A ranking for you guys!

Now, to kick off 2015, I’ll do what you call a ranking. I made headers for all of you, even if you scored 10. Note, this is for my followers only. So, I’ll start with 10 and end with 1. Don’t worry, you’re still awesome! Even if you got a 10. So, just save your header. All the other ones will be put up for display. So, let’s get this ranking started!

10th- Themagicalbutterflyemily-mabye you should post on your blog once in a while. Here’s your header:

9th-Sidra-You’re nice and all, but you really should post more often. Here’s your header:

8th-Skylieann-I haven’t really looked at your blog, but I really appreciate it that you’re on chatzy with me. 🙂 Here’s your header:

7th-Amy621-I’ve seen your blog and…I’m not really into that sorta thing. 😦 But, you’re still nice and funny. 🙂 Here’s your header:

6th-Aubree-I love your blog! (P.S: HAPPY 2015!!) Your header:

5th-Karla-You’re awesome too, but I’m not really a 1D fan. I prefer 60&70s music. Here’s your header:

4th-CM!-I love your drawings! You’re much better than me at drawing, especially anime! Here’s your header (I called you chocomonstar, cuz it was shorter)

Now, on to 3, 2 and 1!! 1st place will also get a shoutout!

3rd-Namine-Love your blog, so sorry I couldn’t get a 3DS. 😦 Here’s your header:

2nd-Ariya-The admin of everything, chatzys, dmiga awards, I could go on and on. 🙂 You’re blog is awesome too! Here’s your header:

And, first. *Drum roll*


YUKI! You’re so positive, I reblogged the kool kat post. I really think you should do stuff like that a bit more 🙂 Here’s your header:

So, that’s it! HAPPY NEW YEAR 😀 XD

13 thoughts on “A ranking for you guys!”

  1. Hey Bloggish I don’t post on emilyscrazyblog.wordpress.com as I can’t post in there as it doesn’t get posted.. I post in http:// crazyblogofmah.wordpress.com

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