Random life

Ok, so a quick update on life la bloggish… My mom is giving me ‘improvement’ plan. My mom is also going to a clinic. Apparently she thinks she has a blood clot. I’m updating my app so it’s all UP-TO-DATE when you guys look at it (note: Android tablets ONLY. Oh yeah! Next friday, I’m […]

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History facts

Hai I’m just gonna fill this with 10 useless facts from history. XD 1. Hippocrates drank wee. 2. George III wee was actually purple. 3. In Roman times, if you were too full to eat, you had to tickle your throat with a feather then you would throw up. 4. Diogenes weed on people if […]

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Edale…back to blogging

HI GUYS! I’M BACK AT LAST! *jumps up and down* Sorry I have to go cause I have 10 mins left. I would NEVER manage to write about my whole trip in that long. I’ve got a swollen eye probably. ;-; But it hurts to blink 😦 Skyleann knows I’m back because I replied to […]

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This post will cover several topics… Racism What is up with rascists? Each person is like a snowflake: we are special in our own unique way but we are branded the same. I’m so NOT a rascist. My friend is african-christian, my other friend is Muslim, my BFF is christian and my other friend(s) are […]

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Just saying yohi So I gotta go byebye OK I’m leaving I’m just now leaving the eye place. Because my dimble brain dad forgot to pay for my mom’s glasses. So she went to work blind. Got to go pack bye. 🐖


I’m leaving

OK, so I didn’t die. I’M STILL HERE PEOPLE. So, not much happened, just the usual doo dah. But, yeah, you’re thinking This is stupid, we didn’t do anything so why is she leaving? No. I’m going on a residential on Monday. I might blog on Monday and Wednesday, because I’ll be home. But definitely […]

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Women’s day song

So last night I came up with a song for Women’s day, and here it is! We’re women yeah! We’re women YAH! We’re glad we are women (repeat once more) Did I just recall the women’s day is coming up? Now I’m ready to see all da men flop It’s time for us to fight, […]

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Hi guys. I’m real sorry about the whole blogging thing, but y’know. I’m getting bullied by this girl who is chewing on her friend’s pen lid, can’t find a chapter in a book and is obsessed with her BFF so much she’s invading her personal space. Recently, we were playing rounders, and I got hit […]

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Mischievous March update

OK, let me see my calendar… 5th – PARENTS EVENING. NONONONONO 27th – Cathedral service. Boring This is the big one… 23rd – 25th – I’m going on a residential. No electronics allowed. So, no blogging That’s it. Bye!!

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