AngerTo +LTNS+LUMIA+Skype+Sick+Complete genius+Tomorrow

Ok, lots of stuff, so READ ME.

  1. LTNS – Sorry I’m not really around. My brain is about the size of a pea now. Plus, EVERY SINGLE TIME I open WP post thingy I don’t want to do it. So, I’m still alive, so just don’t start making bids on my stuff and making memorials. I’m still here. 🙂
  2. LUMIA – OMG I want a Lumia SO BAD. I’m sinigng this song. It goes ‘L-U-M-I-A spells me’
  3. Sick – I’m really sick. Since Saturday, I’ve had constant *COUGH* coughing fits, dizzines, weird noise when
    I breathe in, and really bad and runny nosebleeds. 😦 No, wait. Since Wednesday I was sick. Saturday was coughing stuff.
  4. Anger – So my school is trying to get us NOT to wast food. Like, you’ve been doing it for 3 or more years. WE GET THE MESSAGE. I’m up to HERE *points 5,000,000,000,000 miles above head* with ‘don’t waste/scrape your plates’.
  5. Skype – YAY I got skype. But ever since I got it on my desktop, I press close. IT MINIMISES. TELLS ME TO SIGN IN. OMG I HATE YOU WEIRD SKYPE THING.
  6. Genius – I wrote this whole thing on a PARADE. Ok, a PARADE. (Juglini is the circus master, BTW.) Here is my longest sentence. EVER. When the parade came in, there were all sorts of noises, but the crowd was the loudest. People looked at the parade intensly, but the parade stopped. Juglini signalled for them to go on, but they refused. 1 person said ‘boo for Mr Juglini!’ The sound erupted through the stadium no quicker then you could say ‘circus’. It was the most humiliating moment of Mr Juglini’s life. He slapped his forehead, turned beet red and burst into flows of tears, muttering rapidly about his humiliation. The boos were so loud, the tinest mouse seemed like a roar compared to the whimpering. Nobody, not even Mr Juglinig heard the sounds of sorrow from backstage. Now the anger had gone, but Juglini felt as dim as a spooky halloween night. He didn’t want attention; but he wanted comfort and sympathy. Those were the only emotions not present. They never were.
  7. Tomorrow, I’m going to the BCLM (Black country Living museum). We’ve been learning about the Victorians ever since LAST TERM. Just, wish me luck. It’s supposed to be a ‘living’ town. So, If I post from a hobo ipad/laptop, you’ll know why XD .

Ok, so that’s it I think. *COUGHCOUGHCOUGHHACKHACKGACK* See you later!


~bloggerofthebloggish 🙂

4 thoughts on “AngerTo +LTNS+LUMIA+Skype+Sick+Complete genius+Tomorrow”

  1. my sister has a lumia and she says she’s gonna give it to me at the end of this year since my mum’s gonna get her a new one

    poor mr. juglini 😦


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