Heyyy. I’ve got… 200 POSTS!! THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH. :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D I LOVE YOU WORDPRESS. AND EVERYONE WHO TOOK PART! And here’s my famous quote, and it might be my tagline! “Together we are one. Together we are united. Together we are joint” My quote! Who knows? That might inspire the future President of America! […]

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8 great things about bloggish

This is a tag, BTW. Just put your blog’s name in the bloggish slot. 1. What is your favourite post? ‘I’m free!!’ – It’s long and yet brief. I like that. ☺ 2. Who was your first follower? Malia. She’s not here though. 😥 3. Without looking, guess who commented last. Mike. 4. Now look. […]

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I can’t believe I forgot this

IM AN IDIOT. 21 st Jan was BLOGGISH SIX MONTH ANNIVERSARY!!!!! YAYAYAYAYAYAY Wait, is that even a word? Dunno. So we had to make Victorian rights speeches, and I said Together, we are one. Together, we are joint. Together, we are united. OK, to celebrate my anniversary, I’m registering ( or making ) a bloggish […]

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This is gonna be short. I HAD A TWO HOUR SCIENCE LESSON. Yep, 1:30-3:25 About candles. Candles. Like we’ll have a GCSE question about ‘what part is the hottest on a candle’? NO WAY. I’m rocking out, listening to a funky song on my tablet. ABOUT A PLATYPUS. WHAT KIND OF WEIRDO AM I?! OK, […]

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Tuesday, crappy Tuesday

OK, first, I know crap is a bad word. Perfect for a bad day. When I got to school, I was already tired. So, there was this boy who didn’t look ill. EVERYBODY WAS FUSSING OVER HIM And when I said ” I feel lousy” NOBODY CARED. Ok, then when we finished this piece of […]

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I’m free!!

…until Thursday. At least my clubs after school will prevent me from doing homework! I’ve got a hectic week. We spent all day playing with KNex! We had to make a school ( for you guys! XD ) I might not go to school tomorrow…:) YO HOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!! I feel sick. 😦 At least I’ll be […]

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I couldn’t think of a title, so I just called it 1. I guess I didn’t post much. So, we had the second round auditions for our competition at school. I was the very last one to play!! Got lots of homework. Lat time we did something like this, my teacher said Super answers! THEN […]


January 24th

Ta-da! I’m really tired and humiliated. First, I was video chatting with my friend and her brother, and as I was about to go to sleep, she called me. ITS 9PM I’M TRYING TO SLEEP HERE. Also, I was totally HUMILIATED in the store today. I was listening to a song on my tablet, and […]

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Too bad…

Too bad. My mom is getting up with me on Saturdays! Yay! I’m the only one awake, as far as I’m concerned. Also, I’ll take down that ‘woo hoo’ post, because now I’m not using writer anymore, because that’s on Windows only. My tablet is android. My mom’s tablet is windows, but she gets up […]

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I HATE THE TV SO MUCH I JUST WANT TO RIP IT INTO A ZILLION PIECES. Let me back up… I set a program to record, then I went to watch it, then it didn’t record. EVEN THOUGH IT SAYS ITS RECORDING. AND THE PROGRAM JUST FINISHED. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR……………. OK, bye!


What the…?

Ok, Mia was back. This morning, she was crying. IDK why. Maybe she felt sick…? I changed my theme…had to redo all the widgets, had a raw finger. I found 12p! I can spend it on stationary at our school! I’m on level 95 in candy crush!! If I’m not commenting much on here or […]

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Freedom from the fire alarm

Well, we had a drill today. Like, we had one 2 weeks ago. So, AGAIN, I grabbed my prized LAMY, and went outside. It wasn’t a drill. No fire either. HUH?! I survived our meeting today. And I was choking. At lunch, I had a piece of bread, and then I was like COUGH COUGH […]

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Answers and school day

Here’s an answer, Amy, you can’t tell me what to do. It’s my blog. Not yours. Mine. Remember that. Today was…average. The sick girl was there, and ITS GONNA SNOW!! OMGOMGOMGOMG!! YOLO OK, hopefully Lizzie got over that ‘dumb’ thing, cuz now we’re following each other!! Also, thanks for following my other blog, yuki-link ( […]

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What am I?


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It’s…the jerkson 5!

Guess what we’ve been doing? Yes. The Jackson 5. I’ve got nothing against them, just that THEIR MUSIC IS SO GOSH DARN HORRIBLE. At least the sick girl (who I will call Mia, not her real name) wasn’t that bad. Mia was here for an hour. But, as I was walking out, for lunch, I […]

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My music tag

Hi. I’m gonna do a random music tag, plz answer it! 1) What’s your opinion on music? Amazing! It helps motivate the mind. 2) What’s your favourite song? Uh…Under attack by ABBA. 3) What’s your favourite genre? Rock! It helps motivate! 4) How do you listen to music? What do you use? My tablet and […]

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The “Next Saturday” post

…brought to you by yours truly!! 🙂 I’m so dreading school on Monday. Our school is split into four parts, “houses”-George, Patrick, Andrew and David. We had house meetings. ALL BUT MY HOUSE. And the girl who is sick, is in my house AND WE MIGHT HAVE A MEETING ON MONDAY. AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH HELP ME OK, […]

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My challenge!

