Valentine day nonsense

I’m not going to give any valentines out. I’ve not got any crushes.
But, I never really liked valentines day. Let me tell you why…

1) I never really got this day. What do you do?
2) It’s not my style. I’m not that kind of person that would give out chocolates and stuff. My dates would be going to concerts.
3) Why are people celebrating it? Why do you need another unnecessary holiday?

That’s my list, yeah I know. But it’s true!

Yesterday, in gym, we were on these ropes; 2 big ropes and a rope ladder. Me and my friend were waiting, then my friend got a turn. When one of the boys finished on the rope, I grabbed the rope, about 2 seconds after he did. Now, bear in mind, I haven’t had a go on anything. I grabbed the rope, and, trying my best not to shove him off, I said ‘hey! I haven’t had a go on anything yet!’
Then the rope just hit me in the face. Probably by his force; I was standing about 5ft away from it.
But I eventually got my go.
OK, byebyebye!! 🐈

8 thoughts on “Valentine day nonsense”

  1. valentine is a kind of trashy day. why in the world are we giving chocolate to people? i should just give chocolate to myself you know- not fictional crushes


  2. It’s another holiday made up by the people who sell greeting cards. If you care about somebody, you show it all year long, not just one day with junk like flowers and soppy cards.


  3. It’s not really unncessary. That day was specifically for people who want to show their love, but don’t have the chance. If you don’t like somebody, ok. You DON’T need to give them candies and cards. It’s your choice. You can make somebody feel happy and loved, or you can just let somebody else do it.


      1. Also, there are different places where they celebrate Valentines Day as a whole group. For example, In Rome they have this urn with girl names. A boy picks a girls name and they end up dancing. Some of the names the boys pick end up being their true love.


  4. Pretty sure this holiday I just for couple’s to celebrate their love. It’s not really a holiday for kids.


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