Untitled post that I’m posting for fun

Hi guys! Ok, so about the app…I’m unleashing a brand NEW bloggish app. It’s an app available on Google play only. If for some reason, you cannot access the app, get this app for….wait for it….


You can view the site *cough cough* (wifi), read the monthly archive, learn about your hero and view the most 5 recent posts. I’m gonna update it each time a  new post comes out. So, now, do ya’ll think I’m a total TECHNALOGICAL TECHY TECHSTER.

Oh yeah, I’m also having an easter/techy/butterfly party.

And my birthday is in a week but I’m not excited. LOADS of money is always spent in April, and my birthday will be at the bottom. 😥 😥 CRY CRY CRY SOB SOB

As soon as my app comes out, I’ll put it on the blog.



(PS: The app is coming out on April 4th, My birthday!!)

1 thought on “Untitled post that I’m posting for fun”

  1. WOW, what did you use to make the app (like the code stuff and programs stuff). Always wanted to create a friggin program but.. decided that web suites me 😦 Real impressed!


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