My Wednesday in detail

Yeah. I’m so bored so I’ll post about Wednesday in detail!

7AM – I’m supposed to get up. I get up at 5 past or 20 past…
7:10 – Breakfast and music/TV!!
8:05 – I leave for school. I’m never late, though.
8:25 – I get to school.
9:00 – SWIMMING! I’m in grade 4.
10:45 – Break and snack. They make us eat O-o
11:15 – End of break, but music with my least favourite teacher!
12:15 – LUNCH!! The popular kids get saved places. Me? Nah. I sit with the older kids or the boys. 😦
12:45 – I finish lunch, and have until 1:30 to play!
1:30 – Computing!! I LOVE this lesson! Nobody touches me!! 👿
2:45 – Break! But only for like 10 minutes.
3:00 – More ICT!!
3:30 – If I were normal, I would go home…but read on.
3:45 – QUIZ CLUB!! My favourite club!!
4:45 – I go home!
And finally…
5:00 – I get home!!!

So that’s my Wednesday! Now I need to get ready for school!
BYE!! ☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺☺

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