My challenge!

I’m doing a handwriting challenge. It’s really simple, just follow these steps. You’ll only need a sheet of paper and a pen.

Step 1: With your pen, draw a divider in the middle of your page. Write ‘left’ and ‘right’ on each side.
Step 2: Now, with your best hand, write in the correct column
“Hi. I’m (website name). I’m (best hand). (Interesting fact about yourself, but totally random)
Step 3: Do the same in the other column.
Step 4: Take a picture of the finished piece, then post it on your blog.
Step 5: Drop a comment on this post giving me the post URL and to let me know that you’ve taken part.
This isn’t a contest, but I would like to see lots of you take part. 🙂 If you’re having complications on step 2, I’ll tell you what I wrote.

Hi. I’m bloggish. I’m right-handed. I own bloggish.

So, get cramping! XD


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