What? It is. We have me, my mom, my dad, my aunt and my grandma. On Tuesday, we’ll have seven, not 5. OH MY GOD. 😯 5 days ’till XMAS!! I CAN’T WAIT!! Also, me and my dad are the only ones who DON’T SPEAK RUSSIAN. That’s so annoying, cause my mom, my aunt and my grandma speak it, like 24/7. AAHH! Even though I told them, like 500000000000000 times, THEY STILL IGNORE ME. Ugh. Sidra, if you are reading this, DON’T READ BEYOND THIS POINT.

Ugh. Lizzie, on Sidra’s blog is SO ANNOYING. They act like they’re superglued together. Also, HOW ON EARTH DO YOU GET 57 COMMENTS ON ONE POST?! Ok, Lizzie, we don’t need an advent update every. single. day. We have BRAINS (except maybe you XD ) Just kidding. And, if you want a blog THAT BAD, as in, posting on other people’s blogs, why don’t you just make your own. I sign up for stuff all the time and my mom has no idea. Like my email.

Ok, my rant is over. You can act civilised now. 🙂

13 thoughts on “MY HOUSE IS SO FREAKIN’ FULL!”

  1. I chat with Lish in the comments section about things like One Direction. Which is why one of my posts has 30 something comments.


    1. Sidra is a blogger. Lizzie is a girl who posts comments on her blog 24/7. It’s like they’re chatting. (Lizzie, if you’re reading this, DON’T READ ON) Poor Sidra! She has to live with a girl who is spamming her comment section asking when her next post will be and ranting on and on about stuff that isn’t important.


      1. Ya! And, one time Sidra was in a fight with someone (There name shall not be mentioned), and it wasn’t Lizzie’s business, so she literally wrote in captail letters that she hates that person and so on. I mean, COME ON! Lizzie needs to mind her own buissness. Anything that involves Sidra in it, shes always tagging along.

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  2. Don’t let the Russians take over! Well, not the fridge anyway…
    Give Uncle Ralph’s regards to Aunt Natasha and Grandma Lana.
    As for being in a minority, think of your poor Daddy: he’s the only man in the house!


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