I’m doing a handwriting challenge. It’s really simple, just follow these steps. You’ll only need a sheet of paper and a pen. Step 1: With your pen, draw a divider in the middle of your page. Write ‘left’ and ‘right’ on each side. Step 2: Now, with your best hand, write in the correct column […]

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I’ve got diversions

You know how people have smartphone, iphones blah blah? They listen to music, correct? Do you have a music player? IPhone? IPod? OK, if you do, when you go places, to town, to a shop, you’ll have music, correct? Well, from all my years of owning an MP3 player, I found out, if you talk […]

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Normal mode…

Ok, now I’ll be normal. 🙂 So. I think this girl locked herself in the toilet. Like, what a big shocker. I’ve done it before. I was banging on the door, and I was like HELP ME!! And I was half dressed whilst this was happening XD OK, BYE.

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I’m done

I’m done. Over. I called Lizzie dumb, and I’m sorry, but does there need to be a Lizzie army against me? Does there? Really? I feel neglected. I thought you were my friends. *Sobs in corner*

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I’m soo random

Yup. WHAT?! I am. And, now I’m gonna be really random. Funerals. There’s this summer concert about this boy who died in year 6, and I saw this monument with flowers, and this thing said Happy 15th birthday (blurred name). We miss you. Now, Alex is a BOY, but the people that wrote that were […]

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NO. Why do teachers give us homework? I don’t get it. You spend 8 hours writing so much, your hand falls off, and now you’re disrupting us with HOMEWORK Ugh. I like assessments cuz we get no homework 🙂 Over time, there will be more homework than school. OK, gtg. BYEBYE



Ok, yes, that’s what I mean. School is hazardous. When I got to school, I saw white stuff on the play ground. Guess what it was. PUKE. Yep. I saw the girl who threw up, and she had a bowl. When she coughed, I ran back up to the classroom. Then during assembly, I felt […]

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Some post

Hi guys. I guess I haven’t posted about school much, so here goes. I feel invisible. We did this music lesson, all 30 or so of us sat in a circle, and we did these activities where someone picks someone else, an they dance around blah blah. We did about 6 activities. Everyone got picked. […]

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Today is Saturday…

…and tomorrow is Sunday. My HW is due on Tuesday AND I’M ONLY HALFWAY THROUGH IT. OMGOMGOMG!!!!! Gah I’m screaming. Well today was the normal Saturday drag. Day, fight, day, fight. Ah, at the shops, there’s this really nice cashier, and there was a woman with a boy, no older than 5. I said ‘hi’ […]

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Random facts and stuff

First. 10 useless facts about me. 1) I’m half Russian. 2) I LOVE doodling in my jotta at school. Thank god nobody notices. 3) Sometimes on Friday, I don’t get lunch, just bread. XD 4) My bff and I sometimes wrestle. 5) I hate Frankie and Benny’s. 6) My Chinese classmate has NO kind feelings […]

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I do not respect plagiarism

I don’t. I play Candy crush on my tablet! I have webkinz app, a thing where you have a virtual pet. There’s this game called Goober’s atomic Adventure, GAA for short. It plagerises candy crush. You have to get all the ingredients to the bottom, clear the jelly. On candy crush, it has this thing […]

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First day!

So, today was the first day of school, so…yeah. The boys from the other class moved to our class, so that made our class bigger, but they were the big ones, so that made us bigger. WHY THE HECK IS MY LIFE SO COMPLICATED?? AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Well, GTG. 😀 PS: I’m on Wattpad! @bloggerofthebloggish!

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100 questions (no tag)

Here’s 100 questions! VERY LONG. Grab the book nearest to you, turn to page 18, and find line 4. Just 2 words ‘chrome staircase Stretch your left arm out as far as you can, What can you touch? A basket and a table Before you started this survey, what were you doing? Reading Yuki’s blog […]

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Blogging tag

YEAH! Here’s Karla’s tag. 1.What date did you start blogging August 21st, 2014 2.Why did you start blogging? I wanted to blog, because I wanted to know what 3.Why did you chose your current theme? I wanted to change y theme, and I thought this one looked really nice. 🙂 4.Do you ever plan on […]

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Taggy tag! (TAGGED BY YUKI)

Here goes. 🙂 I’ll be lucky to get out of here by next Xmas! 🙂 1. Skipped class? Except when I’m sick. Other than that, nah. I WANNA SKIP SCIENCE 😡 2. Done drugs? Only medicine 3. Self harmed? Nope 4. Drank? NO 5. Shoplifted? WHAT AM I, SOME KIND OF CROOK? *Hypraventilates in corner* […]

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A ranking for you guys!

Now, to kick off 2015, I’ll do what you call a ranking. I made headers for all of you, even if you scored 10. Note, this is for my followers only. So, I’ll start with 10 and end with 1. Don’t worry, you’re still awesome! Even if you got a 10. So, just save your […]

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