
    8. Wot.
    10. Na
    11. YES!
    12. Na
    14. Na
    15. Na
    16. Yar…
    17. Narrr
    18. Of courz in school
    19. Uh-huh
    20. Nopety Nope
    21. Yappity Yap
    22. No
    23. I don’t have a stuffy animal
    24. I don’t sing. I talk.
    25. Geometry Dash lol
    26. IDK just.. IDK


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