Random facts and stuff

First. 10 useless facts about me.
1) I’m half Russian.
2) I LOVE doodling in my jotta at school. Thank god nobody notices.
3) Sometimes on Friday, I don’t get lunch, just bread. XD
4) My bff and I sometimes wrestle.
5) I hate Frankie and Benny’s.
6) My Chinese classmate has NO kind feelings in him whatsoever.
7) I’m not even 15, and I do GCSE science.
8) I get along with boys better than girls.
9) Our school bans loom bands and I still have them in my pocket.
10) My favourite colour is lilac.

So, this governor came in today to talk about engineering. Seriously? OK, my parents don’t have a car. And she was talking about cars. For an hour. At least we had a drill but they normally tell us, so I thought it was a real fire, so I grabbed my £14 pen.
Thank god it was a drill
Back to the governor, I just doodled the whole lesson XD
Ow my arms’ hurting. Well, GTG, bye! 🙂


Author: bloggerofthebloggish

I am a girl from England, who likes to blog. I suffer from lightheadedness and stomach cramps, and I have an anxiety disorder. Bloggish has been running for over 3 years, and it is the place where I vent or just talk about my life. I usually post about once or twice a month, so don't expect much from me. Chaio! (This is not misspelled on purpose, I actually thought that's how ciao was spelt, so you will have to live with that, don't worry, I'm a grammar nazi too ;) ) ~bloggerofthebloggish :)

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