This post will cover several topics…


What is up with rascists? Each person is like a snowflake: we are special in our own unique way but we are branded the same. I’m so NOT a rascist. My friend is african-christian, my other friend is Muslim, my BFF is christian and my other friend(s) are sikh. I’m not even religious. I also think that about 50% of wars are caused by extremists or rascists over religion.

Miss & Mrs Velcro

Ok, everyone has a BFF. I get that but there is a girl at my school (eep! My headteacher is reading this blog!) who is like velcroed on to another girl. I mean, they actually sort each-other’s desks out. Now, is that completely KOOKY or what?

Potential freedom

Everybody makes their own choices in the path of life, however, our teachers actually MAKE us eat. What if you’re completely full? They keep saying ‘oh, you need to fuel your brain’. No, the real reason we keep dropping off in class is because the math class is an hour long.

Let me just cover the rest of my life.
I’m going to E**** on Monday. I can’t tell you where I’m going because you’ll know where I live.
When I went to my friend’s skating party…on the way there I saw this homeless guy. I fell on my butt like 5 times on the skating rink. I had lunch at PIZZA HUT. ALL HAIL PIZZA HUT AND THEIR INCREDIBLY WEIRD AND BUMPY CHICKEN. My friend’s dad took us home.


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  1. What’s wrong with religion? Not all wars are over religion. Some are because one country is trying to keep another safe from a third country.


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