8 great things about bloggish

This is a tag, BTW. Just put your blog’s name in the bloggish slot.

1. What is your favourite post? ‘I’m free!!’ – It’s long and yet brief. I like that. ☺

2. Who was your first follower? Malia. She’s not here though. 😥

3. Without looking, guess who commented last. Mike.

4. Now look. Who is it? Mike!!

5. Approximately, how many posts do you have? About 200.

6. How many posts do you have exactly? 197

7. How many followers do you have? 12- 13.

8. Would you consider yourself a mad blogger or a slacker? A mad blogger or a mad blogger or a mad blogger. Or a mad blogger…

Now I will spell my name in emoticons (📘 would be B )


8 thoughts on “8 great things about bloggish”

      1. You can do the tag anytime you want. Usually when someone doesn’t tag someone, then it means anyone can do it if they like.


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