Women’s day song

So last night I came up with a song for Women’s day, and here it is!

We’re women yeah! We’re women YAH! We’re glad we are women (repeat once more)

Did I just recall the women’s day is coming up?
Now I’m ready to see all da men flop
It’s time for us to fight, once again, once more
Now I can start getting up from da floor.

We’re women yeah….

Sure, men have done great things, like world wars 1 and 2.
But we are women, we need respect too.But if you say that women are not smart?
I’ll give you the world’s biggest stab in da heart.

We’re women yeah….

Now this song is over, remind yourself of this,
When you see us bond, just cheer and boo and hiss.We cherish the day 10th March
Even if we are weird, we’ll still leave you, an….ARCH

We’re women yeah…

Ok, bye!

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