My Saturday in detail

Yeah. I’ll do one for each day of the week.

8:30- My dad makes me crawl out of the palace bed.
8:45- Breakfast!!
10:00- I get my mom up…
11:00- My parents make a shopping list. I know that I’m not wanted in this procession.
12noon- Me and my mom go to the shops. I bring my tablet! And popcorn heaven!
1:45- I get back.
*the rest will be a nauseous blur, so let’s skip this bit….*
6:00- Dinner time! Chicken and beans! Yum!
7:15-7:25- Shower. My millennium long shower! XD
8:00-8:30-Relaxation! And pancakes. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.
8:30-I’m supposed to go to bed.
10:00- I get to sleep.

*yes, I know. I play with my tablet from 8:30-10:00*
Well, GTG! 8:30!

And, I’m doing tomorrows. Today is actually Friday,
Peace! 💜💞

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