Ok, so I’m the only one awake in ma house. 😛 And yeah, russians are taking over. I’ll have to make a sign in russian saying ‘NO RUSSIAN’
Oh, wait. I already did that. But russians are taking over. There are 5 of us: me, my mom (russian) my aunt (russian) my grandma (russian) and my dad.
UGH. My dad normally stays hunched away in his office, so when I hang out with them it’s like “russianrussianrussianenglishrussianrussianrussianrussian”
Well, bai! 🐱 ⭐ 🐻

9 thoughts on “OMG!!!!!!”

  1. Sorry, but I just have to say….21!!!
    Anyways, when people come to my house my brothers and I hide in our rooms and play on our tablets/phones. Unless we are friends with them.


    1. One time my mom held a party with 40 people in the house. It was hectic. I spent the whole time in my room XD


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