Freedom from the fire alarm

Well, we had a drill today.
Like, we had one 2 weeks ago.
So, AGAIN, I grabbed my prized LAMY, and went outside.
It wasn’t a drill.
No fire either.
I survived our meeting today.
And I was choking. At lunch, I had a piece of bread, and then I was like
Yeah. We did somersaults in the deep end at swimming.
There was this boy, Louie (not his name) and he had no goggles for some reason, so the teacher made him go to to the shallow end.
He was crying.
Like, OMG. I finished DD5 today! I’ve read it tons before.
OK, back to the swimming fiasco.
Then he had red eyes all the was back.
Omg, that must’ve been SORE AND HUMILIATING.
And yeah, I forgot about my monthly update, but I’ll skip it this month.
Ok, bye!

5 thoughts on “Freedom from the fire alarm”

  1. It’s probably that some kid pulled the fire alarm. In the U.S it is illegal to pull a fire alarm when there is no fire. So if you pull it to joke around, say hello to jail! 0_0


      1. Yeah my teacher told me that a long time ago a kid called the school and said there was a bomb and the police came and then they found out who called and that kid went to Juvenile.

        I almost called 911 because I was practicing and almost hit the call button 0-0


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