Too bad…

Too bad. My mom is getting up with me on Saturdays! Yay! I’m the only one awake, as far as I’m concerned. Also, I’ll take down that ‘woo hoo’ post, because now I’m not using writer anymore, because that’s on Windows only.
My tablet is android. My mom’s tablet is windows, but she gets up early and gets home late, so….yeah.
I’ll be blogging tonight!!
**now I will go into a tablet comparison**
Mine: Has Candy crush and soda
Mom’s: Is a surface, it has a keyboard
Mine: Has REALLY CUTE Android wallpapers
Mom’s: Has Publisher, where I do my homework
Mine: I’m older then the company that made my tablet!
Mom’s: She and I fight over candy crush, which is on my tablet.

Well, bye!


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