Random life

Ok, so a quick update on life la bloggish…

  • My mom is giving me ‘improvement’ plan.
  • My mom is also going to a clinic. Apparently she thinks she has a blood clot.
  • I’m updating my app so it’s all UP-TO-DATE when you guys look at it (note: Android tablets ONLY.

Oh yeah! Next friday, I’m going to see that new spongebob movie. Next Saturday can only be described as this…
😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀 😀

On Friday, when we were going to school, my mom went BALLISTIC over…



Actually, it will end in 5,000,000,000 years when the sun explodes and turns into a whit dwarf.

I’m also creating a SPECIAL video for my app.


History facts

Hai I’m just gonna fill this with 10 useless facts from history. XD

1. Hippocrates drank wee.
2. George III wee was actually purple.
3. In Roman times, if you were too full to eat, you had to tickle your throat with a feather then you would throw up.
4. Diogenes weed on people if he was mad at them.
5. King Nezuaputli had 2000 wives and 144 children.
6. William Shakespeare died on his 52nd birthday.
7. Boudicca was not a Celt or roman; she was part of the icini.
8. When Marcus Lucinnius Crassus died, his head was used as a prop in a play.
9. Nero chopped off his previous wives’ head and gave it to his girlfriend.
10. In 1757, a mom and 2 kids had to survive on horse bran and were found dead the following morning. The children had straw in their mouths.

Edale…back to blogging

HI GUYS! I’M BACK AT LAST! *jumps up and down*
Sorry I have to go cause I have 10 mins left. I would NEVER manage to write about my whole trip in that long.
I’ve got a swollen eye probably. ;-; But it hurts to blink 😦
Skyleann knows I’m back because I replied to her comments and she did miss my blogging. I really hope you guys missed me because I would be really sad if you didn’t. 😥
So I have survived 2+ days without blogging. Wow…just wow.
Kk bye!!


This post will cover several topics…


What is up with rascists? Each person is like a snowflake: we are special in our own unique way but we are branded the same. I’m so NOT a rascist. My friend is african-christian, my other friend is Muslim, my BFF is christian and my other friend(s) are sikh. I’m not even religious. I also think that about 50% of wars are caused by extremists or rascists over religion.

Miss & Mrs Velcro

Ok, everyone has a BFF. I get that but there is a girl at my school (eep! My headteacher is reading this blog!) who is like velcroed on to another girl. I mean, they actually sort each-other’s desks out. Now, is that completely KOOKY or what?

Potential freedom

Everybody makes their own choices in the path of life, however, our teachers actually MAKE us eat. What if you’re completely full? They keep saying ‘oh, you need to fuel your brain’. No, the real reason we keep dropping off in class is because the math class is an hour long.

Let me just cover the rest of my life.
I’m going to E**** on Monday. I can’t tell you where I’m going because you’ll know where I live.
When I went to my friend’s skating party…on the way there I saw this homeless guy. I fell on my butt like 5 times on the skating rink. I had lunch at PIZZA HUT. ALL HAIL PIZZA HUT AND THEIR INCREDIBLY WEIRD AND BUMPY CHICKEN. My friend’s dad took us home.


I’m leaving

OK, so I didn’t die. I’M STILL HERE PEOPLE.
So, not much happened, just the usual doo dah. But, yeah, you’re thinking
This is stupid, we didn’t do anything so why is she leaving?
No. I’m going on a residential on Monday. I might blog on Monday and Wednesday, because I’ll be home. But definitely NOT on Tuesday, because the thing does NOT ALLOW FREAKING ELECTRONICS.
Ok, I have to go.
Bye! 🐖

Women’s day song

So last night I came up with a song for Women’s day, and here it is!

We’re women yeah! We’re women YAH! We’re glad we are women (repeat once more)

Did I just recall the women’s day is coming up?
Now I’m ready to see all da men flop
It’s time for us to fight, once again, once more
Now I can start getting up from da floor.

We’re women yeah….

Sure, men have done great things, like world wars 1 and 2.
But we are women, we need respect too.But if you say that women are not smart?
I’ll give you the world’s biggest stab in da heart.

We’re women yeah….

Now this song is over, remind yourself of this,
When you see us bond, just cheer and boo and hiss.We cherish the day 10th March
Even if we are weird, we’ll still leave you, an….ARCH

We’re women yeah…

Ok, bye!


Hi guys. I’m real sorry about the whole blogging thing, but y’know. I’m getting bullied by this girl who is chewing on her friend’s pen lid, can’t find a chapter in a book and is obsessed with her BFF so much she’s invading her personal space. Recently, we were playing rounders, and I got hit SMACK BANG IN THE MIDDLE OF MY &^$&£ HEAD WITH A £%^” TENNIS BALL. Then, we were doing dance moves from Rio2 and I called my teacher my other PE teacher’s name. (Yes, I have 2. THE HORROR.) I didn’t notice until after I said it. 😳 WHOOPS!!

My tablet charger broke today, on 16%!! So, no wattpad, and NO BLOGGING 😦 😦 😦 ;-; At least I have my backup plan (AKA: my laptop!) I’ll be blogging in about half an hour anyway, but I just posted so you guys thought I wasn’t dead or anything. Not that I would suddenly suicide.

But, I’m warning you, I might not post as often.

Ok, peace out people!  🌈🌈

(From my mom’s surface)