Oh. My. God

Ok, this will probably be the longest blog post in the history OF THE UNIVERSE.

That’s cause I have loads of things to tell you.

First, at the theatre. I went into the boys bathroom, by accident 😛 Then, as I came out, I saw this guy, and he pointed at a picture of him on stage, and said ‘that’s the best one’. We were all like ‘is it you?’
2 seconds later (we were watching a christmas carol by Charles Dickins), we were jumping around going “OMG IT’S JACOB MARLEY!!”
When we got back to school, I puked. My friends did. EVERYONE DID. We were so darn hungry, so when I bit down on my sandwich, I was like ‘OH GOD, THANK YOU. FOOD IS THE BEST THING IN THE WORLD!!!’
Bye! XD

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